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Field Sales is Adopting Artificial Intelligence with Veloxy.

When you think of a B2B sales representative, you commonly think of an outside or field sales representative. While more sales reps are migrating to inside sales, face to face sales has never been more relevant for acquiring and nurturing customers.

Because of the long history of field sales, you would also think that outside sales representatives have been spoiled with the latest technological advancements to help them succeed.

Sadly, field sales is the younger sibling who gets worn out hand me downs from the spoiled older sibling, inside sales. The majority of all sales tools, applications, and software were designed around inside sales strategies.

A perfect example is CRM’s like Salesforce. Functionality and reliability of mobile CRM apps like Salesforce 1 has been very subpar for too long. This observation has created a new wave of mobile field sales software that modernizes sales capabilities such as sales engagement, Salesforce adoption, sales enablement, and sales productivity. 

Common field sales positions who make their numbers faster, easier with field sales software include:

  • Outside Sales Representative
  • Regional Sales Representative
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Field Sales Representative
  • Account Executive.

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Field Sales Strategies to Make Your Number Faster, Easier.

Sales Modernization

The Sales Org has always been miscast as a cost center. It’s a revenue center! To further improve the Sales Org’s reputation across the business, especially with the CEO and CFO, sales continues to invest in technology to cut costs and increase sales.

The smartphone has never always been “smart” for Outside Sales Reps.

However, as recently as a few years ago, advancements have been made to leverage inherent smartphone functionality such as GPS navigation, location services, API integrations, and caller ID to improve sales intelligence, personalization, sales productivity and more!

But how does a field sales rep use their smartphone to improve lead generation while they’re enjoying a coffee in downtown San Francisco prior to a 3:00pm meeting?

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Account Based Selling

Seasoned field sales representatives know that retaining customers for long-term strategic success is a better sales strategy than quick wins. This is why field sales has heavily adopted account based selling in recent years.

Thanks to the improved Salesforce (and other CRM) applications and integrations, field sales representatives are leveraging the wealth of sales intelligence data to greatly improve their approach to each account.

This is much more than entry level personalization—this is knowing firsthand what each contact at each account truly needs, and delivering the right content at the right time to almost guarantee engagement.

But how does a field sales rep use their smartphone to land and expand in more accounts?

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Lower Average Cost of Sale

Another difference between inside sales and field sales is the greater expense of each field sales representative. This isn’t just about salary or commission rates, it’s also their training, turnover, and technology footprint, too. But field sales reps are the ones who win the big, long-term contracts. . .

That is why field sales representatives need the best, not just ordinary sales technology. The right sales software will not just help them increase sales, it will help them significantly reduce time spent on training and other non-selling activities (not to mention the time and cost associated with turnover).

For years Sales Orgs had it wrong, attempting to force field sales reps to adapt to technology they didn’t want to use. Technology needs to adapt to sales reps to unlock a true 10X Sales Force Multiplier.

But how does a field sales rep sell faster, and spend more time with prospects and customers, while spending less time on non-selling activities?

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I have used Salesforce for 15 years and tried just about every app available including Salesforce1 with varying results. Veloxy is the best app by far that I have ever used! If you need a reliable tool in the field and want the best, this is the app for Sales on the go!”

— Mark Plavchak, Senior Business Development

Veloxy Field Sales Software:


Inside Sales is Growing, Digitizing with Veloxy.

Due to the growing impact of sales strategies that incorporate digital technology and remote working, more sales personnel are migrating to an inside sales role within their organization.

Traditionally a cold calling like role, the inside sales department has expanded its capabilities in recent years to include lead generation, prospecting and qualification, up-selling and cross-selling to customers, and setting appointments for field sales.

Common inside sales positions who make their numbers faster, easier with inside sales software include:

  • Inside Sales Representatives
  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
  • Inbound or Outbound Sales Representatives
  • Marketing Qualification Representatives
  • Account Development Representatives
  • Business Development Representatives

Continue reading to learn about the latest successful sales strategies, as well as the trending sales management strategies, or click the button to learn about the one solution for all three inside sales strategies.

Inside Sales Strategies to Make Your Number Faster, Easier.

AI Sales Intelligence

Inside sales reps make 100’s of calls and send 100’s of emails to prospects and customers every day.

When a prospect or customer picks up the phone, or calls or emails back, the inside sales rep needs to understand the buyer’s unique pain points and selling process instantaneously.

But how does an inside sales rep access this sales intelligence on-demand while maximizing email sends and phone calls?

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Your prospects and customers receive 100’s of marketing emails every week, some every day!

You can not afford to have a prospect, and especially a customer, click delete, ignore, spam, or even worse—unsubscribe.

The return on investment of email marketing and sales engagement is too high to stick with the traditional approach of blasting generic, templated emails to everyone in your Salesforce database.

Your emails, and yes even your phone calls, need to demonstrate that you know the prospect or customer on a personal level to increase response rates.

But how does an SDR add personalization to every email and phone call without lowering his send and dial numbers?

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Salesforce Automation

For over 15 years, Salesforce has had well over 100,000 users creating leads, opportunities, and contacts. Now Salesforce has well over 100,000 sales organizations using their cloud platform to connect and better understand customers.

Unfortunately, the lack of Salesforce adoption has persisted over the years.

Companies have invested tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in implementations, consultations, and applications to improve Salesforce adoption—only to see average returns and a furthering of the Sales Org’s reputation as a cost center. The time is now to energize your Salesforce instance and users.

But how does an inside sales rep use Salesforce to grow their pipeline when they’re performing data entry and other time-consuming administrative tasks?

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“Veloxy opens up the entire business for each rep. With 1 click in Veloxy Engage, you can see everything you need to see without pulling multiple reports. In addition, I love the notifications of activities as well as the ability to track and measure emails and contacts with a simple click.”

— Dawn Decker, Sales Manager

Veloxy Inside Sales Software:


Managers Adopting Revenue Enablement with Veloxy.

What happens when you merge two or more sales capabilities together, say sales enablement and sales productivity?

You get a new discipline called revenue enablement.

Revenue Enablement is providing your Sales Org with the best sales enablement software for maximizing revenue per Sales Rep and minimizing cost of sale per Sales Rep.

The ever-growing presence of technology is a double edged sword. In addition to helping your sales development reps and territory managers sell more product, technology has also enabled the buyer to be that much more strong-willed and thorough.

Buyers have a surplus of product and market intelligence, sources of insight and analyst recommendations, and of course their peers and connections on social media. This creates a longer sales cycle for your Sales Org.

Although revenue enablement is a new, trending discipline, technologies are following suit to help consolidate the sales technology decision making process for sales managers.

Common sales management positions who make their numbers faster, easier with sales software include:

  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Vice President of Sales
  • Director of Sales
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Senior Sales Engineer

Continue reading to learn about trends in strategic sales management, or click the button to learn about the one solution for all three sales management strategies.

Sales Management Strategies to Scale Your Sales Org

Machine Learning

Sales managers are looking to personalization, timeliness, and predictability for improving their sales team’s engagement response rates, but while they work on eliminating non-selling activities, they’re hyper focusing on the droves of sales data staring right back at them.

This is why your email marketing / sales engagement software needs to have a fluid integration with Salesforce. In addition the integrity of Salesforce, sales managers are very interested in the timely prioritization of every prospect, lead, and contact’s optimal email delivery time. 

But how does a sales manager distinguish between the best times for responses and the best times for conversions?

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Artificial Intelligence

In addition to machine learning, sales managers are also interested in leveraging artificial intelligence to execute sales activities—especially non-selling activities.

One of the biggest obstacles to the success of a sales software deployment is the lack of team adoption. The easiest way to overcome this all-to-common obstacle is by using an AI virtual sales assistant.

Sales managers have been using AI virtual sales assistants to unlock every sales representative’s true selling capacity by eliminating the tasks that hindered sales software adoption, including data entry, appointment scheduling, and more.

But how does a sales manager maintain confidence that an artificial intelligent virtual sales assistant won’t make any human-like errors?

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

All of this means nothing if a sales manager does not have real-time visibility into their sales team’s, and their sales resources’, key performance indicators.

Sales software that multiplies the performance of inside sales and field sales needs to tell a story to the manager on how they made and exceeded their number each quarter.

Content performance metrics is also critical for sales managers. The best content can be used more often and in new ways, new content ideas are created based on metrics, and metrics can also inspire the creation, editing, or deletion of email marketing templates.

But how does advanced sales reporting and analytics help a sales manager improve account based marketing?

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“Veloxy helps my sales team be more in tune with their day to day priorities. The feature rich mobile app gives my team the ability to do most everything as they go about their day. This is a great tool for any company that wants to enhance the data they collect to help sales grow.”

— Doug Six, District Sales Manager

Veloxy Sales Software:


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