Simplify and streamline
the buyer's journey.

Confidently forecast future revenue and easily manage sales acceleration. Transform sales meetings into productivity and morale boosting game planning.

Without pipeline management, sales has more questions than answers

Build more confidence between sales teams and sales management.

Without pipeline management

Sales reps have to settle for:


Dubious guesswork


Roadblocks and disorder


Long, unproductive sales meetings

With pipeline management

Sales reps are empowered with:


Confident predictability


Streamlined funnel


Short, efficient sales meetings

The Best Pipeline Management Software

Increase deal velocity without sacrificing data quality. Improve reporting to the C-suite. Do all of this and more with Veloxy Pipeline Management Software.

Veloxy AI Sales Assistant Software

with Pipeline Management

only $49 / month

If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Veloxy is amazing!”

I love the fact you have have pre-made templates, and select them from the drop down menu. It makes sending mass emails or emails in general SO MUCH EASIER!.

Kristen D., Wex

Shorten the Sales Cycle
with Pipeline Management


Your customers are expecting you to deliver a more personalized, consultative experience. Start sending them pre-made emails driven by sales intelligence and inbox behavior.


Confidently forecast future revenue with ease.

Whether you're a sales rep looking to hit quota, or a sales manager looking to get a budget increase from the c-suite, you need pipeline management software that offers the fastest path to recurring success. Nine out of ten users prefer Veloxy pipeline management over Salesforce.

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Continuously shorten and streamline sales cycles.

Easily analyze the sales process to discover roadblocks and hyper loops. Receive notifications about potential sales slumps or revenue growth. Continual improvement isn't just for operations—you too can optimize the sales process for individual reps or the sales team as a whole.


Always be closing without sacrificing CX.

You won't sacrifice customer experience when you accelerate the time it takes to turn incoming leads into paying customers. Our pipeline management makes the buyer's journey more value-based, timely, and personalized—furthering the morale boost for both the customer and sales rep.

The Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device Pipeline Management

We empower you to quickly and easily access and manage your and your team's pipeline. Simplify and accelerate your buyer's journey from lead to customer.

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Improve Your Revenue & CLV Metrics with Pipeline Management


With pipeline management, high-performing sales professionals are using Veloxy to optimize and improve the following sales and revenue metrics. Start closing more deals today!

lead generation icon

Win Rate

If you're not closing enough deals, then you're likely not using pipeline management. Act on peaks and valleys simple and quickly with Veloxy.

engagement over time icon

Sales Cycle

While you don't want to send your customer down a 200ft water slide, you do want to make their buyer journey as painfree as possible.

forwarding rate icon

Average Deal Size

The value of an average closed deal will enable you to confidently forecast revenue and predictably exceed quota for a given period.


Number of Opportunities

Most of these metrics help you access your pipeline overall, but the number of opportunities helps you access the impact of sales and marketing strategies.

revenue per email icon

Pipeline Velocity

An accumulation of the aforementioned metrics, pipeline velocity will help you understand the optimization level of your sales process and pipeline overall.

overall ROI icon

Customer Experience

Knowing the number of cultivated relationships you have at each account that has closed is an underrated metric for pipeline health and optimization.

Add Pipeline Management to Your Phone.

Start managing your sales process from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Try our pipeline management software with our 14 day free trial and start closing more deals.

Your All-in-One AI Sales Assistant Software


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Email Campaigns

Send personalized email blasts based on sales alerts or account proximity, and starting closing more deals, faster.

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Email Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your buyers' email activity so you can optimize templates, campaigns, and follow up.

email tracking icon
Email Tracking

Receive instant notifications when a lead or opportunity opens and forwards an email, and learn their device, location, and more.

salesforce integration icon
Salesforce Integration

Eliminate non-selling activities associated with Salesforce CRM so you can spend your time on the activities that produce sales.

inbox integration icon
Inbox Integration

Veloxy empowers you to send email campaigns, personalize templates, and view Salesforce activity from your inbox.

mobile app icon
Mobile App

High-performing sales reps enjoy the flexibility to send email campaigns and make call blitzes from their smartphone.

Lead Generation

In addition to finding leads via email tracking, you can use your smartphone's geolocation to download new leads.

call blitz icon
Call Blitzes

In a world of remote selling and AI, you can now act on sales alerts by performing call blitzes from your favorite smartphone.

artificial intelligence icon
Artificial Intelligence

Eliminate the guesswork associated with cold calling, emailing, and follow-up when you act on calculated data-driven insights.

sales automation icon
Sales Automation

Think forward by scheduling your personalized email campaigns in advance, and automate Salesforce activities in mass.

sales analytics icon
Sales Analytics

Sales managers reveal newfound sales insights and forecasts to help their salespeople predictably grow pipeline.

pipeline management icon
Pipeline Management

More accurately predict future sales activity and revenue, and understand how you can further improve overall sales velocity.

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