Using Software Review Sites to Grow your Business

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Using Software Review Sites to Grow your Business

Once upon a time in the good old days, selecting your SMB software package simply meant deciding between Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel for spreadsheets or going with WordPerfect for Word processing. Today however, it’s a whole other ball game. There’s an entire galaxy of software applications designed for pretty much any function you could imagine.

This massive volume of options and choices means that you’re more than likely to find the ideal app or program that does exactly what your business needs. But on the flip side, it also means you’ll have to carry out truckloads of research and filtering to find that elusive, ‘perfect app’.

If you’re in the market for business software, some important factors to consider include:

  • Ease of use
  • Quality of support
  • Functionality
  • Integration options
  • Scalability
  • Price
  • OS compatibility  

So even with a hearty list of apps that meet these particular needs, it will still take a mind-blowing amount of time and effort to compile data sets that can compare and contrast all of them. And that’s where software review sites come in with a massive undertaking.

What are Software Review Sites?

These are websites dedicated solely to categorizing, grouping, and comparing different software so you can browse to find the most suitable option for your specific needs.

Why I refer to this as a massive undertaking is because there are hundreds of applications spread out across dozens of similar and dissimilar categories on several software review sites. Some of the sites are more helpful and unbiased than others, so keep the link to this blog post handy.

See while the main aim is to be a helpful resource, the end goal for these sites is to ultimately make money. As such, some will accept payments for referrals and listings thereby compromising what would otherwise be honest reviews. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that all the sites listed here offer truly independent reviews and assessments as opposed to a directory of ads.

Top 5 Software Review Sites (and how they rate us)

We’ll be looking at the top 5 software review sites as voted by both businesses and customers alike. Here, we look at what the review sites are all about, how to use them to grow your business, and their most popular software, how many people actually visit every month and how they all rate Let’s start with the Giants.

1: Capterra

screen capture of Capterra's review of CRM software

Claiming over 1,400,000 ratings and reviews for software in 700+ categories, Capterra is among the top review sites designed to help businesses find software and apps that will significantly improve their processes. The site has become a household name for digital marketers and software vendors who want to submit their listing here for free.

That’s right; Capterra lists each and every software vendor they can find for free; not just those who request it. This way, business owners have access to a full universe of options to find your best match. The site covers a wide array of reviews for industries including:

  • Account Based Marketing Software
  • Artificial Intelligence Software
  • Customer Engagement Software
  • Email Tracking Software
  • Personalization Software
  • Sales Enablement Software

The list goes on like this for hundreds upon hundreds of categories. So, how exactly does Capterra work and how do you get the most from your time there?

How to use Capterra

The first thing you want to do when you get to the Capterra homepage is choose the type of listing you want. See, while this site offers free, basic listings – those don’t come with all the bell sand whistles. We’re talking premium listing space, advertisement, and multiple site links among others.

So while you might have to pay or outbid someone to get premium listings, the competition isn’t really all that fierce with such specificity. What’s more, Capterra leaves plenty of room to boast about the merits and benefits of your software. This means you don’t have to rely on money to do all that walking for you.

For businesses that want to find a particular type of software, all you have to do is select software categories on the homepage. Next, you can filter your query by factors like user ratings, accounts needed, installed vs cloud, and other individual features. You could also search by popularity, user friendliness and affordability.

Capterra also includes a trove of research in the form of infographics, buyer guides, and comparison charts. These will help you learn all about the software you’re interested in and how it will solve your business problems.

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Veloxy's rating on Capterra

Veloxy is rated at 4.9 stars out of 5 as reviewed by 215 people.

2: SourceForge

screenshot of a SourceForge software review for Sales Force Automation Software

When it comes to straight up numbers, it’s hard to compete with these guys. SourceForge is an Open Source community resource boasting of over 2.1 million registered users. The site helps projects achieve success and thrive on community collaboration. Currently, their popular directory connects more than 32 million visitors a day and serves over 2.6 million software downloads every day.

SourceForge is where businesses and buyers find, review and acquire IT services and software. As for vendors, the site helps them reach out to millions of intent-driven IT buyers and influencers every day. This bustling hub for all things software boasts of over 400,000 software apps and projects to choose from. While this may seem plenty, the software industry is still quite niche and can be narrowed down to your specialism. The available categories include:

  • Email Marketing Software
  • Inside Sales Software
  • Lead Management Software
  • Marketing Analytics Software
  • Sales Intelligence Software 

How to use SourceForge

For software vendors, SourceForge couldn’t be easier to setup. To have your company featured, all you have to do is fill in a form to request a page. Of course, you’ll want to have a look around the platform to identify potential competition. Browse your related category pages and see where your product will sit as well as how well others are doing. With this data, you can then make improvements to your own listing

Once you’re all signed up, Sourceforge offers amyriad of tools for open-source development and engagement. These include a Source code depository and file space for storing source codes and other project materials. They also offer webpages, forums, wikis, Email lists, blog, statistics and a ticketing system for issue resolution.

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Veloxy's rating on SourceForge

Veloxy boasts of a 5 star rating as reviewed by 69 users

3: TrustRadius

TrustRadius is among the most trusted and reliable software review sites for business technology. The site has been fully optimized for data integrity and content quality to help buyers make informed product decisions based on unbiased and insightful reviews. The site also helps vendors to harness and scale up the authentic voice of their potential customers.

Trustradius boasts of over 261,000 ratings and reviews from 100% verified users. Each reviewer is verified by a multistep process to guarantee that only real and genuine product reviews are available. What’s more, each review is further vetted for depth, quality, and detail by their research team before publishing.

But what makes TrustRadius so unique is that they do not sell leads or have paid placements. This means that no vendor can skew the results or climb up the listings without genuine reviews from their customers. Currently, the site’s directory features well over 700 enterprise software products from almost 500 vendors.

How to use TrustRadius

For software vendors, the most important thing to understand is that TrustRaduis is not a paid listing service. This means that money will not help you out here at all. However, this means all listings are merited by real, genuine reviews from people.

When listing your software, make sure to include as much information as possible. This includes public pricing information, similar products, available editions, free trial availability and much . more. Of course, vendors are excluded from reviewing their own products or their competitors to avoid foul play.

For businesses looking to find a particular software, the process is as simple as going to the categories page and clicking on what you need most. TrustRadius has an array of well-organized listings and software categories including:

  • Business Intelligence Software
  • All-in-One Marketing Software
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Sales Content Management Software
  • Sales Forecasting Software
  • Sales Pipeline Software

4: Salesforce AppExchange

screen capture of sales intelligence software reviews on Salesforce Appexchange

Launched by Salesforce back in 2005, appexchange is the world’s leading app marketplace and the first directory of its kind. However, there’s one little difference that sets it apart from other marketplaces. Unlike Capterra, Appexchange is wholly committed to Salesforcce and customized to extend it in every department. You can think of it as an App store, but only for Saleforce related software.

This proven ecosystem of apps boasts millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews geared towards helping people find the best match for their business. Today, appexchange offers a versatile mix of both free and paid apps. The apps are organized into categories, collections and industry solutions that encompass a wide range of fields. But it’s much more than a business app platform. At appexchange, you can also find developers and consulting partners to help extend the power of your Salesforce.

How to use Salesforce AppExchange

For customers, understanding what solutions will help you the most is the first step towards leveraging Appexchange. Typically appearing as downloadable apps, all the components in the platform allow users to apply Salesforce beyond its native functionality. It doesn’t matter if you run a fortune 500 or an SMB; there’s something for everyone.

The marketplace itself is very user intuitive and easy to navigate. Search options like app filtering and Industry Collections let you sift through categories such as retail or non profit and find the highest rated apps in your field. All you have to do is browse your relevant category, view all the reviews and descriptions as well as try out a few demos for solutions of Appexchange. Once you have a solution that fits your needs, you can review a fully functioning demo and plan implementation with the admins. Anyone can browse, view, and test drive AppExchange listings.

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Veloxy's rating on SourceForge

At Salesforce AppExchange, Veloxy managed to garner a strong 5 star rating as reviewed by 210 people

5: G2

screen capture of a software review page on G2 for AI Sales Assistant Software

Arguably the world’s leading business solution review platform, G2 leverages over 1,236,900 authentic and timely reviews from real users. From business professionals and analysts to investors and buyers, a lot of people use G2 to compare and select the best services or software based on synthesized social data and peer reviews.

Each month, over a million people visit G2 Crowd’s site to gather unique insight as well as compare and contrast different types of software. The site gives buyers a lot more guidance than traditional analyst firms which take over 2 years to update and publish their technologies. At G2, the goal is to become a trusted source dedicated to helping every professional make better tech decisions.

How to use G2

Recently known as G2 Crowd, the site serves both buyers and sellers. For sellers, it provides an easier way to get your software in front of millions of monthly buyers. These are visitors who trust G2 and the marketplace to fail-proof their next b2b purchase. For software vendors, getting your product out is as easy as having a listing on the site.

For buyers, they can look forward to real, unbiased and unfiltered reviews. These reviews are written by actual users without any need for pay-to-play. This way, you avoid the inherent risk that comes with buying new or unfamiliar tech. To find the solution you want, simply go to the G2 homepage and find the category you want. You’ll see an array of similar solutions listed so you can find the best one for your business software.

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Veloxy's rating on G2

Veloxy received the G2 Crowd’s badge for High Performer Winter 2021. We are currently rated at 4.5 stars out of 5 by 188 people.

Why Software Review Sites Matter

Software review sites have proven to be invaluable for both buyers and software vendors. Of course, vendors might feel the pinch of competition due to an overload of similar tools on these sites. However, the number of daily visitors and varied businesses that check out these sites more than makes up for the competition. After all, how do you expect your customers to find you if you’re not registered on the top software review sites?

For buyers, there’s literally no downside to browsing software review sites. Imagine investing in a new product or service only to find it isn’t a great fit for your needs. Instead of waiting to be your own reviewer, the customer would have been better off reading online reviews about the product before purchase. A mixture of positive and negative reviews definitely bring in more authenticity to the software and increase buyer trust.

Similarly, it is more than essential for software vendors and companies to list their products on software review sites. What most people don’t know is that these reviews are ranked quite highly on Google. As such, companies get a lot of help and exposure in reaching out to a much bigger crowd of consumers. Let’s take a closer look at why review sites matter for both consumers and vendors.

Importance of Software Review Sites

For Software Companies

1: More Reviews Means Higher Rankings

This is literally how SEO works for a lot of the top review sites out there. If Google ranks websites based on backlinks, dwell time and others, then software review sites rank vendors based on the number and quality of reviews and ratings.

2: Bad Reviews Teach, Good Ones Sell

One thing vendors need to know is that not all your reviews will be positive. I mean, even if your product delivers exactly as promised and manages to fill a lot of needs for your customers, someone somewhere will leave a negative review for one reason or the other.

This is a good thing. See, if all relations go smoothly without even a single negative review, your customers will think this is the norm. So when something does go wrong, a lot of them will be ready to voice concerns because they are used to the natural flow. This means a hefty boost in negative reviews overnight.

Bad reviews point out weaknesses and help companies better their products, customer support, onboarding and whatever other issues your customers bring up. Good reviews help you close more sales and build up your brand reputation.

3: Show Your Product is Worth Paying for and Real People Use It

Riddle me this: How would you feel if you entered a Costco in the middle of the day and saw you were the only customer there? Of course, the brand is already trusted so you wouldn’t feel too weird. Now imagine seeing a new software vendor that doesn’t have a single customer. This means no feedback, no reviews, no ratings – nothing.

You’d probably move on to the next vendor thinking that there must be something wrong with this one. Even if the new vendor had a great product, a lot of customers will feel reluctant to be the first to test it out. Reviews show your customers that your software is legit and a lot of people are already using it.

4: Let Customers Write Your Marketing Copy

Don’t get me wrong – having a marketing department is incredibly crucial to running a successful business. I’m sure your marketing team already has your niche researched, competitors analyzed and prospects pointed out. You probably already know why people subscribe to your software in the first place.

However, everything may soon change when you start reading authentic, subjective comments by genuine customers. You can look forward to plenty of new insights on what makes your products attractive as well as what people don’t like about your software.   

5: Prepares for Future Updates and Improvements

One of the best things about software development is that it relies heavily on consumer feedback. As such, you need to develop your software based on what users pay for, not on what you like. Same principle applies if you’re planning on adding new features or improving already existing ones. Try to analyze reviews and see which features are wanted the most so you can add them to the update list. This way, your product team will always be working towards more customer satisfaction.

6: Show Your Business Exists to Serve

Long time ago, consumers had to conform to move along with businesses. Fortunately, companies, marketing and businesses have become more and more human centric. As competition stiffens (especially in the SaaS industry), every customer matters. Their voice and input are now more important than ever before. So if your software deals with customer engagement, retention, and personalization, chances are your business will grow more as reviews come in.

7: Social Proof

It’s no secret that reviews matter for all kinds of buyers. However, they seem to mean more when it comes to B2B. Whether it’s testimonials, Facebook recommendations, 3rd party reviews or case studies, all these are part of your social proof strategy. Having genuine, verified reviews from real customers ought to mean the world to your company.

For Buyers

For buyers, the list of benefits that come with browsing through software review sites are endless. They include:

a)Pinpointing Feature Needs

Most review sites provide rich details on how to use particular software. Buyers get to read through reviews and take note of any features they can use as well as how other customers are using the software.

b) Taking Advantage of Customer Research

 Browsing through thousands of software reviews can be daunting. If you don’t have the time or bandwidth for a deep dive, you can take advantage of research that’s already been done by other reviewers.

c)Recent Reviews Show Relevance

In the software industry, products are constantly evolving. That’s why buyers tend to look for recent reviews when browsing through your product. Not only do recent reviews show that your product is relevant, they also demonstrate an ability to keep your software updated. So the more recent your reviews, the more new customers will trust in your software.  

Check out some of our reviews for Veloxy in this log post here.

Start Using Software Review Sites Today!

When you visit any of the aforementioned software review sites, most will have live chat available, which is a great help to accelerate your software selection.

Take a closer look at Veloxy’s ratings by using the links below.


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