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a new door to door salesman reading sales tips

13 Door-to-Door Sales Tips for New Salesmen

The average door-to-door salesperson makes about $22.90 per hour (or $47,622 a year). This can vary significantly depending on how good a salesperson is at their job. Door-to-door sales can be a great way to make money, but it’s not without challenges. It isn’t for everyone, and you

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top 10 salesforce automation tips graphic

10 Tips for Optimal Salesforce Automation Setup

Your company just recently started using Salesforce, and well… you’re struggling. While you can recognize its great power, you’re not quite sure how to harness it. Namely, you’re not sure how to make use of its automation capabilities. Fortunately, we are, and we can help you get the most out of Salesforce automation. Here are 10 tips for optimal Salesforce automation

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photo of an Inside Sales guru using Veloxy

20 Inside Sales Tips That Will Grow Your Sales Pipeline in 2023

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or inside sales expert, we can all agree on a few things. One; sales is no longer just about high pressure, ‘won’t take no for an answer’ pitches. Today, it’s more of a different dynamic where sales reps listen, empathize, and even kill pitches early if they sense the prospect isn’t interested. And two, sales tactics

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illustration of a sales rep stealing cold email templates

Steal Our 10 B2B Cold Email Templates (to 2X Response Rates)

How do you instantly tell the difference between a good cold email template and a bad one? Look at who wrote the cold email and their average response rates. Depending on your company, cold email writing is commonly shared between sales reps and marketing. According to Campaign Monitor, a good response rate should be 10%.  Fortunately for you and me,

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photo of outside sales reps talking about an opportunity

30 Outside Sales Tips To Help You Win More Opportunities in 2023

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite options for growing your pipeline? You’re not the only outside sales rep feeling that way. This article doesn’t list every outside sales strategy under the sun. Instead, it lists the tactics our clients use at Veloxy. These are tactics that have helped outside sales professionals grow their pipeline by 300% in one month. In other words, they’re

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field sales representatives networking

Improving Your Networking Game as a Field Sales Representative

Field sales. This can be the thing that ends up making or breaking your business.  That is why there are more than 731,000 field sales representatives in the United States.  With so much money to be made from sales teams, you want to make sure that your sales team is doing things the right way. What are the biggest things that a

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