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Create personalized email templates. Send compliant email campaigns to prospects and customers from any device at any time.

Close more deals from the comfort of your own inbox.


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

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Improve Customer Experience with Email Marketing


Your customers are expecting you to deliver a more personalized, consultative experience.
Maximize engagement with email marketing powered by artificial intelligence.


AI for Email Marketing

Know the exact day and time to send email campaigns to your leads, contacts, and sales opportunities.


Email Personalization

You have to personalize more than the subject line and salutation. The email’s content has to be personalized, too.


Email Segmentation

You’re a few clicks away from sending email campaigns based on account, location, opportunity size, and more.


Email Inbox Integration

Improve open and response rates by integrating email marketing with your Gmail or Outlook inbox for 1-to-1 emailing.


Mobile Email Marketing

Create, send and schedule email marketing campaigns from the comfort of your Droid or iPhone.


Email Analytics & Tracking

Don’t stop at open and clickthrough rates. Discover who your emails are being forwarded to with email tracking.

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The Best All-in-One Email Template Builder

Create, personalize, share, and optimize your email marketing templates from your computer, your smartphone, or anywhere you have internet access.

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Boost Email Open and Response Rates

Increasing email open rates and clickthrough rates is good. Boosting response rates and conversion rates is better. Veloxy’s email analytics helps you focus in on the right metrics at the right time.

You can review the important metrics by day and time, or you can be empowered by Veloxy’s Articial Intelligence that learns from your email analytics and sends you realtime alerts on when you should send emails and to whom. This collaboration between you and AI will further improve the customer experience.

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Discover New Decision Makers and Relevant Content

When you send marketing emails, are you emailing gatekeepers, influencers, or decision makers? You may be relying on their title or sales insight to know this, but there is another way — Email Forward Tracking.

With Veloxy, we’ll help you discover new decision makers that are being forwarded your marketing emails. This will also help you score your emails and email content on relevancy.


Increase Engagement and Build a Loyal Audience

Your leads and customers know the dierence between a templated email and a marketing email that addresses their needs. One ends up in the trash and the other is replied to or forwarded.

With Veloxy’s inbox integration and mobile app, you’re a few clicks away from personalizing email marketing templates with lead and contact data from your Salesforce instance. The end result is newfound sales engagement productivity and eciency.

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Nurture Target Markets with Relevant, Timely Messaging

When dozens or hundreds of prospects, leads, and customers makeup the same buyer persona or target market, you need to add a multiplier effect to your messaging by using email drip campaigns.

With Veloxy, we’ll not only enable you with drip campaign functionality, but we'll empower you with drip campaign templates that offer a history of high open and response rates.

The Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device Email Marketing

We empower you to create, personalize, schedule, and optimize email marketing campaigns at any time, on any device, wherever you have internet access.


Email Marketing for High-Performing Sales Professionals


Accelerate your sales pipeline when you empower yourself and the sales team with email marketing features that are typically managed by the marketing department.


Email Blasts

Send email blasts to your targeted email lists from your iPhone or Droid, and bypass rewalls with true inbox integration.


B2B Email Marketing

Veloxy was designed around B2B email best practices. Start sending your best email marketing campaigns with condence.


Salesforce Email Marketing

Salesforce seemlessly integrates with Veloxy’s email marketing software. Send email campaigns to contacts with one click.


Email Marketing Management

Veloxy empowers the busiest sales professionals with the easiest email platform to send more and sell more.


Video Email Marketing

Video is great email content, and Veloxy gives you the ability to add a YouTube play button for better engagement.


Direct Email Marketing

Email marketing software is renown for sending 1-to-many email blasts. Personalize your outreach with Veloxy’s 1-to-1 blasts.


Email Marketing App

Boost your sales engagement KPIs by sending email campaigns from the comfort of your iPhone or Droid.


Collaborative Email Marketing

Veloxy improves visibility into your accounts, and enables you to collobrate on sales with marketing and customer service.


HTML & Plaintext Email

High-performing sales reps know when to send plaintext emails and HTML emails, and Veloxy easily empowers you with both.


Web Based Email Marketing

With Veloxy, you can login from any device that has internet access and start creating and sending email marketing campaigns.


Geolocation Email Campaigns

Discover nearby prospects or nd prospects anywhere on the map. Veloxy helps you download free leads wherever you are.


Email Compliance

CAN-SPAM. CASL. GDPR. Your marketing emails need to be in compliance before you click send, and Veloxy is here to help.

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If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Next level productivity!”

Using the email campaign tool is life changing. Lets me look at deep numbers to let me understand how to improve my success rate. Working from home, Veloxy is a must have tool.

Trevor E., T-Mobile

Join the sales teams using Veloxy for Email Marketing


Veloxy is the trusted email marketing tool for high-performing sales reps and sales managers at hundreds of world class businesses.

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Maurice G.
Maurice G.
Senior Business Account Executive
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Veloxy is an amazing product! Veloxy has been an amazing tool for me as a sales professional for many reasons. The integration with Salesforce is seamless and allows me to be more organized. Also, the email tracking and analytics are very important to me.
Micahel M.
Micahel M.
High Performing Sales Professional
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The best Salesforce integration I've ever used. There are 2 parts that make Veloxy a must have. 1) The seamless integration it has with salesforce, and 2) The exceptional customer service the company provides. The mass mailing option is really my favorite and a driving force behind my production.


What Sales AI features does Veloxy Email Marketing deliver?

When integrated with your Outlook or Gmail inbox, Veloxy Sales AI can automate data collection and data entry, saving you anywhere from 500 to over 1,000 hours every single year. When extended to Veloxy's mobile and web applications, Sales AI empowers your email marketing even further with email tracking to discover optimal send times, find new contacts at opportunities and accounts, and learn from individual salesrep habits to accelerate the pipeline.

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