June 24, 2pm ET

The Current & Future State of Field Sales

Face-to-face interactions are slowly returning to the world of field sales. But, to satisfy the customer experience, managers are finding new ways to re-optimize their sales communication strategy. 

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October 28, 2pm ET

The Secret to Exponential Sales Growth in Q4

MLB’s League Championship Playoffs are an intense 7 “Win or Go Home” series. Salespeople experience the same intensity during Q4 every single year—especially in October. So how do you predictably get More Pipeline, More Sales, and More Revenue in Less Time? Join Jeff Grice & Frank Ortiz to discover how you can make your reps’ jobs easier and their success more predictable!


October 13, 2pm ET

How to Predictably Reach Quota in Q4 and Beyond

Baseball players have 0.40 seconds to tell if a pitch will be hittable or not. Salespeople have to make split-second decisions, too, especially in Q4. So how do you prioritize leads and opportunities for predictable wins? Join Jeff Grice & Rick Janezic to discover how you can prioritize leads and opps without having to do anything !