Focus on the hot opportunities
Keep your pipeline up-to-date
Know what truly drives sales

Sales Enablement and Predictive Forecasting for Salesforce CRM

Improve Salesforce engagement and keep focus on what drives the pipeline

Veloxy Mobile

Focus on productive sales activities, while a virtual assistant takes the work out of Salesforce updates.

Veloxy Inbox

Connect your Outlook to Salesforce and track emails, activities, leads and contacts, all in one place.

Veloxy Analytics

Get forecasts you can trust, and see how the calls, emails and actions of your team drive the pipeline.

What Our Users Say

Veloxy pulls data from Salesforce and other sources, based on your context. So you get info you can act on, without having to look for it.

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Veloxy, Geo-Mapping Based Prospecting and Sales Forecasting Platform for Salesforce and Salesforce1


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'Veloxy has transformed how my sales team does business. This amazing app allows us to create, follow-up and manage our business from the palm of our hand, increasing overall productivity and allowing us to spend more time prospecting and hitting our sales goals.'

 Michael Seigle, RSM, Comcast Cable