Vast Networks Doubles New Sales and New Revenue with Veloxy​

Rapidly Grows Commercial Sales in Two Months

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New Market. New Talent.

New Sales Challenges.

In business since 1993, Vast Networks made a strategic sales move five years ago when they expanded their reach from government and education markets to commercial markets.

After taking a sound first step in their new market roadmap, Vast Networks made another strategic move by hiring a commercial sales team and installing the most powerful CRM—Salesforce.

New sales challenges were presented to management when they discovered three critical issues:

Low Salesforce Adoption
Only 1 New Sale a Month
Poor Sales Funnel Reporting

Vast Network Improves Sales Capabilities with Veloxy.

After integrating Veloxy with Salesforce and empowering the commercial sales team with Veloxy Engage and Mobile, Vast Networks experienced their greatest month in the history of the company.

Only one month later, Vast Networks experienced another common Veloxy benefit—exponential growth—with a great increase in funnel size, sales, revenue, sales engagement and Salesforce adoption.

Month 1 Performance Gains with Veloxy:

  • First month funnel size was measurable and visible in Salesforce reports
  • Funnel size grew by 300%
  • Revenue grew by 200%
  • Number of deals sold went up to 8

Month 2 Performance Gains with Veloxy:

  • Total Funnel size in Salesforce grew to $70,000 in Salesforce
  • Total deals sold went to 11
  • Sales grew by 400%
  • Every opportunity had potential sales revenue, current stage and accurate close date 
  • Number of total activities for the team as reported in Veloxy engage per week exceeded 120 
  • Email engagement was above 50% for every sales executive
  • Accurate MTD sales revenue visible via Veloxy to leadership

Vast Networks quickly became 1 of 1,000+ Veloxy fans!

Glowing Testimonials from our friends at Vast Networks.

“The combination of Veloxy with Salesforce puts my Business on Steroids.  I would have missed an opportunity last week if I did not have Veloxy.  I was looking though my leads in the Veloxy Mobile App and noticed  a customer that I did not have an open activity on. They were near the end of their contract, I reached out to close the deal.”

— Sales Executive

“Veloxy gives me the visibility to my teams funnel because they enjoy using the tool.  Before Veloxy our Salesforce funnel was small and inaccurate.  Today I have complete insight to their activity, pipeline and process.  This is the best tool I have ever used in my 10 years of Sales Management.”

— Sales Manager

“We did not have the data in Salesforce to see what a successful Executive did day to day to be successful.  Now, we do not have to force sales executives to use Veloxy, because they want to use it. We are able to see what type of activities they are doing and how much they are doing. Veloxy brings our reporting to a real and measurable level.”

— Sales Manager

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About Vast Networks

Vast Networks is dedicated to delivering a reliable, 100% fiber connection around the clock for California businesses who want to connect locally and internationally. From businesses in various industries including agriculture, technology, manufacturing and more to hospitals and school districts, we offer a variety of network solutions that connect multiple locations with secure, redundant bandwidth and much more.


Telecommunications & Network Services


Fresno, California

Veloxy Software:

Veloxy Mobile, Veloxy Engage Pro

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