We take security seriously. Every person and team using Veloxy expects their data to be secure and confidential. We understand how important the responsibility of safeguarding this data is to our customers to maintain that trust.

Veloxy is built on latest cloud-based architecture using industry standard services and technologies. Veloxy is hosted in Amazon AWS secure private cloud. You can see more details about Amazon AWS security here

Veloxy successfully passed comprehensive security review by Salesforce and we are Salesforce certified ISV partner. You can see more details about Salesforce Security Review here. Veloxy is a Salesforce white listed app and it is available in AppExchange.



Veloxy syncs data on behalf of each user into the Veloxy secure cloud. Veloxyhas capability to sync relevant data from Salesforce, Exchange, Outlook 365 and Google. Veloxy can also sync contacts from your local phone. User can decide what information they want Veloxy to sync.Using proprietary algorithms Veloxy aggregates, de-duplicates, synthesizes and contextualizes data from these sources and presents most relevant data to the user via a beautifully designed and easy to use mobile app. Syncing with these sources is bi-directional so that updates from Veloxy and these sources are in sync all the time.

In Veloxy Mobile app, we use the following security protocols:

  • Encrypted Sessions
  • Strong Authentication
  • Oauth Client Access Protocols
  • Source Code Hardening
  • Clean Data principles
  • Multi layered security credentials

In Veloxy secure cloud, we use the following AWS security protocols:

  • Amazon Load Balancer Secure endpoint
  • IP Address Range lock-down
  • API Access Keys
  • Certificate Verification
  • Secure Access and Activity Log
  • Transient URLs