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Inside Sales Strategies Powered by Veloxy

1) AI Sales Intelligence

Your inside sales team cannot afford to be a laggard when it comes to adopting artificial intelligence. It’s time for a new competitive advantage with Veloxy!

In addition to automating several non-selling activities, Veloxy’s AI helps you accelerate your pipeline by:

  • Intelligently recommending optimal email delivery times and email templates
  • Understanding prospects by tracking their activity inside and outside of Salesforce
  • Presenting timely insight into contacts and opportunities to improve win rates.

In a nutshell, Veloxy is like having a personal sales analyst robot at your side for only $25 – $50 a month.

When you consider that sales analysts average a $50,000 salary, and Veloxy AI helps you eliminate 60+ minutes of non-selling activities a day, deploying Veloxy’s artificial intelligence in your Sales Org is a win-win!

Adopt and deploy Veloxy AI to empower your inside sales org to spend their time selling from the comfort of their inbox. . . and YES! their smartphone, because the leading inside sales teams are eliminating barriers to access.

screenshot of outlook and salesforce integration

Sales Intelligence – Inbox Visibility


Sales Intelligence – Caller ID

2) Personalization

If you perform a Google search for “inside sales email templates” or “cold email templates”, you will be overwhelmed with dozens of emails from thought leaders and solution providers.

Here’s the problem. . . 100’s if not 1,000’s of sales development representatives have used the same templates. And it’s not just us who are smart on these templated communications—it’s your prospects, leads, and customers!

That’s where personalization comes into play. Personalization is more than mail merging a contact’s first name and company name. It’s knowing and communicating their:

  • pain points
  • content preferences
  • decision making role
  • buying process
  • colleagues
  • inbox and phone behavior
  • social media activity

With Veloxy, you and your Salesforce intelligence both live cooperatively in your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

With only one-click on one-screen, you can dive into your Salesforce leads and contacts to discover data that can help personalize your messaging and increase the likelihood you generate a qualified lead.

Veloxy Mobile goes a step further with Veloxy 360°, a single-screen of any and all personal information on your account, lead, and contact. This is a boom for Veloxy clients who practice account based selling.

screenshot of outlook and salesforce integration

Personalization – Inbox Salesforce Visibility


Personalization – 360º Contact View (click to zoom out)

3) Salesforce Automation

First, not all Salesforce integrations are created equal.

Second, the more screens and the more clicks your sales development reps perform, the less time they’ll spend on selling activities.

Lastly, we conducted a study that showed Veloxy users save 60 minutes per day, equating to an average savings of $12,500 per rep per year, by not performing non-selling Salesforce activities.

Veloxy understood the complications of other inside sales engagement softwares that work with Salesforce.

The Veloxy Engage and Mobile integrations are fluid, preventing any issues with data quality, data recording, and data duplication.

Engage and Mobile users can stay on one-screen without having to go back-and-forth to Salesforce, and the most common data pushing activities are all automated in real time; logging emails, attachments, phone calls, meeting and more.

screenshot of outlook and salesforce integration

Salesforce Automation – Log Emails and More!


Salesforce Automation – Log Field Sales Activity

Inside sales features to help you close more deals.

Veloxy has 30+ features that help you automate Salesforce, shorten sales cycles, and close deals.

icon for proactive selling ai sales assistant
Proactive Selling

Get AI-based notifications and alerts on sales-ready opportunities based on history, geo-location, or activity.

icon for collaborative selling ai sales assistant
Collaborative Selling

Close more deals when you can share opportunities, pipelines and forecasts, and analytics with team members.

Virtual Selling

Access sales intelligence, perform email blasts and call blitzes, and download leads from anywhere, and on any device.

icon for personalized selling ai sales assistant
Personalized Selling

Your inbox is integrated with Veloxy & Salesforce, so you can send personalized emails that bypass firewalls and filters.

Salesforce Partner logo
Salesforce Approved

Join the 1,000s of other Salesforce users who are enjoying one of the few 5-Star rated AppExchange sales apps.

icon for data driven selling ai sales assistant
Data-Driven Selling

Receive automated reports and forecasts, email forward visibility, and a 360° view of your accounts' social media.

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