20 Key Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM for Field Sales

photo of a field sales rep who uses Salesforce

Salesforce is the leading CRM platform in the market, and it has proven to be the best choice for companies that deploy field sales teams.

In fact, according to Salesforce’s most recent State of Sales report, 87% of field sales reps believe their organization takes full advantage of their CRM (more than inside reps).

In this post, we’ll share the 20 key reasons why Salesforce is the best CRM for field sales and how it can benefit you and your field sales team.

What is a Field Sales CRM?

Field Sales CRM is a specialized customer relationship management system designed specifically for field sales reps and managers. It enables them to manage their daily tasks, track their leads and opportunities, and collaborate with their team members on the go.

Unlike a regular CRM, a Field Sales CRM is tailored to meet the unique needs of field sales professionals and provides features such as geolocation tracking, real-time data syncing, and mobile accessibility to help them be more productive and efficient.

What Industries use Field Sales CRM?

Industries that have a large field sales team, including payment processingsolar power, and telecommunications, use a Field Sales CRM.

It benefits these industries by helping them to streamline their sales processes, improve customer engagement, and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

Some other Field Sales CRM benefits include:

  • Providing field sales reps with access to real-time data
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration between the sales team and customers
  • Tracking sales progress and performance metrics in real-time
  • Enabling better sales forecasting and pipeline management
  • Optimizing selling time and boosting sales efficiency

Key Features of a Field Sales CRM

A Field Sales CRM should have six key features to help field sales reps and managers work more efficiently and effectively.

These key features include:

  • Mobile accessibility for on-the-go access to customer data and sales information
  • Geolocation tracking for mapping sales territories and optimizing routes
  • Lead and opportunity management for tracking prospects and deals
  • Real-time data syncing to ensure up-to-date information is always available
  • Collaboration tools to enable teamwork and information sharing
  • Reporting and analytics to track sales performance and identify areas for improvement

Salesforce offers all of these features AND MORE, making it the best choice for field sales professionals.

Why Salesforce is the Best CRM for Field Sales

In this section, we will explore the 20 key reasons why Salesforce is considered the best CRM for field sales.

From mobile accessibility to AI-powered sales insights, we’ll break down each reason and explain how it can benefit field sales reps and their organizations.

1. Mobile Accessibility

Salesforce’s mobile app allows field sales reps to access customer information, update records, and communicate with team members on the go.

This mobile feature provides flexibility and convenience, allowing reps to be more productive and efficient while in the field.

Mobile accessibility also enables reps to make quick decisions and respond to customer needs in real-time, ultimately improving their overall performance and sales results. With Salesforce’s mobile app, field sales reps can stay connected and engaged with customers, even when they’re out of the office.

But, if you’re like Mark Plavchak, you want MORE Salesforce features than their native mobile app delivers. To discover if that’s the case for you, schedule a Veloxy demo below.

2. Geolocation Tracking

Salesforce’s geolocation tracking allows field sales reps and managers to track customer visits, plan routes, and manage sales territories effectively. This feature helps reps save time and increase selling time by providing them with the most efficient route to their next meeting.

Reps: you can also view customer information and history in the app, which allows you to personalize your sales pitch and build stronger relationships with clients.

Managers: you can use geolocation tracking to monitor team activities and provide real-time coaching, improving overall sales team performance. With Salesforce’s geolocation tracking, field sales reps can increase their productivity and effectiveness in the field.

If you’re looking for a way to optimize routes and discover prospects from wherever you are, schedule a Veloxy demo below (we’re a 4.92 star app on Salesforce AppExchange).

3. Lead & Opportunity Management

Salesforce’s lead and opportunity management features allow field sales reps to effectively manage their sales pipeline. They can track the status of each lead and opportunity, prioritize their efforts, and focus on closing deals.

Reps: you can also create tasks and reminders, set follow-up appointments, and collaborate with your team members to ensure that no opportunity falls through the cracks.

Managers: you can monitor your team’s progress and provide coaching to help them close deals faster.

With Salesforce’s lead and opportunity management, field sales reps can increase their sales efficiency and effectiveness—generating the KPIs that make you an all-star to the C-Suite!

4. Real-time Data Syncing

Real-time data syncing is another key reason why Salesforce is the best CRM for field sales.

With Salesforce, field sales reps can update their records and have that information immediately available to their team back at the office. This real-time syncing ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information, which can improve sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, it allows sales managers to get a real-time view of their team’s performance, making it easier for them to identify any issues or areas for improvement.

5. Collaboration Tools

Salesforce provides an array of collaboration tools that allow field sales reps and managers to work together seamlessly.

Features such as Chatter and Salesforce Communities allow team members to communicate, share files, and stay updated on each other’s progress in real-time. This helps streamline processes and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

With Salesforce’s collaboration tools, field sales reps and managers can work together more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a better overall experience for customers and improved sales outcomes.

And don’t forget Slack! Salesforce owns them, too.

6. Customizable Dashboards & Reports

Salesforce is highly customizable, making it easy for field sales reps and managers to create personalized dashboards and reports that provide them with real-time insights into sales performance.

This flexibility allows users to access the information they need in a format that is most useful to them, whether that be visual data representations, metrics tracking, or other forms of analytics.

With customizable dashboards and reports, field sales reps and managers can optimize their sales strategy, track performance, and identify areas for improvement, all with just a few clicks.

However, if you’re like most Salesforce users, you find the native reporting and dashboards troublesome. That’s why Veloxy made Salesforce reporting and dashboards easier with turnkey analytics that focus on the right details. Use the link below to demo Veloxy’s pre-built, field sales optimized solution.

7. Integrations with other Sales Tools

Salesforce offers an extensive library of integrations with other sales tools, allowing field sales reps and managers to streamline their sales processes.

With Salesforce AppExchange, users can easily find and install third-party applications that complement Salesforce’s functionalities. These integrations can range from email and calendar sync tool, to sales intelligence, geolocation, dashboards and reporting, and productivity (we do all five!).

Leveraging AppExchange ensures that Salesforce remains the central hub for all sales-related activities, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools and platforms.

Want to test-drive our 4.97 star field sales app? Visit our AppExchange page today!

8. Sales Forecasting & Analytics

Salesforce has a powerful analytics engine that can help field sales reps and managers forecast their sales performance accurately. The CRM uses machine learning algorithms to analyze sales data, identify trends and patterns, and provide insights into sales performance.

Sales reps: you can use this feature to prioritize leads and opportunities and create effective sales outreach.

Managers: you can use it to track team performance, identify coaching opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

The analytics feature is also customizable, allowing users to create personalized reports and dashboards based on their specific needs. With Salesforce, field sales teams can make data-driven decisions that lead to increased sales effectiveness and productivity.

If you’re looking for a more turnkey solution optimized for field sales teams, use the link below to schedule a demo of Veloxy.

9. Advanced Security & Data Protection

Salesforce provides advanced security features and data protection to ensure that customer data is secure. It has industry-standard security measures in place to protect against threats such as phishing, ransomware, and other cyberattacks.

Salesforce also offers encryption and two-factor authentication to further strengthen security. Moreover, Salesforce is compliant with various security and privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.

These security measures and compliance certifications make Salesforce the best CRM for field sales reps and managers who need to store, access and share confidential customer data.

10. Automated Workflows & Approval Processes

Salesforce allows field sales reps and managers to automate workflows and approval processes, helping to streamline their sales processes.

With Salesforce, teams can easily create rules to automate tasks, such as creating new records, sending email notifications, or assigning tasks to team members. By automating these processes, sales teams can save time and reduce the risk of human error.

Salesforce’s approval processes also enable teams to establish standardized workflows for reviewing and approving various actions, such as discounts or price quotes, ensuring that everyone follows the same procedures and adheres to company policies.

11. Social Media Integration

Salesforce’s social media integration allows field sales reps to track their customer’s social media presence, respond to inquiries, and engage with prospects in a timely manner.

This feature enables sales reps to stay on top of their social media engagement activities, which can lead to an increase in sales productivity and customer engagement.

Additionally, Salesforce’s social media integration provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing sales reps to tailor their outreach and engagement activities accordingly. Overall, this feature helps field sales reps build stronger relationships with their customers and achieve higher conversion rates.

12. Marketing Automation Capabilities

Salesforce offers various marketing automation features that allow field sales teams to create and manage marketing campaigns, automate email marketing, and track campaign performance.

These features help field sales reps to reach out to more customers and prospects, personalize marketing messages and drive engagement, and ultimately increase revenue. By integrating marketing and sales processes, teams can work more efficiently and provide a more personalized experience for customers.

Salesforce’s marketing automation capabilities include lead scoring, nurturing, and routing, as well as social media and content management. These features help field sales reps streamline their sales process and work more effectively.

13. Email & Calendar Integration

Salesforce provides integration with email and calendar, which makes it easier for field sales reps to schedule their tasks and appointments.

This integration allows the field sales reps to access their emails and calendar from within the Salesforce platform, making it easier to manage their day-to-day activities. This feature helps field sales reps stay organized and on top of their schedules, ensuring that they do not miss out on any important meetings or appointments.

The email and calendar integration feature also allows sales reps to track customer interactions and communication history, which is critical in building strong customer relationships.

However, if you prefer to work from your favorite inbox or mobile phone, you’ll have a more positive seller experience using Veloxy. Schedule a demo below.

14. Customer Service & Support Features

Salesforce’s customer service and support features enable field sales reps and managers to provide efficient support to their customers.

Salesforce Service Cloud, a customer service software built on the Salesforce platform, provides a range of features such as case management, knowledge base, chatbots, live chat, email management, and social customer service.

Field sales reps can access these features on the go, providing support to customers quickly and efficiently. The integration of customer service and sales data also allows for better communication and understanding of customer needs, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

15. Easy Customization & Personalization

Salesforce’s CRM for field sales offers easy customization and personalization features, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific needs. This flexibility is essential for sales teams that operate in different industries or have varying sales processes.

With Salesforce, users can customize fields, create unique page layouts, and build custom workflows to automate sales processes. They can also personalize the platform’s dashboards, making it easier to view relevant data and metrics.

This level of customization and personalization helps sales reps streamline their workflows and better engage with their customers, ultimately leading to increased productivity and revenue.

16. Extensive AppExchange Marketplace

As I shared earlier, Salesforce’s AppExchange is the world’s largest enterprise app marketplace, with over 5,000 apps and solutions available.

Field sales teams can use AppExchange to find and install apps that extend the functionality of their Salesforce CRM. The marketplace offers a wide range of apps for sales, marketing, customer service, and more, from both Salesforce and third-party vendors.

With AppExchange, field sales reps can customize their Salesforce experience by adding features such as lead generation, customer segmentation, and document signing. This can help streamline their workflow, save time, and improve overall efficiency, making Salesforce an even more powerful tool for field sales.

Just don’t overwhelm your field sales tech stack!

If you need help consolidating your tech stack, thereby improving sales rep morale and ROI, schedule a demo with us below.

17. AI-Powered Sales Insights & Recommendations

Salesforce’s Einstein AI provides sales teams with intelligent insights and recommendations that help them better understand their customers’ needs and preferences.

With its AI-powered analytics, Salesforce provides field sales teams (and outside sales teams) with actionable insights and predictions that help them identify sales opportunities, prioritize leads, and make data-driven decisions.

Einstein AI can also automate tasks, such as lead and opportunity management, to streamline the sales process and free up more time for sales reps to focus on building relationships with customers. These AI-powered insights can give field sales teams a competitive edge and help them close more deals.

If you could ask Albert Einstein what he would do, he’d also suggest adding Veloxy’s Sales AI to your field sales tech stack. Why? Because customers travel through your pipeline at the speed of light!

18. Account & Contact Management

Salesforce provides robust account and contact management features, making it easy to manage customer interactions and build strong relationships.

Users can track all customer interactions, including emails, calls, meetings, and more, in one central location. This allows sales teams to quickly access customer information and tailor their sales approach based on the customer’s history and preferences.

Salesforce’s account and contact management features also include lead and opportunity management, which helps sales teams prioritize their efforts and focus on the most promising leads. Overall, these features make it easier for sales teams to manage customer relationships and close more deals.

19. Territory Management

Salesforce offers robust territory management capabilities, which can help organizations optimize sales operations for different geographical areas or markets.

With territory management in Salesforce, sales managers can assign sales reps to specific territories based on factors like geography, product specialization, or customer segment. This helps to ensure that reps are focused on the right accounts, and that territories are balanced in terms of workload and revenue potential.

Territory management also allows for customized reporting on a per-territory basis, so that sales leaders can easily monitor and analyze sales performance at a granular level. This is a boom for streamlining sales operations to improve efficiency.

20. Sales Gamification Features

Sales gamification features is another reason why Salesforce is the best CRM for field sales.

The gamification features, such as leaderboards, badges, and contests, can motivate sales reps and help them stay engaged and productive. It can also create a healthy competitive environment, where sales reps can compete with each other, and earn rewards for their efforts.

The gamification features can be customized to fit specific sales goals and can be used to encourage sales reps to take specific actions, such as completing training courses, achieving sales targets, or engaging with customers. This can lead to better performance and increased revenue for the organization.

Veloxy: The Perfect Companion to Salesforce CRM

Veloxy is an all-in-one field sales software that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM. In short, it’s the best of both worlds!

It helps field sales reps become more productive by providing them with powerful tools such as real-time sales activity tracking, personalized sales coaching, and AI-powered sales insights.

Veloxy’s mobile app allows sales reps to access important CRM data on-the-go and its cold email and calendar integration ensures that reps never miss an important follow-up. Veloxy also offers route optimization and geolocation lead discovery features to help motivate sales reps on the road.

With Veloxy, Salesforce-using field sales reps (and even inside reps) save MORE time, close MORE deals, and improve their overall performance.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce is the best CRM for field sales due to its extensive features, customization options, integrations, and advanced security.

Veloxy, as a complementary field sales software, can enhance productivity and streamline sales processes better than Salesforce out-of-the-box. Combining these tools can help sales reps better manage their territories and achieve their goals.

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Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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