Sales Engagement Software

Start to 10X Your Sales Engagement Today

Sales Engagement Software

Start to 10X Your Sales Engagement Today

Quickly Shrink and Accelerate Sales Cycles

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Overwhelmed by Lost Leads?

Managing all of your leads in Salesforce is a headache.

Sales reps are adamantly overwhelmed by the number of tabs, screens, lists, fields, clicks, and most of all—the towering number of prospects, leads, and contacts.

There’s never been this much data, and it’s only going to grow from here.

The quantity of data is one huge reason for lost leads, and long and slow sales cycles. A second reason is the large size of a Sales Org’s sales software footprint.

Sales software for email marketing, contact forms, lead generation, marketing automation, social media, and sales intelligence are all fighting to independently update data, create new data, and merge data. This results in a large number of lost opportunities and sales inefficiencies.

Worst of all. . . your competition is already using sales engagement platforms to pickup leads from your lost and found.

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Shorter Sales Cycles Start Here.

It has been said that the ROI of email marketing is 4400%. But it has also been reported that the ROI of email marketing is closer to 122%. What gives?

Email marketing software is often confused with sales engagement software because email marketing is just one of many features optimized by sales engagement solutions, thereby driving the higher ROI.

As you already know, sales cycles start with sales engagement.

It’s the age-old sales process inefficiencies caused by data, technology, and people that lengthen sales cycles, and that sales managers eliminate with the deployment of sales engagement software.

But where do you start?

Here are 4 common features that inside sales repsfield sales reps, and sales managers should look for in one sales engagement platform:

  • Integrates with other sales cycle solutions, eg. Salesforce
  • Automates tasks, outreach, email blasts and sales call blitzes
  • Standardizes and personalizes messaging and content across teams
  • Tracks and optimizes outbound sales communication
  • Provides analytics into sales engagement performance
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What exactly does Veloxy do to maximize our Sales Engagement?

Veloxy’s mission is to help sales reps make their number faster and easier than ever before, and to help sales management build momentum through above-market growth and a market-dominating Sales Org.

We accomplish this with a suite of AI-powered sales applications that act as your 10X Sales Engagement Multiplier by: 

  • Intelligently managing your leads — the right prospect at the right time
  • Always one screen, one click away from sales engagement
  • 360º view of sales leads from the comfort of your inbox
  • Automated personalization of sales engagement
Time flies when you are in a groove!

AI Sales Assistant Solutions for Salesforce Users

Mobile App

Veloxy's mobile app is the one that Salesforce users always dreamed Salesforce1 could be! With the Mobile app, users can rapidly access an account's sales intelligence, find new contacts to engage with, discover new prospects in their real-time geo-location, and perform call or email blitzes.

Inbox Plugin

Veloxy's inbox plugin is a favorite amongst sales enablement leaders because it keeps sales reps on one screen, on one device. Users rarely leave the comfort of their Outlook or Gmail inbox. Salesforce users can have their activity automatically logged, and their sales engagement rates are very high.


When you empower inside and field sales representatives with Veloxy's mobile app, inbox plugin, and web portal, you multiply the impact sales enablement has on your organization. What would it mean to your CEO if you increased your CAGR while reducing your sales technology costs and footprint?

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