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photo of a sales graph with quota crushing numbers

Sales Quota: The Complete Guide to Hitting & Crushing Quota in 2023

Click below to listen to the blog post. Veloxy strives for accessibility. In 2018, Salesforce found that only 57% of salespeople expected to hit their quota. Jump to 2022, and Salesforce found that a staggering 72% of salespeople expected their team to miss annual quota. We’re living in an era where sales has the richest technology stack and set of professional capabilities than ever

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photo of a manager holding revenue in his palms

Revenue Enablement: The Complete Guide for 2023

As forward-thinking companies transition from traditional sales enablement to revenue enablement, it’s important to understand that 42% of businesses still don’t have a sales enablement program. That’s a HUGE problem. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of revenue enablement, the difference between sales enablement and revenue enablement, revenue enablement best practices, how to build a revenue enablement strategy, and much more.

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photo of a field sales rep boarding a plane

Field Sales Reps & Managers: The Complete Guide for 2023

Field sales is a critical aspect of many businesses’ sales strategies, with representatives and managers working in the field to meet with customers and close more deals. Zippia reports that there are over 731,605 field sales representatives and 127,122 field sales managers currently employed in the United States. Field sales representatives are responsible for building customer relationships, understanding needs, and persuading them to

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photo of a field sales rep

Field Sales: The Ultimate Guide for Success in 2023 (Updated)

Since 2015, we’ve grown field sales productivity by 200% for hundreds of sales teams. What’s our secret? Field Enablement. We’ve been using this same field sales strategy for the past seven years, and it crushes quota. In our ultimate guide (the largest in the industry), you’ll learn everything you need to know to achieve similar results. Plus, we’ll tell you

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photo of a sales rep with many questions

82 Open Ended Sales Questions (Ultimate Guide Included)

Did you know that asking questions makes it more likely for customers to approve of you? It’s true. Research conducted at Harvard University suggests asking questions improves liking and learning. Open ended sales questions are a crucial aspect of the sales process. They allow salespeople such as yourself to better understand the customer’s needs, goals, and challenges. This leads to higher levels

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