Sales Capabilities to Grow Your Business

Close more deals with the 4 essential sales capabilities

4 Sales Capabilities to Help You Grow Faster

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Pressured to Deliver Growth Now?

It’s difficult to deliver exponential growth while driving sales transformation.

While spending countless hours and days trying to find the right balance between process, systems and people, sales leaders are having a hard time developing and unlocking the essential sales capabilities that drive consistent performance.

Stop looking for the elusive final piece of the puzzle. 

Stop downloading a new list of Top 10 sales competencies.

There are 100’s of sales capabilities to sift through, and with the increasing turnover rate and role of technology, more mismatched sales capabilities are added every day.

Choose the essential sales capability framework that is proven to deliver quick results, new marketing capabilities, sustainable competitive advantages, and a sales department with a ROI-driven reputation.

  1.  Sales Enablement
  2.  Sales Productivity
  3.  Salesforce Adoption
  4.  Sales Engagement
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Match Sales Capabilities with Technology

The ability of sales managers to unlock the essential sales capability framework across inside and field sales teams is fundamental to driving exponential growth while achieving sales transformation.

Unfortunately, the majority of sales technologies fall short on their promise to deliver the necessary results across sales enablement, sales productivity, Salesforce adoption, and sales engagement.

You need sales technology that acts as a sales force multiplier—a solution that not only develops and unlocks your team’s 4 essential sales capabilities, but one that multiplies the positive impact each capability has on your business that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve without it.

How would these numbers work at your company?

  • 10X Sales Enablement = 10 times more closed deals
  • 10X Sales Productivity = 10 times more time spent on selling
  • 10X Salesforce Adoption = 10 times more contacts created
  • 10X Sales Engagement = 10 times more new prospects
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What exactly does Veloxy do to transform our sales capabilities ?

Veloxy’s mission is to help sales reps make their number faster and easier than ever before, and to help sales management build momentum through above-market growth and a market-dominating sales org.

We accomplish this with a suite of AI-powered sales applications that act as your 10X sales force multiplier by: 

  • Shrinking and accelerating sales cycles
  • Working as an your AI Sales Assistant 
  • Automatically logging Salesforce activities
  • Proactively managing the sales pipeline
Veloxy is the software suite every salesman should have for sales success.

There’s so much more!
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"A Sales Force Multiplier!"

1. Build Scale Into Your Sales Organization

Veloxy helps empower more inside and field sales representatives with the necessary sales and marketing skills required to consistently meet and exceed sales quota. You shouldn't have to rely on one or three sales superheroes. Unlock every sales representative's selling skills with Veloxy.

2. Maximize Time Spent on Selling

Veloxy helps reduce or eliminate several non-selling activities that are preventing your sales representatives from closing more deals. In addition, Veloxy software has almost 100% adoption rates amongst inside and outside sales representatives—because it simplifies their lives, it's easy to use, and it shrinks sales cycles.

3. Drive Lead Conversions & Revenue Growth

In a recent study, Veloxy users save on average $12,500 per year by significantly increasing Salesforce adoption. Users note the automatic logging of selling and non-selling activities in Salesforce as one of the greatest benefits of Veloxy, as well as the increase in lead conversions and revenue growth.

4. Quickly Shrink & Accelerate Sales Cycles

Sales cycles start with sales engagement, and Veloxy users experience the shortest and fastest sales cycles through the elimination of inefficiencies and data headaches, and the addition of AI sales and marketing engagement. Replace your org's cost center reputation with that of a revenue center.

People often ask us:

What are the most important skills in sales?

It’s important for sales professionals to consistently strengthen their sales knowledge and develop as many sales capabilities as possible.

In addition to the aforementioned framework, our users have told us that communication, prospecting, discovery, and social selling are the most important sales skills in 2020.

One thing to remember, especially when fielding sales interview questions for a new job opportunity or promotion, is you have to demonstrate sales technology skills.

When you pair your quota exceeding numbers with sales software like Veloxy, you exhibit traits like continual improvement, agility, and a “do whatever it takes” attitude.

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