Get a deeper understanding
of your buyers' email activity

Get the numbers you need to analyze customer email engagement.
Better monitor and optimize your sales team’s email performance.

email analytics graphic

Without email analytics,
sales funnels are clogged and slow

Sales teams require the right analytics to de-clogg and accelerate the sales funnel.

Without email analytics

Sales teams have to settle for:


Top-heavy sales funnels


Missed team quotas


Clogged, slow sales funnels

With email analytics

Sales teams are empowered with:


Customizable, real-time email reporting


Data-driven decision making


Fluid, accelerated sales funnels

The Best Email Analytics Software

Veloxy gives you the one tool you need to analyze email marketing data for your sales team. Dig Deeper and make better decisions with real-time email data insights.

Veloxy AI Sales Assistant Software

with Email Analytics

only $49 / month

If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Great for Sales People!”

I like how it helps me know who is interested in what I am sending them because I can see how many times they’ve opened my email. If they open my email and do not reply, I call them.

Tom M., Comcast

Shorten Sales Funnels with Real-time Email Analytics and Reporting


Receive instant notifications the second a prospect opportunity engages with your email. 
Personalize a followup email or call them to warm the engagement or close the deal.


Build a Complete Email Marketing Picture

Email analytics gives you the ability to understand your leads and contacts to better evaluate the performance of your email marketing, messaging, content, product, and more. It’s so much more than mere open rates and click-through rates—it’s buyer behavior.

Start with an overarching view of your email analytics, and the email analytics of your team, and then start drilling-down by sales rep, date range, location, email activity by hour or day, and so much more. Customize a report and export it for your next sales meeting.

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Get Email Insights Only Veloxy Can Deliver

Sales Managers access Veloxy’s unique email activity insights to diagnose and improve their decision making, sales process, and team performance. They’re able to meet with sales reps individually to review insights on messaging, buyer intent, and account-based plays.

Veloxy’s Artificial Intelligence uses the real-time email insights to deliver sales reps actionable alerts to follow-up with leads and opportunities at optimal days and times. Let Veloxy email analytics work for you and your team!


Start Connecting Email Insights to Sales

Veloxy email analytics is designed to work with Outlook, Gmail, iPhone, Droid, and most importantly Salesforce CRM so you can use your email analytics insights to best understand and reach the right contacts at the right time.

Email analytics also works seamlessly with Veloxy Sales Analytics, a pre-designed Salesforce dashboard with detailed analysis not found in most CRMs or email marketing platforms. Veloxy is the email marketing software of choice for high-performing sales teams.

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The Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device Email Analytics

We empower you to track email analytics from the comfort of your favorite inbox, smartphone, or internet browser. It's easy to get more emails opened and calls answered.

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Improve Email Marketing Performance with Email Analytics


With email analytics, high-performing sales professionals are using Veloxy to optimize and improve the following email marketing metrics. Start closing more deals today!

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Mobile Open Rate

Not all open rates are created equal. The more mobile opens you get, the more you'll connect with your leads and opps.

engagement over time icon

Mobile Click-through Rate

Your leads and opps are consuming 2x more content on smartphones than on desktop. They have more sharing channels, too.

forwarding rate icon

List Growth Rate

When you use email analytics to influence messaging and delivery times, you increase reach and decrease opt-outs.


Response Rate

When you send emails at the time and place that best meets the needs of your unique contacts, they'll reply more times than not.

revenue per email icon

Revenue Per Lead

Email analytics helps unclog the top of the funnel by treating leads as unique opportunities, not as ordinary numbers.

overall ROI icon

Overall ROI

When your competition blindly sends mass emails, they get a 500% ROI. Imagine what your ROI will be when you optimize sends.

Add Email Analytics to Your Inbox Today.

Start sending email campaigns when you know your leads are using their inbox. Try our email analytics software with our 14 day free trial and start closing more deals.

Your All-in-One AI Sales Assistant Software


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Email Campaigns

Send personalized email blasts based on sales alerts or account proximity, and starting closing more deals, faster.

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Email Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your buyers' email activity so you can optimize templates, campaigns, and follow up.

email tracking icon
Email Tracking

Receive instant notifications when a lead or opportunity opens and forwards an email, and learn their device, location, and more.

salesforce integration icon
Salesforce Integration

Eliminate non-selling activities associated with Salesforce CRM so you can spend your time on the activities that produce sales.

inbox integration icon
Inbox Integration

Veloxy empowers you to send email campaigns, personalize templates, and view Salesforce activity from your inbox.

mobile app icon
Mobile App

High-performing sales reps enjoy the flexibility to send email campaigns and make call blitzes from their smartphone.

Lead Generation

In addition to finding leads via email tracking, you can use your smartphone's geolocation to download new leads.

call blitz icon
Call Blitzes

In a world of remote selling and AI, you can now act on sales alerts by performing call blitzes from your favorite smartphone.

artificial intelligence icon
Artificial Intelligence

Eliminate the guesswork associated with cold calling, emailing, and follow-up when you act on calculated data-driven insights.

sales automation icon
Sales Automation

Think forward by scheduling your personalized email campaigns in advance, and automate Salesforce activities in mass.

sales analytics icon
Sales Analytics

Sales managers reveal newfound sales insights and forecasts to help their salespeople predictably grow pipeline.

pipeline management icon
Pipeline Management

More accurately predict future sales activity and revenue, and understand how you can further improve overall sales velocity.


What Sales AI features does Veloxy Email Analytics deliver?

Veloxy's Sales Artificial Intelligence is continuously monitoring all sales engagement activity from your Gmail or Outlook inbox, as well as your Veloxy web portal and mobile app which is integrated with your inbox. In addition to proactive outreach nudges based on each contact's individual inbox behavior, Veloxy Email Analytics helps replace the clunky analytics dashboard in Salesforce. We already know what reports your sales team needs, so they're automatically available and populated for your use anytime.

How does Email Analytics benefit my Email Marketing strategy?

While email marketing software isn't necessarily expensive to use, especially when using Veloxy, it can be time consuming and a drag on sales productivity. All email marketing strategies need to be supported and optimized by email analytics. Every buyer persona is different from the next, as are target markets, so you need to constantly keep your eye on their inbox behavior, engagement score by talking point, and more. With just a little elbow grease, you can double or triple your open rates and engagement score by proactively reviewing email analytics.

Visit the Veloxy Email Marketing Blog

Ready to discover a new email marketing strategy, a new open-rate boosting subject line, or a response rate boosting email signature? We’ve got the email insight you need.

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