Improve customer experience
across the buyer's journey

Your customers are constantly raising the bar. They’re looking for trusted advisors, not just sales people. Personalize your email marketing to fit their needs—as well as yours.

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Without email personalization,
buyer's journeys are ordinary and passive

Sales teams require email personalization to create a unique and engaging buyer’s journey.

Without personalization

Sales teams have to settle for:


Email templates tailored to everyone


Intuition-driven email campaigns


Ordinary, passive buyer's journeys

With personalization

Sales teams are empowered with:


Email templates tailored to the individual


Data-driven email campaigns


Unique, engaging buyer's journeys

The Best Email Personalization Software

Veloxy gives you the one tool you need to personalize email templates for your sales team. From recipient name to opportunity size, add rich relevance to your email engagement.

Veloxy AI Sales Assistant Software

with Email Personalization

only $49 / month

If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Great Prospecting Tool!”

My favorite feature from the app is the email template feature. It allows me to send customers information at a fraction of the time. I can use a template and talk to 10x more customers.

Dakota F., Comcast

Guide Your Customers Through a
Better, More Personalized Experience


Your customers will see you as a necessary part of the buying process when you consistently deliver value. That starts by satisfying their demand for a personalized experience.


Send Emails That Get
Replied To

When you combine the inbox behavior found in Veloxy Analytics and Tracking with the customer data found in your CRM, you’ll transform ordinary email marketing templates into correspondence that is relevant, familiar, and timely.

Technology-savvy customers will not be able to distinguish your one-to-one emails and your personalized templates, changing your status from a sales rep to a trusted advisor in a fraction of the time.

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Personalize Email Campaigns On Every Device

Most email marketing tools are controlled by the marketing department and only accessible on desktop and laptop devices. Veloxy empowers sales teams with email marketing access on all devices, especially iPhone and Droid smartphones.

Further improve response rates from your favorite smartphone when you respond to Veloxy’s AI-driven sales alerts with a marketing email personalized with Salesforce data.


Improve Deliverability While Saving Time

Sending personalized emails from most email marketing software interfaces will not produce the deliverability and response rates that your sales team is looking for.

Unlike most email marketing tools, Veloxy integrates with your Gmail or Outlook inbox, unlocking true 1:1 email deliverability, even when you send email blasts. This is email personalization scaled way up, saving you time and helping you close more deals faster!

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The Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device Email Analytics

We empower you to track email analytics from the comfort of your favorite inbox, smartphone, or internet browser. It's easy to get more emails opened and calls answered.

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Improve Sales Engagement
with Email Personalization


With email personalization, high-performing sales professionals are using Veloxy to optimize and improve the following email marketing metrics. Start closing more deals today!


Warm Reply Rate

Overall replay rates are good, but warm reply rates that signal interested or ready buyers are much better thanks to personalization.


Active Audience

Personalization is one of the key strategies to increase your active audience, and segment out your inactive passive audience.


Time Spent Viewing

If your email is personalized to the buyer, rest assured they will spend more time reading it and engaging with your content.


Direct Emails Received

If your marketing emails seem natural to the buyer, don't be surprised when they initiate an email directly to you.



Get your buyers to develop an engagement history with you to further the deliverability gains from your inbox integration.


Overall ROI

When your competition blindly sends mass emails, they get a 500% ROI. Imagine what your ROI will be when you optimize sends.

Add Personalization to Your Inbox Today.

Start sending personalized email campaigns that improve the customer experience. Try our email marketing software with our 14 day free trial and start closing more deals.

Your All-in-One AI Sales Assistant Software


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Email Campaigns

Send personalized email blasts based on sales alerts or account proximity, and starting closing more deals, faster.

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Email Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your buyers' email activity so you can optimize templates, campaigns, and follow up.

email tracking icon
Email Tracking

Receive instant notifications when a lead or opportunity opens and forwards an email, and learn their device, location, and more.

salesforce integration icon
Salesforce Integration

Eliminate non-selling activities associated with Salesforce CRM so you can spend your time on the activities that produce sales.

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Inbox Integration

Veloxy empowers you to send email campaigns, personalize templates, and view Salesforce activity from your inbox.

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Mobile App

High-performing sales reps enjoy the flexibility to send email campaigns and make call blitzes from their smartphone.

Lead Generation

In addition to finding leads via email tracking, you can use your smartphone's geolocation to download new leads.

call blitz icon
Call Blitzes

In a world of remote selling and AI, you can now act on sales alerts by performing call blitzes from your favorite smartphone.

artificial intelligence icon
Artificial Intelligence

Eliminate the guesswork associated with cold calling, emailing, and follow-up when you act on calculated data-driven insights.

sales automation icon
Sales Automation

Think forward by scheduling your personalized email campaigns in advance, and automate Salesforce activities in mass.

sales analytics icon
Sales Analytics

Sales managers reveal newfound sales insights and forecasts to help their salespeople predictably grow pipeline.

pipeline management icon
Pipeline Management

More accurately predict future sales activity and revenue, and understand how you can further improve overall sales velocity.


What Sales AI features does Veloxy Personalization deliver?

Veloxy's Sales Artificial Intelligence is constantly keeping track of every record's data and opportunities in Salesforce. This means that when you build out a drip campaign to your hottest leads, Veloxy will have their latest interests, demographics, and other data to make every email seem personalized to the individual. Skip the typical FIRSTNAME and COMPANY merge fields that seem templated, and upgrade to personalization fields that drive engagement and response rates.

How does Personalization benefit my Email Marketing strategy?

Hello. Notice how that greeting isn't as powerful without your first name. When a customer receives an email from a sales rep that knows more than just their name—eg. their birthday, their city of residence, their greatest cost center last year—they stop being a sales rep, and they start building their reputation as a value-delivering consultant. With Veloxy Email Personalization, you can add more than just text fields into the body of an email—you can also add contracts and other documents tied to your customers' Salesforce record.

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