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How to Get your Organization AI Ready

5 Tips to Being AI Ready 1: Ensure your budget reflects the importance of AI 2: Get your data house in order 3: Switch up your hiring practices 4: Be more agile 5: Appreciate the scope of the training data challenge AI Ready Conclusion According to a recent survey, companies implementing AI have increased 20% over the last four years. But on the flip side, about 63% of organizations are still yet to deploy this technology. So, what on earth could be holding them back? Is it a budget shortage, lack of talent, or data strategies preventing them from being

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Can AI Help Overcome the Dreaded No Decision?

How the No Decision Kills Deals How Urgency Revives Deals Can Genuine Urgency be Manufactured or Curated by Hand? How AI Helps Overcome “No Decisions” Conclusion on Artificial Intelligence and the Dreaded No Decision Is AI coming for your job in the near future? Almost certainly. However, debating the impending AI domination and takeover is blasé. It’s ultimately unimportant for business leaders trying to drive growth and revenue. The main focus now is Artificial Intelligence and its potential to transform how well we sell. Looking at the sales world, AI is already making huge moves. From sales pipeline insights all the way

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The Future of Work in the Age of AI

Working in the AI Age 1: High Productivity Boosts in Future Workforce 2: Enhanced and Upskilled Workforce 3: New and Broader Job Markets for the ‘Missing Middle’ Conclusion Out of all the state of the art technologies poised to impact the future of work as a whole, research shows artificial intelligence will be among the top 5 most transformational influencers. But we’re not talking about decades or centuries. As we speak, AI tech already affects our day to day lives is numerous ways. Examples range from simple sales AI chatbots meant to enhance customer interaction all the way to collaborative

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Business AI: Assistant or Replacement?

The True Value of Artificial Intelligence How companies should prepare their workforce for AI with least disruption 1. Collaborative intelligence is crucial for AI success 2. AI empowered workforce will minimize displacement 3. Upskilling your workforce for AI 4. Jim Wilson proposes this 4 step approach to upskilling workers Conclusion on Business Artificial Intelligence We’re definitely at the dawn of a new era; technology has never been so advanced or convenient. I mean, we’ve got cars that drive themselves, and planes that submerge underwater. But perhaps the most significant achievement the human mind has achieved to date is to recreate

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