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Too Few Sales Superheroes?

With or without sales enablement, over-achieving sales reps make their number faster and more often than 75% of the Sales Org. Their average sales cycle is shorter, and their average deal size is larger.

Over-achieving sales reps are the superheroes of the sales department!

But how can that be?

Sales enablement has been in high-demand for five to ten years, empowering every inside sales and outside sales rep with more information, content, best practices, and sales enablement tools than ever before.

There are 4 common roadblocks preventing you from scaling the Sales Org with a sales enablement framework:

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"Finally, a Sales Enabler!"

Shorter Sales Cycles. Larger Deals.

There is real power in sales enablement. When a larger number of inside sales and outside sales reps make their number in a scalable, predictable, and sales rep friendly manner, it not only benefits the sales organization, it benefits the whole company and their prospects, leads, and clients.

It’s a win-win-win!

But where do you start?

There are 100’s of sales enablement solutions, from asset management to workflow automation, engagement software to content delivery platforms.

You need to find sales enablement software that matches the needs of any sized sales organization and market, and that centralizes several sales tools into a single platform.

Here are 4 common features that inside sales reps, outside sales reps, and sales managers should look for in one sales enablement platform:

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What exactly does Veloxy do to maximize our sales enablement?

Veloxy’s mission is to help sales reps make their number faster and easier than ever before, and to help sales management build momentum through above-market growth and a market-dominating Sales Org.

We accomplish this with a suite of AI-powered sales applications that act as your 10X sales enablement multiplier by:

There’s so much more!

AI Sales Assistant Solutions for Salesforce Users

Mobile App

Veloxy's mobile app is the one that Salesforce users always dreamed Salesforce1 could be! With the Mobile app, users can rapidly access an account's sales intelligence, find new contacts to engage with, discover new prospects in their real-time geo-location, and perform call or email blitzes.

Inbox Plugin

Veloxy's inbox plugin is a favorite amongst sales enablement leaders because it keeps sales reps on one screen, on one device. Users rarely leave the comfort of their Outlook or Gmail inbox. Salesforce users can have their activity automatically logged, and their sales engagement rates are very high.


When you empower inside and field sales representatives with Veloxy's mobile app, inbox plugin, and web portal, you multiply the impact sales enablement has on your organization. What would it mean to your CEO if you increased your CAGR while reducing your sales technology costs and footprint?

People often ask us:

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement refers to the process of equipping salespeople with the necessary tools, information, and content to ease their work. A company that supports the use of sales enablement in most cases performs better than those which don’t use it at all. So, what does all this mean for your venture? A good business develops an environment that allows its sales representatives to deliver quality content. Focusing on quality delivery helps a business to grow its clientele, who are mainly referrals from previous customers.

According to researchers, many businesses have adopted sales enablement; why not you? This article will give you five solid reasons why you need to practice sales enablement if you hope to have a competing chance. Without wasting time, let’s look at the importance of sales enablement to a business.

Why is Sales Enablement important?

Simply put, sales enablement is a strategic approach for getting the right information to sales people at the right time and way so as to support consistently meaningful interactions with the customer. Now, please note that it’s not all about simply getting your whole team into a training course. Rather, it’s about aligning sales processes with organizational objectives and sales strategies.

One major part of sales enablement involves equipping your team with the right information. This info could be in the form of sales best practices, tools, customer facing content among others. But regardless of the form, the information needs to be both consumable and reusable across the entire organization.

What are Sales Enablement tools?

The term sales enablement is quite broad. Similarly, there are plenty of different types of technologies available to assist modern sales companies. However, all the available tools exist for pretty much the same reason. And that’s to make life easier for anyone in sales. Therefore, a sales enablement tool is any piece of technology that supports a more efficient and effective sales process. All this is with the end goal of helping sales teams achieve their corporate goals.

Beyond that though, there’s plenty of variance. For instance, some tools are large scale platforms that require a ton of internal administration i.e CRM. Others tend to focus on one or two particular sales challenges. Now, while there are several different ways to categorize the tech, what matters is knowing how it can solve problems for your company. Below is a line up of the 5 key types of sales enablement tools and software along with explanations on how they can assist you.

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