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Improve Salesforce Engagement

Keep focus on what drives the pipeline with Veloxy Salesforce CRM software

Veloxy empowers sales teams to exceed their sales quota faster and easier. Non-selling Salesforce activities and pipeline management are automated on-the-go via Veloxy's AI Sales Assistant software. Sales representatives have never had more time to spend on selling activities, and sales managers enjoy better forecasts and visibility into what drives new sales.

AI Sales Assistant Solutions for Salesforce Users

Mobile App

Veloxy's mobile app is the one that Salesforce users always dreamed Salesforce1 could be! With the Mobile app, users can rapidly access an account's sales intelligence, find new contacts to engage with, discover new prospects in their real-time geo-location, and perform call or email blitzes.

Inbox Plugin

Veloxy's inbox plugin is a favorite amongst sales enablement leaders because it keeps sales reps on one screen, on one device. Users rarely leave the comfort of their Outlook or Gmail inbox. Salesforce users can have their activity automatically logged, and their sales engagement rates are very high.


When you empower inside and field sales representatives with Veloxy's mobile app, inbox plugin, and web portal, you multiply the impact sales enablement has on your organization. What would it mean to your CEO if you increased your CAGR while reducing your sales technology costs and footprint?

Veloxy's Automated Sales Intelligence

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Veloxy's Mobile App

For reps on the go!

Veloxy’s mobile app is an AI-powered sales and data management assistant which guides sales reps to take the right actions at the right time.

It proactively feeds you email notifications, upcoming meetings, prospect and opportunity details and priority tasks, based on your context and location. It also logs calls, email and texts into Salesforce for you.

Veloxy makes it a no-brainer to add and update leads, contacts and opportunities on the go, instead of waiting till later or not at all. Doing so, lets you get more out of Salesforce with less effort, and gives you 60+ minutes extra selling time per day.

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Veloxy's Inbox Plugin

For businesses with sales teams

Veloxy’s inbox plugin is a sales automation, outreach and engagement platform that empowers your business email account with email tracking and analytics, personalized and shareable email templates, one-to-one email deliverability, and CAN-SPAM compliant bulk email. 

It helps Sales reach more prospects and close deals faster.

Integration with your Salesforce account through our Salesforce software also saves you time by putting activities, leads and contact information on hand in your inbox, so you never need to search in Salesforce again.

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