More pipeline.
More revenue. Less effort.

Easily send personalized email campaigns with one click. Build trust with your customers from the comfort of your inbox. Send automated emails that are relevant, timely, and valuable. Integrates with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, iPhone and Android.

Without drip campaigns, email conversions are more infrequent

High conversion rates require higher levels of personalization and timeliness

Without drip campaigns

Sales reps have to settle for:


High unsubscribe rates


Blasting one email to everyone


Slower paths to conversion

With drip campaigns

Sales reps are empowered with:


High response rates


Sending relevant emails to segments


Accelerated paths to conversion

The Best Email Drip Campaign Software

Increase your engagement and conversion rates. Expand your reach within new and existing accounts. Do all of this and more with Veloxy Drip Software.

Veloxy AI Sales Assistant Software

with Drip Campaigns

only $49 / month

If you don’t get ROI in 3 months, you get 3 months free!


Reviews on G2, Capterra, Salesforce AppExchange

“Veloxy Rocks!”

Using the email tracking software, I know when my points of contact are reading my emails. I can utilize the data for followup, and to discover new points of contact that were forwarded my emails.

Joshua P., T-Mobile

Drip Campaign Features for Salespeople


Break free from marketing’s control over your email campaigns! Start shortening sales cycles when you empower yourself with automated email campaigns, drip email templates, and more!


Convert more leads, contacts & opportunities

Quickly and easily launch a drip sequence to your Salesforce leads, contacts, and opportunities. Use your Salesforce data to personalize your emails and improve the customer experience.

email drip campaign screen
graphic of Veloxy's email drip campaign templates


Get replies from the most evasive contacts

We brought in some of the leading email marketing gurus to build out drip templates that generate the highest open and response rates—even from the most stubborn leads and customers.


Data driven insights to improve follow-up

Most Salesforce users are aware of our sales analytics software, which is why we extended the functionality to drip email marketing. Quickly and easily drill-down to discover what customers are engaging with your messaging and content.

graphic of Veloxy's email drip campaign analytics

The Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device Drip Email Software

We empower you to maximize email marketing efforts from the comfort of your favorite inbox, smartphone, or internet browser. It's easy to get more emails opened and calls answered.

gmail outlook iphone droid integration graphic

Improve Your Email Marketing KPIs with Drip Campaigns


High-performing sales professionals are using Veloxy drip email campaigns to improve the following email marketing metrics. It’s easier than ever to close more deals. Start today for free!

lead generation icon

Conversion Rate

The more personalized the messaging and sequencing of email messages, the more likely customers will convert sooner and often.

engagement over time icon

Engagement Over Time

Drip sequences enable you to send more emails with minimal effort, maximizing sales engagement KPIs.

forwarding rate icon

Forwarding Rate

Relevant, sequential messaging also inspires email forwarding to other decision-makers at your accounts. Land and expand!

email sends icon

Total Email Sends

The more drip sequences make up total sends, the more revenue, especially when they're built around buyer personas and pain points.

revenue per email icon

Revenue Per Email

When you start optimizing email sends based on each buyer persona, you'll grow revenue faster than the competition.

overall ROI icon

Overall ROI

When your competition blindly sends mass emails, they get a 500% ROI. Imagine what your ROI will be when you optimize sends.

Add Drip Campaigns to Your Inbox.

Start getting real-time notifications when your hottest leads open an email. Try our drip email campaign software with our 14 day free trial and start closing more deals.

Your All-in-One AI Sales Assistant Software


Don’t add too many different sales solutions to your technology stack. With Veloxy you can add drip email campaign software with over 30 other sales solutions including:

email campaign icon
Email Campaigns

Send personalized email blasts based on sales alerts or account proximity, and starting closing more deals, faster.

email analytics icon
Email Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your buyers' email activity so you can optimize templates, campaigns, and follow up.

email tracking icon
Email Tracking

Receive instant notifications when a lead or opportunity opens and forwards an email, and learn their device, location, and more.

salesforce integration icon
Salesforce Integration

Eliminate non-selling activities associated with Salesforce so you can spend your time on the activities that produce sales.

inbox integration icon
Inbox Integration

Veloxy empowers you to send email campaigns, personalize templates, and view Salesforce activity from your inbox.

mobile app icon
Mobile App

High-performing sales reps enjoy the flexibility to send email campaigns and make call blitzes from their smartphone.

Lead Generation

In addition to finding leads via email tracking, you can use your smartphone's geolocation to download new leads.

artificial intelligence icon
Artificial Intelligence

Eliminate the guesswork associated with cold calling, emailing, and follow-up when you act on calculated data-driven insights.

call blitz icon
Call Blitzes

In a world of remote selling and AI, you can now act on sales alerts by performing call blitzes from your favorite smartphone.

sales analytics icon
Sales Analytics

Sales managers reveal newfound sales insights and forecasts to help their salespeople predictably grow pipeline.

sales automation icon

Sales Automation

Think forward by scheduling your personalized email campaigns in advance, and automate Salesforce activities.

pipeline management icon
Pipeline Management

More accurately predict future sales activity and revenue, and understand how you can further improve sales velocity.

Drip campaign software FAQ

What is a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns are a series of scheduled emails set to deliver to a defined grouping of prospects, leads or customers. Drip sequences can range anywhere from 5 to over 12 emails. Contacts leave the drip campaign once they complete an action, move to the next stage of the pipeline, or unsubscribe.

How many emails should be in a drip campaign?

There is no set number of emails that should be in every email drip sequence. With that being said, most contacts don’t open an email until the fifth to seventh send, so all drip campaigns should at least have five emails. This could be specific to your industry and buyer set, so pay attention to your drip campaign analytics.

How to add prospects to a drip campaign?

Most drip campaign software will have you upload CSV files or integrate with a CRM. We recommend that you use a CRM integration because of the advantages you get from data accuracy. Once a contact is removed from your CRM, it’s removed from your drip campaign, and vice versa.

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