Be More Human.
Let AI do the rest.

Veloxy is a Sales AI solution that helps sales teams improve customer relationships, generate more revenue, and scale at breakneck speeds.

Without Sales AI, customer engagement is slow and infrequent.

Customer experience KPIs require salespeople to spend more time on engagement.

Without Sales AI

Sales reps spend 66% of their time:

icon for CRM data entry

Logging activities in Salesforce

email marketing mobile app icon

Managing emails and calls

manual find prospects icon

Finding the right person to contact

manual data entry icon

Inputting data and notes in Salesforce


Manually scheduling follow-up tasks

With Sales AI

Sales reps spend 95% of their time:


Meeting customers in person

sales advisor icon

Being an advisor to prospects and leads


Communicating with customers virtually

discovering pain points icon

Discovering and addressing pain points

competitive research icon

Researching competitive activity

Create Experiences, Build Relationships, and Commit to the Success of Your Customers.


Keep your salespeople engaged with your customers by automating and eliminating the non-selling activities that don’t produce sales, revenue, or satisfied customers


Today's Sales Reps Spend 33% of Their Time Selling

When you’re stuck in downtime, manually prioritizing leads and opportunities, typing customer data into Salesforce, researching your leads and contacts, or any number of administrative sales tasks—you’re not selling. Humans are not made for robotic tasks, so why not automate or eliminate most of your non-selling activity?

With Veloxy, you’ll automate and eliminate 95% of your non-human, non-selling activity, leaving you with 1,900+ hours of customer facing time every year. You’d be interested to know that his equates to $12,500 per sales person.

photo of a sales rep stressed by non-selling activity
photo of a sales rep using sales ai

Sales AI Helps Reps Spend 95% of Their Time Selling

Salespeople are results-driven closers that thrive off of human interaction. They solve problems, they’re a company’s greatest advocate, and they’re arguably the face of your brand. Let’s bring them out in the open and keep them engaged with customers as much as possible.

With Veloxy, on average, your sales people will spend 42% of their day meeting customers in person, 30% of their day connecting with customers virtually, and 26% of their day prospecting and social selling. These numbers are exactly where you want your salespeople to be.


High Customer Satisfaction = High Sales Rep Morale

Once Sales AI maximizes your team’s sales enablement and productivity, they’ll start exceeding quotas on a regular basis. Making more money for themselves and the company, individual and department-wide morale will be at an all-time high. Our clients always share with us how this translates to higher CSAT and CLV scores, too.

With Veloxy, you’ll be calling and emailing your prospects, leads, and customers when and how they want you to. That’s the magic of Sales AI. In addition to this long overdue predictability, your customers will enjoy the personalization and quick access to intelligence that will create the sense of a one-to-one relationship.

Increase Human Activity
and Watch the Selling Multiply.

When Sales Reps use Veloxy to Eliminate Non-Human Activity:


of salespeople see a 180% increase in meeting customers in person


of salespeople see a 175% increase in connecting with customers virtually


of salespeople see a 189% increase in emailing, prospecting, social selling

The Best Sales AI Software for Sales Teams

Increase your engagement and conversion levels. Expand your reach within new and existing accounts. Do all of this and more with Veloxy Sales AI Software.

Veloxy Sales AI Software

only $49 / month

If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Veloxy Rocks!”

Using the email tracking software, I know when my points of contact are reading my emails. I can utilize the data for followup, and to discover new points of contact that were forwarded my emails.

Joshua P., T-Mobile

Predictably Accelerate Sales with Proactive Sales Artificial Intelligence


It’s more than eliminating non-selling activity. Sales AI helps your reps optimize their customer engagements by proactively meeting the unique needs of individual customers.


Reach the Right Contact at the Right Time

Most marketing and sales teams send emails at the same time on the same day, resulting in low open rates. Our years of research has proven that sending emails based on individual inbox activity greatly improves open, engagement, and conversion rates.

With Veloxy Sales AI, you’ll easily discover when your hottest leads and biggest opportunities are opening and engaging with your emails. Our customers have also this email tracking data to guide their phone call activity.

email tracking activity graphic
image demonstrating Salesforce Automation with Veloxy

Maximize Your Accessibility and Customer Knowledge

In addition to saving you over 520 hours every single year by automating non-selling activity, your valuable sales data will be captured, assigned, analyzed, prioritized, and made accessible so you’re one click away from knowing who is calling you, why, who they’re talking to, and when you should follow-up.

With Veloxy, your customers will feel like they’re your favorite client. They’ll believe you spent the time saving their contact info to your smartphone, they’ll think you asked them when they like to receive emails, and they’ll see you as a consultant and not as a salesperson. Little do they know, it’s Veloxy empowering you.


Shorten Sales Cycles with Predictible Guided Selling

You know that treating customers as individuals is a key to success, however, most sales software wants you to package communications and deliver them to hundreds or thousands of contacts at a time. This results in a congested, top-heavy pipeline that leaks out customers to competitors.

With Veloxy Sales AI, your engagement will be streamlined at the individual level. You’ll receive smart notifications on when and who to call, when and who to email, and when a customer is most likely to buy.

email tracking forwarding graphic

Spend More Time Selling from Your iPhone or Droid

Both inside and outside salespeople feel locked to their desks. When they’re not in the office, their productivity takes a dramatic hit. Don’t just enable them to call or text contacts from their smartphone—empower them to acccess sales intelligence, sales engagement capabilities, and more from their favorite device.

For years, Veloxy users have been telling us how much easier it is to use our mobile app compared to Salesforce’s. There’s two reasons for this. One, we used to be field salespeople ourselves. And two, we perform plenty of user testing.


Extend the Power of Salesforce to Your Inbox

Most Salesforce users spend over 60% of their day on non-selling activity. Data entry, administrative tasks, and manual prioritization. How many more deals would you close if you were able to automate those activities with a click of a button? 

With Veloxy’s Salesforce inbox extension, you can now update all of your Salesforce records automatically—keeping you focused on engaging with customers and improving their experience with your company.

Your Industry. Your Company Size.
Your Empowered Sales Team.

Sales AI is made for humans, not robots. Hear from a few of the 1,000s of Sales AI users that are debunking the myth that artificial intelligence replaces human personnel.

photo of sales ai client sonny hawkins

Sonny Hawkins

Account Executive, T-Mobile



photo of sales ai user frank ortiz

Frank Ortiz

Regional Manager, Vast Networks