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Field Sales Strategies Powered by Veloxy

1) Sales Modernization

Field sales reps have traditionally been let down by modern field sales software, especially when it comes to smartphone apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Veloxy listens to the needs of their users and sales professionals when programming our field sales softwareWe’re also focused on application development best practices.

Field service reps continued to tell us that Salesforce1 and other similar field service applications were not delivering consistent results, while app developers were telling us that smartphone applications need to leverage a phone’s native functionality to build demand and user adoption.

In addition to your Salesforce instance, Veloxy Mobile perfectly integrates with your following smartphone apps:

  • Calendar
  • Inbox and email application
  • Caller ID
  • Notifications
  • Social media
  • GPS navigation
  • Location services

Field reps love having this app on their smartphone wherever they go.

The most popular feature amongst our users is Veloxy Mobile’s capability to find new sales opportunities with the Veloxy Prospect Finder Map. No matter where you are, with one-click you get visibility into any regions business landscape.


Sales Modernization – Integrations


Sales Modernization – Prospect Finder Map

2) Account Based Selling

Whether or not your outside sales reps are fans of Salesforce’s interface, they’ll love the account based selling structure of Veloxy Mobile’s 360° account and contact screens.

Advocates of account based selling know how important personalization is to expanding their reach within an account. With that being said, Veloxy Mobile users are able to access a lead or contact’s first- and second-degree account connections with one-click on one-screen.

One-click after that, Veloxy Mobile 360° users can start the account based sales cycle with an email, phone call or social media message, reviewing their role in past opportunities, and reading their social media feeds.

Veloxy Engage also empowers field sales reps from the comfort of their office, home, or hotel by sharing their lead and contact’s in-house email forwarding behavior, and by customizing email templates with the newly acquired sales intelligence.

This was the way field service software was meant to be!


screenshot of outlook and salesforce integration

Account Based Selling – Org Email Tracking


Account Based Selling – Account 360º View

3) Lower Average Cost of Sale

Hotel rooms. Car rentals. Food stipends.

The list of costs associated with outside sales is much larger than inside sales. . . but so is the average deal size, which makes outside sales strategies that minimize the cost and maximize the revenue of a sale paramount.

The first solution to this paramount strategy is oftentimes new field sales technology, which makes sense. Sales software often has the mission to make a user more productive through newly acquired efficiencies.

However, field sales reps who use broken sales technology tend not to see these results due to a unique combination of:

  • Training
  • Time to onboard
  • Complex and unintuitive interfaces
  • Required non-selling user maintenance

Field sales reps who use AI Sales Assistant Software sell more faster and spend more time with leads and customers because of the software’s:

  • Intuitiveness
  • One-screen and one-click sales cycle progression
  • Elimination of any and all sales-assistant-like activities

Veloxy further helps field reps sell more faster thanks to Sales Caller ID, Salesforce automation, sales engagement analytics and optimization, and one-to-one email marketing blasts. 

Similar to sales professionals who want to spend all of their time selling, a Sales Org’s manager also has better plans on how best to utilize the department’s administrative assistants.

Because Veloxy Engage and Mobile are considered AI sales assistants, a Sales Org that deploys Veloxy can also better utilize an administrative assistant’s time that would otherwise be used on data entry and other field sales support activities—delivering further cost savings.

screenshot of outlook and salesforce integration

Lower Cost of Sale – Auto Prospect Creation in SFDC


Lower Cost of Sale – Mobile Email Blasts

Recent insights on Field Sales Strategies

Field sales features to help you close more deals.

Veloxy has 30+ features that help you automate Salesforce, shorten sales cycles, and close deals.

icon for proactive selling ai sales assistant
Proactive Selling

Get AI-based notifications and alerts on sales-ready opportunities based on history, geo-location, or activity.

icon for collaborative selling ai sales assistant
Collaborative Selling

Close more deals when you can share opportunities, pipelines and forecasts, and analytics with team members.

Virtual Selling

Access sales intelligence, perform email blasts and call blitzes, and download leads from anywhere, and on any device.

icon for personalized selling ai sales assistant
Personalized Selling

Your inbox is integrated with Veloxy & Salesforce, so you can send personalized emails that bypass firewalls and filters.

Salesforce Partner logo
Salesforce Approved

Join the 1,000s of other Salesforce users who are enjoying one of the few 5-Star rated AppExchange sales apps.

icon for data driven selling ai sales assistant
Data-Driven Selling

Receive automated reports and forecasts, email forward visibility, and a 360° view of your accounts' social media.