Field Sales

Maximize field sales efficiency with optimal route planning, geolocation intelligence, and prospect discovery.

Close more deals faster from anywhere at any time.


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

Improve Customer Experience with Field Sales Software


Your customers are expecting you to deliver a more personalized, consultative experience.
Shorten the sales cycle by increasing the time spent with customers in-person.

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AI for Field Sales

When you're on the road, you don't have time for data entry and admin tasks. Automate all time-consuming activities with Sales AI.

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Guided Selling

Guided selling is more than just recommended next steps for engagement. It's also optimizing your field sales routes when driving.


Sales Analytics

When you're trying to decide which territory to visit, use Veloxy sales analytics to discover the one with the most buying signals.

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Quick Dialer

When you're on the road, it's hard to send email blasts, let alone make call blitzes. Use Veloxy for one-click dials to auto prioritized leads.


Salesforce Caller ID

When you're driving your car, you don't want to see 10 random digits pop up on your phone. You want the customer name and opportunity size.


Remote / Virtual Selling

Field sales pros find themselves in a new world—selling from their home or a remote office. Veloxy makes this transition faster, easier.

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The Best All-in-One Field Sales Software

Stop losing productive selling time on the road. Enable yourself with sales engagement, sales intelligence, and more from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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Maximize Your Territory Coverage with Lead Discovery.

Don't wait for Marketing to deliver you more MQLs or lists. Be proactive and easily discover and download new prospects in close proximity to where you are or where your clients are located. Pair this with email tracking to discover new contacts at existing accounts. There's endless possibilities!



Quickly Visualize Sales Territories & Next Best Steps.

Predictably meet the needs of your customers before a visit when you access all of the relevant sales intelligence from one screen. You'll bring more value to conversations and meetings by proactively knowing in-house talking points of contacts and other deision makers.


Smarter Field Sales Maps for Smarter Field Sales Trips.

Throw away your zip / area code spreadsheets and color-coded maps! It's time you empower yourself with intelligently guided field sales trips planning. Integrated sales artificial intelligence consistently monitors your customers behavior, helping you visualize which micro-territory has the most buy-now opportunities.

The Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device Field Sales Software

We empower you to visit more customers where and how they want you to, and discover more prospects in close proximity to your customers—from any device, any where.

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Sales Software for High-Performing Field Sales Professionals


Accelerate your sales pipeline when you empower yourself and the field sales team with sales software features that are typically managed by the marketing department.

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Sales Automation

Streamline the sales process by integrating your sales communication and data technologies for a seamless engagement experience.

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B2B Email Marketing

Veloxy was designed around B2B email best practices. Start sending your best email marketing campaigns with confidence.

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Salesforce Automation

Eliminate administrative and data entry tasks that take up hours of time every week and that discourage full Salesforce adoption.

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Personalized Engagement

Personalization is more than mail merging a customer's first name—it's using data to predict their optimal call and email times, and talking points.


AI-Automated Sales Journeys

Manually building sales journeys relies too much on intuition and gut feelings. Replace those old ways with artificial intelligence to accelerate sales.


Mobile Call Blitzes

Engage with your prospects, leads, and customers from anywhere at any time with our Sales Engagement mobile app.

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Email Tracking

Know when your prospects, leads, and customers are opening emails and clicking links, as well as forwarding to other decision makers.


One-Click Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team with the intelligence, capabilities, and features they need to confidently close more deals faster.

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Field Sales Software

Most sales technology is built for Inside Sales and Account Management. Now is the time to enable Field Sales with the tools to succeed.


Data Driven Insights

Instantly receiving the signals that your contacts are ready to buy is a crucial component to stay ahead of competing sales reps.

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Account Based Selling

When you're working an account, you need a centralized hub of company and personnel intelligence, including social signals.

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Enterprise Ready

Whether you have security or compliance issues, or you need to extend sales engagement to over 100 reps, we have you covered.

Free to Start for 14 days.
Get ROI in 3 months max.

Sales teams at companies of all sizes close more deals faster and easier, helping them pay for their Veloxy subscription in 1-3 months. You have nothing to lose, and more money to gain

Veloxy AI Sales Assistant Software

with Field Sales Capabilities

only $49 / month

If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Next level productivity!”

Using the email campaign tool is life changing. Lets me look at deep numbers to let me understand how to improve my success rate. Working from home, Veloxy is a must have tool.

Trevor E., T-Mobile

Join the Sales Teams using Veloxy for Field Sales


Veloxy is the trusted sales software for high-performing field sales reps and regional sales managers at hundreds of world class businesses.

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Maurice G.
Maurice G.
Senior Business Account Executive
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Veloxy is an amazing product! Veloxy has been an amazing tool for me as a sales professional for many reasons. The integration with Salesforce is seamless and allows me to be more organized. Also, the email tracking and analytics are very important to me.
Micahel M.
Micahel M.
High Performing Sales Professional
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The best Salesforce integration I've ever used. There are 2 parts that make Veloxy a must have. 1) The seamless integration it has with salesforce, and 2) The exceptional customer service the company provides. The mass mailing option is really my favorite and a driving force behind my production.


What Sales AI features does Veloxy Field Sales deliver?

In addition to automating and eliminating non-selling activity such as data entry and manual lead prioritization, field sales professionals and regional sales managers are enabled to extend more desktop exclusive features such as auto dialer, email marketing, sales and email analytics, guided selling, sales intelligence, voice recording, and lead discovery to their favorite smartphone or tablet.

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