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illustration of the Veloxy Salesforce dialer

5 Salesforce Dialers to Boost Connection Rates

Do you struggle to get leads to pick up the phone? For salespeople, predictably connecting with interested leads can be a daily challenge — and that’s where the right dialer for Salesforce can make all of the difference. Is your outbound queue prioritized by spelling, first

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photo of a salesman using lead prioritization

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Prioritization

The average Salesforce instance has thousands of prospects, leads, and customers. Here’s the problem. Each of those contacts has a uniquely different propensity to buy. As a salesperson, every single day you have to find the proper balance between selling activity and non-selling activity. For example, you have to balance making calls and meeting customers with prioritizing your leads and

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illustration of salespeople using golden rule

Golden Rule of Sales: Treat Others How You Want to be Treated

The Golden Rule. This is the moral principle that teaches people to treat others as they would want to be treated. It has been taught by every civilization in the world for thousands of years. But does it apply to the world of sales? Yes, but with a caveat. Sales has been around just as long as the golden rule,

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illustration of outside sales people doubling sales ratio

3 Easy Outside Sales Tips to Double Your Closing Ratio

What is your closing ratio? Your closing ratio (or close rate) measures your overall sales efficiency. It’s calculated by dividing the number of sales you’ve closed by the number of leads or opportunities in your pipeline (and multiplying that by 100 to generate a percent). Let’s say you had 10 opportunities last month and you closed 3 deals. Your closing

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illustration for email tracking

How Does Email Tracking Work? Guide for Outlook & Gmail

In today’s post-pandemic sales world, 23% of field sales professionals are prioritizing the addition of email tracking and buyer signals to their tech stack [report]. Sending an email is comparable to mailing a letter. Once you send a letter, it’s a guessing game if and when it will be received and opened—unless you ordered Proof of Delivery. Email tracking is

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photo of a movie theatre

The Ultimate List of Sales Movies & TV Shows

Nothing pulls you out of a rut faster than an inspirational quote from your favorite movie. From Vito Corleone’s “Great men are not born great, they grow great.” in Godfather, to Benjamin Button’s “Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.” The same is true for sales slumps. There are dozens of movies and television programs that

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