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How to Increase Adoption of Your IT Solutions

“It’s not working, usage is declining. No, it’s the user interface which is not intuitive. I think people just find it hard to use these new IT solutions!” “Well, have you tried turning it on and off again?” This is just a sample of a conversation that happens in thousands of organizations every day. As technology and innovation advance at near light speed, the demands on IT leaders are more intense than ever. In our post about upcoming tech changes in 2020, we touched on what this decade holds in store. According to a recent survey, over 35% of businesses

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Using Conversational Commerce to Boost Online Sales

Over the past few months, about 25% of consumers have increased online purchases for products they used to get in stores. Compared to the first couple months in 2020, this number is increasing every day. But even as brands scramble to adjust their sales and marketing strategies, the pressure is still on to deliver memorable customer experiences. The reason here is simple. Almost 50% of buyers will abandon their online purchases if they can’t get a quick answer to their concerns or questions. This is where conversational commerce comes in. It offers a totally new way for companies to provide excellent customer

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How to Get your Organization AI Ready

According to a recent survey, companies implementing AI have increased 20% over the last four years. But on the flip side, about 63% of organizations are still yet to deploy this technology. So, what on earth could be holding them back? Is it a budget shortage, lack of talent, or data strategies preventing them from being AI ready? When it comes to the adoption of artificial intelligence, it’s easy for managers to get caught up in the hype. Everything moves so fast it’s easy to put the cart before the horse. Once there’s talk of AI and robotic automation in

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How to Accelerate Your Advertising with Artificial Intelligence

According to the World Economic Forum, we’re about to enter a phase of unprecedented technological advancements. It’s going to be a revolution never seen before in the world of business, finance, marketing, sales, and advertising. The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds upon the current digital revolution, and it all hinges in artificial intelligence. AI is dramatically transforming the way organizations do business and advertise. It’s this very technology that’s powering the transformation that continues to unfold. And there’s no area that’s not feeling the powerful effects of this development. In this post, Veloxy shares a few ideas on how you can leverage AI

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Cyber Security: How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

According to experts, cyber criminals are expected to steal a mind-boggling 146 billion records by 2023. Let that sink in. That’s a whopping 146,000,000,000 records! But that’s not all. According to Juniperresearch, these social miscreants will access a staggering 33 billion records in 2023 alone! Forgive the exclamation marks, but we needed you to really absorb these shocking cyber attack stats. But just knowing these scaring stats won’t help you or anyone else. It’s going to be useless information if you won’t take quick action. All business owners must take definite steps to fortify their small empires against cyber-attacks. We created this resource to support

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Can AI Help Overcome the Dreaded No Decision?

Is AI coming for your job in the near future? Almost certainly. However, debating the impending AI domination and takeover is blasé. It’s ultimately unimportant for business leaders trying to drive growth and revenue. The main focus now is Artificial Intelligence and its potential to transform how well we sell. Looking at the sales world, AI is already making huge moves. From sales pipeline insights all the way to content recommendation, there’s a lot of areas that could benefit from an AI. One such area with untapped and significant opportunities (and arguably the biggest problem facing marketers) is the infamous “No Decision.”

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A Short Guide to Connecting Commerce, Marketing, and Service

Technology rules these days. Devices in homes and many other places are increasingly being connected. And as we’ve come to accept, this connectedness is an accelerating trend. You should also be leveraging integration and connectedness of your systems and departments. Connecting commerce, marketing, and service makes a lot of sense for any business. Why? Simple; because that’s how you build integrated, continuous customer experiences. These days, the quality of customer experiences a business provides determines whether its customers stay or leave. As such, it’s time you started laying down a solid foundation upon which you’ll build memorable customer experiences. Question is,

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10 Marketing Trends you Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2020

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. As such, you need to be forward thinking to succeed in today’s hectic business world. This means being aware of the latest advancements, next big thing and all the marketing trends that are sure to shake things up over the next few years. If you’re out of date with upcoming marketing trends, you could be limiting your brand in more ways than one. Remember, while you’re blissfully unaware of these new trends, your customers and competitors are not. Marketers can no longer stick their heads in the sand and hope that outdated methods still work.

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Latest Technology Trends and How They’ll Impact your Business in 2020

With today’s rate of technological acceleration, predictions of technology trends 20 years into the future are beginning to look like science fiction. Just this past year alone, we’ve ushered in a tsunami of mind blowing innovations. But as we enter a new decade, one thing’s for sure. Technology will continue to accelerate at an even higher rate. IT leaders are making massive bets on areas like RPA, quantum computing, 5G, cybersecurity, space travel, artificial intelligence and a proliferation of advanced software into our day to day lives. As such, it’s up to business owners to prepare themselves for what tomorrow holds. In order to

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