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Sales Management Strategies Powered by Veloxy

Sales Management Strategy #1: Machine Learning

The number of sales technologies is growing each day, and if you’re looking to truly maximize revenue per sales rep while minimizing cost of sale per sales rep, you’re going to have to sift through the second layer of sales technologies—machine learning and artificial intelligence (for AI, see the second strategy below).

Machine learning is technology that learns from your sales data and uses it to maximize sales performance and productivity.

Veloxy’s sales management software suite knows that each of your sales departments, sales representatives, target markets, tiers and contacts are unique.

1,000’s of emails are being delivered weekly, and in order to improve response rates and shorten sales cycles, Veloxy assists your sales reps by notifying them of the best email to send, and what time and day to send it.

Veloxy’s machine learning capabilities also studies your contacts’ behavior and will send you reminders as to the best time to followup on  opportunities. All of this is achieved through Veloxy’s fluid integration with Salesforce.


Machine Learning – Email Marketing Optimization


Machine Learning – Smart Follow-up Prompts

Sales Management Strategy #2: Artificial Intelligence

In addition to the aforementioned machine learning, you need to adopt and deploy artificial intelligence to give your Sales Org a new competitive advantage, and to further your reputation as the manager of a revenue center and not a cost center.

Artificial intelligence is technology that simulates natural intelligence to solve common time-consuming problems, such as non-selling activities.

There has been a growing trend amongst sales organization to adopt ‘AI sales assistant software‘. There are dozens of solutions for sales managers to sort through, but only one is recognized by G2Crowd as being the Highest Performing Software—Veloxy.

According to G2Crowd, for an artificial intelligence sales assistant software to be considered as the highest performing solution, Veloxy needs to:

  • Have one of the highest customer satisfaction scores
  • Automate basic sales activities and deliver predictive insight
  • Utilize artificial intelligence
Veloxy carries a 5 Star Rating on G2Crowd due in part to its artificial intelligence features. . . and it carries a 5-star-rating on Salesforce’s AppExchange and Capterra!
screenshot of outlook and salesforce integration

Artificial Intelligence – Inbox Sales Assistant


Artificial Intelligence – Mobile Sales Assistant

Sales Management Strategy #3: Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Sales mangers need real-time insight into each sales representative’s KPIs for two primary reasons:

  • To better inform resource allocation, forecasting, and content marketing decisions, so as to. . .
  • Shrink the sales cycle, accelerate the pipeline, and stay several steps ahead of the competition’s sales teams
While inside and field sales representatives primarily use Veloxy’s email marketing analytics, sales managers spend most of their time using Veloxy’s sales and change analytics to acquire and act on real-time insight.
Sales managers enjoy using the one-screen analytics dashboard because it helps them track each inside sales and field sales rep’s performance against strategic initiatives, and the takeaways are simple and straightforward enough to keep your decision making agile. 

Advanced Reporting – Rep Analytics


Advanced Reporting – Team Analytics

Features to help sales teams close more deals.

Veloxy has 30+ features that help sales teams automate Salesforce, shorten sales cycles, and close deals.

icon for proactive selling ai sales assistant

Proactive Selling

Get AI-based notifications and alerts on sales-ready opportunities based on history, geo-location, or activity.

icon for collaborative selling ai sales assistant

Collaborative Selling

Close more deals when you can share opportunities, pipelines and forecasts, and analytics with team members.

Virtual Selling

Access sales intelligence, perform email blasts and call blitzes, and download leads from anywhere, and on any device.

icon for personalized selling ai sales assistant

Personalized Selling

Your inbox is integrated with Veloxy & Salesforce, so you can send personalized emails that bypass firewalls and filters.

Salesforce Partner logo

Salesforce Approved

Join the 1,000s of other Salesforce users who are enjoying one of the few 5-Star rated AppExchange sales apps.

icon for data driven selling ai sales assistant

Data-Driven Selling

Receive automated reports and forecasts, email forward visibility, and a 360° view of your accounts' social media.

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