What is AI Sales Assistant Software?

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What is AI Sales Assistant Software?

photo of an AI Sales Assistant software user

Recently, Veloxy got awarded with G2’s high performer and momentum badge 2020 for being among the best AI sales assistant software. You can read all about it and more on G2’s website to see which AI-powered features were rated by sales reps as a solid 5 out of 5. Likewise, CapterraAppexchange and other software review sites have also seen Veloxy grab incredibly high user ratings compared to the competition.

So, what makes Veloxy such a great partner for your business? Before we look at all the benefits that come with getting the plugin, let’s try and understand a few things first.

In this post, we’ll look at exactly what AI sales assistant software is and why your company needs it. We’ll also delve into the key features that make up a great sales assistant program and wind up with reasons why Veloxy remains at the top when it comes to both performance and user ratings. Let’s hop right to it!

AI Sales Assistant Software — What is it?

Also referred to as virtual sales assistants, AI sales software are tools designed to help sales reps by automating processes and tasks by use of embedded artificial intelligence. Some of these real time tasks and processes include pipeline management, data entry, scheduling meetings, following up, lead qualification, and forecasting among others.

AI sales software is commonly leveraged by sales and marketing teams to automate routine tasks so they can have more time to focus on more complex and involved responsibilities. With the popularity of virtual sales due to Covid-19, AI sales assistants have also helped sales reps make the transition from selling from the office or field, to selling from home.

More often than not, AI sales assistants work alongside other programs or seamlessly integrate with existing software (eg. Veloxy with Salesforce, Gmail, and Outlook). However, other ai powered tools work as standalone products without the need of plugging into anything.

AI sales software tends to have a broad overlap with sales analytic tools, conversational marketing software, sales intelligence and guided selling tools. However, AI sales assistants set themselves apart due to their task automation capabilities, use of artificial intelligence and a focus on sales teams. So, how do you identify great sales assistant software?

While there may be thousands of AI sales assistants, not all software is made equal. Some of the sales tools are more adequately placed to provide better assistance to sales people. If you’re looking to integrate one into your company, make sure it has the following features.

i) Built by people who know the sales & marketing industry

Look, just because a predictive vendor has an entire internal data science team doesn’t mean they know how to build models specifically engineered for sales and marketing. The reason for this is simple – predictive platforms are not just about the math.

They involve decisions on what data sources or signals to include, useful predictions as well as how companies will actually implement the insight with their sales process. As such, make sure your vendor knows their stuff and they’re not giving you experimental tools, and double-check for credible testimonials from recognizable, enterprise-level companies. 

ii) Automation

This is hands down one of the most important features in the field of AI sales assistant tools. No matter how big your sales team is, being able to automate sales processes in real time will save you and your sales reps a lot of time, money and effort.

Whatever automated sales assistant you use must be able to address different automation tasks. Some of the processes that can be automated include pipeline management, data entry, scheduling meetings, following up, lead qualification, forecasting among others. If your AI excels at this, then all other features can run as secondary.

AI sales assistants are comparable to you having a personal virtual assistant. By automating the non-selling activities that don’t produce revenue, sales reps are empowered to spend 95%+ of their time on the selling activities that do produce revenue. 

iii) Able to deploy in diverse environments

When it comes to sales, there are plenty of different environments and elements that will influence what type of software your sales reps need. That’s why you need to talk to potential vendors and find out how they deployed AI powered solutions in the past. Check whether those solutions mirror your own.

Next, you need to discuss your company size and how your activities align with those of the internal teams. See which applications you’ll have to use on a daily basis. The best AI sales assistant software should be easy to add to your already established workflow.

Lastly, with the remote sales world we find ourselves in due to Covid, the right AI sales assistant should sustain performance whether you work in an office or from your family room couch. Ask your field sales and inside sales reps how they sell and from what devices. 

iv) Bot design and deployment

In today’s hectic world, companies need to interact with their customers and make business available 24/7. Obviously, no human will always be available to answer customer questions and direct them. That’s why you need an AI sales assistant with chatbots to provide information anytime of the day or night.

Likewise, entertainment and transactional bots can also be designed to keep the customer engaged as well. Companies can also make use of AI conversational marketing platforms for return policies, company information, conversational commerce and much more.

v) Integration with other Sales and Marketing Software

Whenever a company adopts AI technology, they ask their sales teams to buy into a new predictive approach. Therefore, you need to choose a product that integrates smoothly into the existing workflow using data they already trust. The stickier the solution, the more immediate value you’ll derive from you investment.

Take the time to assess your list of vendor integrations as well as which companies use their solutions. Make sure the list includes major sales and marketing platforms, uses open APIs when possible and is expected to maintain a steady growth rate. AI sales assistant software is inbetween the introduction and growth product phase, so your other software solutions should have a solid grasp on today’s AI sales solutions.

A good starting point is discovering how AI sales solutions integrate with your CRM, email inbox, smartphone, and calendar.

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AI Sales Assistant Software Conclusion

If your sales team is already using a top range CRM such as Salesforce, then you can get AI sales assistant software such as Veloxy to make the most of it. Veloxy has all the essential features you need in an AI sales assistant software and many more, and you can test drive it with our 30 day free trial.

With Veloxy, companies can shrink their sales cycles, send out bulk email, track them and offer engagement analytics. Veloxy also lets you focus on sales activities while taking the work out of Salesforce updates. Get Veloxy today and say hello to the only AI sales assistant your company will ever need.

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