Don't just minimize guesswork.
Eliminate it with guided selling.

Replace guesswork with automated data-driven sales guidance so outreach is prioritized based on propensity to buy. You’ll close more deals and improve sales rep onboarding!

Without Guided Selling, your sales process will remain disconnected.

High-performing sales teams require a unified, revenue-oriented approach to selling.

Without Guided Selling

Sales teams experience:


Slower, more costly onboarding


Lack of balance between inside & outside


Too much manual non-selling activity

With Guided Selling

Sales teams experience:


Faster onboarding with higher morale


Consistent balance between inside & outside


Maximized, automated selling activity

The Best Guided Selling Software

Empower salespeople to do what they do best—consult and sell to customers. Build out a simpler, smarter sales process. Do all of this and more with Veloxy Guided Selling.

Veloxy AI Sales Assistant Software

with Guided Selling

only $49 / month

If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Great for sales progress!”

We have utilized some of the automated task logging features to help stay abreast of our most important prospect, so that we can usher them further down the sales funnel. It allows my team to work quickly.

Matt E., Wex

Maximize Revenue Generation with
Guess-free Guided Selling


There is a direct correlation between how much time you spend selling and crushing quota. Add a multiplier effect by spending your time on the right contacts at the right time, every time.


Automatically Collect and Analyze the Right Sales Data.

Eliminate data entry by capturing all of the relevant customer data from multiple channels—email, text, Salesforce, social media, and more. Guided selling will also analyze your customer behavior, learning when to notify you of buying signals and new decision makers.

Guided Selling-03
Guided Selling-01


Predict Future Revenue and Boost Sales Rep Morale.

Engaging with the right contact at the right time, every time, builds a predictably high-performing, comprehensive, and centralized pipeline dashboard. From here, sales managers and reps can rapidly review buying signals, 2nd degree connections, and next steps.


Accelerate Sales via Buyer Signal Analysis & Ranking.

As customer data and behavior are progressively collected and analyzed, guided selling will create and prioritize buyer signals for salespeople in real-time. Daily boosts in team confidence will be accompanied with quarterly boosts in win rates and customer experience.

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The Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device Guided Selling

We empower you to guide your sales team to success with accurate and actionable insights. It's easy to spend more time selling and less time not-selling with Veloxy.

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Improve Your Sales Engagement Metrics
with Guided Selling Software


With Guided Selling, high-performing sales professionals are using Veloxy to optimize and improve the following sales activity metrics. Start closing more deals today!

Icons_Calls Placed

Calls Placed / Answered

When you remove the guesswork from phone outreach—especially cold calling—you'll connect with customers more often than not.

email sends icon

Emails Opens / Replies

Because you know when your customers are in their inbox, and what talking points are top-of-mind, you're more apt to have higher open and reply rates.

icon for conversations kpi


With optimal dials and emails comes a rise in conversations, whether over the phone, in-person, or virtually. Add a 2X multiplier with guided selling.

icon for scheduled meetings kpi

Scheduled Meetings

By satisfying customers' engagement demands, you're actually improving CX. Satisfied prospects and clients are more apt to make room on their calendar.


Pipeline Velocity

When you're predictably getting more things right and less things wrong, you'll find more customers will move through your pipeline faster

icon for won opportunities kpi

Won Opportunities

When you're predictably making all of the right moves without your customers instruction, you'll win more opportunities than your competition.

Add Guided Selling to Your Phone Today.

Fewer screens and apps make for a more productive sales team. Try our Guided Selling software with our 14 day free trial and start closing more deals.

Your All-in-One AI Sales Assistant Software


email campaign icon
Email Campaigns

Send personalized email blasts based on sales alerts or account proximity, and starting closing more deals, faster.

email analytics icon
Email Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your buyers' email activity so you can optimize templates, campaigns, and follow up.

email tracking icon
Email Tracking

Receive instant notifications when a lead or opportunity opens and forwards an email, and learn their device, location, and more.

salesforce integration icon
Salesforce Integration

Eliminate non-selling activities associated with Salesforce CRM so you can spend your time on the activities that produce sales.

inbox integration icon
Inbox Integration

Veloxy empowers you to send email campaigns, personalize templates, and view Salesforce activity from your inbox.

mobile app icon
Mobile App

High-performing sales reps enjoy the flexibility to send email campaigns and make call blitzes from their smartphone.

Lead Generation

In addition to finding leads via email tracking, you can use your smartphone's geolocation to download new leads.

call blitz icon
Call Blitzes

In a world of remote selling and AI, you can now act on sales alerts by performing call blitzes from your favorite smartphone.

artificial intelligence icon
Artificial Intelligence

Eliminate the guesswork associated with cold calling, emailing, and follow-up when you act on calculated data-driven insights.

sales automation icon
Sales Automation

Think forward by scheduling your personalized email campaigns in advance, and automate Salesforce activities in mass.

sales analytics icon
Sales Analytics

Sales managers reveal newfound sales insights and forecasts to help their salespeople predictably grow pipeline.

pipeline management icon
Pipeline Management

More accurately predict future sales activity and revenue, and understand how you can further improve overall sales velocity.


What Sales AI features does Veloxy Guided Selling deliver?

With Veloxy's Sales Artificial Intelligence, you and your customers' unique behavior is constantly being analyzed to discover optimal sales engagement tactics and schedules. Gone are the days where sifting through Salesforce is comparable to throwing darts at a board. Guided Selling knows what has worked for you and your customers in the past, and it will suggest the next right move at the time that is best for the customer. It's like auto-pilot for your sales engagement.

How does Guided Selling benefit my Sales Engagement strategy?

Without Guided Selling, you lose more than shortened sales cycles, you lose realtime buyer intelligence. For years, salespeople have been discouraged with sales engagement due to the customers lack of interest and unavailability. Guided Selling solves this problem and more by learning from customer behavior and only suggesting sales engagement tactics that are most likely to result in connections and a positive customer experience. Replace sales engagement reluctance with the confidence that accompanies guided selling.

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