Double Your Sales Team's Revenue with Veloxy

Sales team overwhelmed by too many sales tools? Simplify their workflow and channel their efforts where they're needed most with an all-in-one sales productivity and acceleration solution.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Veloxy is a complete sales software solution that simplifies your teams’ daily work and puts them in control. Let them access all their essential business activities and info, like tasks, calendars, contacts, notes, and reports, in one seamlessly integrated single app.

Designed by Sales Pros, For Sales Pros

Veloxy was meticulously crafted by top field sales professionals to enhance sales team productivity. By consolidating their daily workflow into one user-friendly interface, Veloxy frees up time so your sales reps can devote more attention to every customer – putting their focus where it belongs.

With Veloxy, you quickly:

outside sales rep using Veloxy field sales software
sales rep meeting a prospect
outside sales representative using outside sales software, Veloxy

Access Information From Anywhere

One of the biggest challenges for busy sales professionals is the fragmentation of tools across different apps and desktop programs. Your sales reps probably use different apps for calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, reports, and other information. This means they have to spend a lot of time and effort bouncing between various apps to get their work done.

Your sales reps can also tap into automated data entry. They’ll be more focused on making their way to their next appointment instead of spending their time inputting customer information. Your team will be back on the road with just a few taps.

Use Guided Selling to Locate Leads and Contacts

Your sales team is only one click or tap away from navigating to a contact’s office or downloading a new lead. With our app’s lead-finding feature, your staff can:

Get Visibility Into Your Team's Activities

You and the rest of your team can monitor the outside sales team’s activity in real time. Spend less time guessing about what’s happening in the field. You’ll be able to view the following in the live activity field:
Analyze how your sales team is performing by viewing reports throughout the day. Make smarter decisions that increase your revenue and customer base.

Call Potential Clients Faster

Your field sales team needs to be as safe as they are productive. Use Veloxy for easy one-click dials to auto-prioritize leads. Your sales team can make calls much faster, connecting them with potential leads and getting them closer to closing a sale.

See What Steps You Need to Take Next

Veloxy takes the guesswork out of making field sales calls. Meet the needs of your customers before heading to your next appointment by accessing all of the relevant sales intelligence from one screen.

This feature of Veloxy enables your sales team to bring more value to meetings and conversations. Proactively know what talking points you need to hit with each customer before walking in their door.

Veloxy Seamlessly Integrates With Salesforce

If you’re not using Salesforce Automation, your organization is likely losing at least two hours a day per sales rep. Take unnecessary admin work off the plate of your team by integrating Veloxy with Salesforce. Your team can spend 90% of their day doing the following:
You can take your sales cycles to the next level with little effort on your part. Your CRM data will automatically be up-to-date and accurate. Streamline your Salesforce activity from the comfort of your favorite internet browser, smartphone, or inbox.

Maximize Your Email Marketing Outreach

Sales just aren’t closed in the field. Email marketing is a key component of finding new prospects and closing deals.

The Veloxy Inbox extension includes 15 features that can help you reach new leads. You’ll experience the following benefits with our email marketing extension:

You don’t have to change the process of what you’re currently doing with email outreach. Everything you need will live in your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

Increase Your Business's Trustworthiness

Stay in compliance with CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR with Veloxy Lite. You’re one click away from unsubscribe transparency and automatic opt-out tracking. By building a positive inbox reputation, you can do the following:

Stop Manually Tracking Your Email Outreach

Organizing what emails you’ve sent out adds more paperwork to your sales team’s desks. Give them time to close deals and build relationships with our email integration feature.

Know What Emails Went Viral

You’ll want to know if a certain email was popular with your customer base. Discover new account contacts and viral talking points with Veloxy.

Our email integration software allows you to track how many times each customer has opened your emails. You can use this information to build better sales intelligence and improve your customer interactions.

Hear How Our Customers Can't
Live Without Veloxy

Don’t take our word for it. Read how Veloxy has improved the lives of our countless customers.
Robert U.
Robert U.
Senior Account Manager
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It will work as hard as you want it to. When out in the field you can add nearby businesses as prospects or accounts before you walk in. You can log activity and set a follow up right away.
Trevor E.
Trevor E.
Account Executive
Read More
Next level productivity. Using the email campaign tool is life changing. Lets me look at deep numbers to let me understand how to improve my success rate. Veloxy is a must have tool.
Maurice G.
Maurice G.
Senior Business Account Executive
Read More
Veloxy is an amazing product! Veloxy has been an amazing tool for me as a sales professional for many reasons. The integration with Salesforce is seamless and allows me to be more organized. Also, the email tracking and analytics are very important to me.
Tom M.
Tom M.
Business Account Executive III
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Great program for sales people. I like how it shows me when a prospect opens my email, and how many times they've opened it. This really helps with me being able to know who is interested in what I am sending them because I can see how many times they've opened my email.
Dakota F.
Dakota F.
Business Account Executive
Read More
Great prospecting tool! My favorite feature from the app is the email template feature. It allows me to send customers information at a fraction of the time. It has a great email campaign that I use on the daily. The iPhone app is a smooth app that allows users ease of access with tons of benefits.
Michael M.
Michael M.
High-Performing Sales Professional
Read More
The best Salesforce integration I've ever used. There are 2 parts that make Veloxy a must have. 1) The seemless integration it has with salesforce, and 2) The exceptional customer service the company provides. The mass mailing option is really my favorite and a driving force behind my production.

Veloxy Will Help You Surpass Your Sales Goals

Are you ready to see for yourself how Veloxy can improve your sales team’s productivity? Close more sales and increase your bottom line with our mobile app. Reach out to our team to schedule a free demo to learn more.