Cold Calling Books: The Top 6 Must Reads

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Cold Calling is not dead! Despite what you might be hearing in some trending podcast or reading in a bestselling book, cold calling is more alive and more profitable today than ever before.

There are some thought leaders who disguise the term cold calling with ‘warm calling’. In short, they’re associating the use of high-quality business intelligence as warming a cold call.

But when the prospect picks up the phone and is greeted by someone who they’ve never heard from before, yet the caller knows quite a bit about them and the business, it’s still a cold call. And you want to know something? There’s nothing wrong with that.

Because with the integration of real-time intelligence, sales technology, and AI-optimized sales processes, cold calling is shortening the sales process in record time.

If you’re interested in accelerating sales cycles with cold calling, you’re only one book way from experiencing exponential results!

Choose from one of our favorite ten cold calling books below. You won’t be disappointed. And while you’re waiting for Amazon to drop off your new book, be sure to read our free guideCold Calling: Everything a Salesperson Needs to Know.

Top 6 Cold Calling Books

Authentic Cold Calling: The Path to Fearless, Effective Cold Calling

If you’re like many of our telecommunications clients, you’re used to everything cold—cold calling, cold emailing, heck even cold stop-ins. Gregory Priola, a former salesperson who consistently lead the country in cold calling referrals for one of the biggest telecom companies in the nation, shares all his secrets in his book, Authentic Cold Calling.

This book was written with high-performing salespeople in mind. Greg jam-packs readily applicable best practices in only 34 pages. If you’re like us, you’ll finish it one or two seatings over the weekend, ready to hit the phones with renewed excitement Monday afternoon!

In this cold calling book, you’ll gain access to a process for building a quality and formatted lead list, a mindset for managing yourself emotionally after hangups, and a surprising list of the best times and days to call prospects.

Get your copy of Authentic Cold Calling here

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Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling

If you’re looking for a book that has been celebrated and updated over the years to keep up with the times, one that especially focuses on overcoming call reluctance, then Art Sobczak’s book is for you!

Fear and rejection are common feelings felt by cold callers, especially entry level sales development representatives. As all salespeople know, the next “Yes!” can help overcome any and all reluctance to make more sales calls, and Art Sobczak has one of the most renowned formulas for this path to success.

This book shares a quickly adaptable list of foundational concepts, messaging, and methods that will accelerate your path to longer phone calls, more converted leads, and most importantly—a boost in your confidence.

Want more? When you open this book you are also given free access to Art’s online Smart Calling companion course. This is coupled with a helpful list of tech resources that aid in successful cold calling.

Get your copy of Smart Calling here

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The Secrets to Cold Call Success: Close More Business in Less Time than Ever Before

Time is of the essence. If you’re looking to improve your cold calling performance in record time, reaching your quarterly and annual goals with confidence, then this is the book for you.

Meet the Cold Call Coach—Paul M. Neuberger!

He wrote this book to help any and all salespeople wanting to accelerate sales with cold calling. Need proof? Paul has helped salespeople in over 100 industries execute a strategic-first approach to cold calling while quickly crafting a cold call script that sounds natural and captivating.

And if you need more convincing that Paul’s secrets will work for you, he averages a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Amazon, and his raving fans even upload smiling photos with paragraphs-long glowing reviews.

Get your copy of The Secret to Cold Call Success here

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Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)

Similar to the previous cold calling book authors, Stephen Schiffman is on his 7th edition of his popular ‘Cold Calling Techniques’ book.

Known by many as ‘America’s #1 corporate sales trainer’, Schiffman has helped millions of salespeople like yourself close more deals confidently with cold calling.

Don’t tell Stephen that cold calling is dead. Not only does he double-down and prove why cold calling is still critical for a fluid sales cycle, he shares how it has evolved and what you need to do to stay ahead of the changing overcommunication environment your buyers find themselves in today.

You’ll also discover how to best integrate cold calling with email and LinkedIn, and how to improve your response rates after leaving voicemails (another commonly feared channel).

Get your copy of Cold Calling Techniques here

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Cold Calling is for Chickens

Wait, what? This, and the last recommended book, have by far the most captivating titles across the cold calling bookshelf.

Don’t be fooled! The author, Bob Etherington, has been training salespeople worldwide for over 40 years.

Bob’s aware that the three biggest reasons why cold calling fails today is a complex process, a poorly trained sales force, and ignored emotional training.

So what’s his message embedded in the reference to chickens? That simplifying the preparation and approach to cold calling resolves the aforementioned reasons for failure every single time.

If you’re like our team, you’ll sit back and wonder why you ever feared cold calling after reading this worthwhile 160 pager.

Get your copy of Cold Calling is for Chickens here.

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Oh F*ck Off - The Art of Cold Calling

Now here’s an eye-opening book title! While some may find it offensive, it doesn’t cower from an all too common response to cold calls by prospective customers—vulgarity.

Coupled with a lack of interest, confrontational prospects can quickly drain any confidence an SDR or Account Executive has on the telephone.

Thankfully for you and I, Mark White chose to write a hard-to-put-down cold calling book on how to foster the strongest sales mindset—not just for overcoming confrontational customers, but actually preventing vulgar and hostile responses in the first place.

Speaking with some of my clients, this 90 minute read is a popular handout to newly hired inside sales reps. It rapidly gives them the best approach to making 100 dials a day, and it offers dozens of case studies that help salespeople prevent bad calls by acting as a positive influence over the phone.

And there’s quite a bit of humor, too, and we all could use some laughs today.

Get your copy of Oh F*uck Off here.

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What Cold Calling Book Will You Choose?

When it comes to cold calling, there are plenty of thought leaders to choose from—the practice has been around since the 1800’s!

Trust that you’ll find the best practices and thought-provoking case studies in this series of must reads.

And if you’re a sales manager, be sure to buy a copy of each book for your office’s bookshelf.

But if you prefer blog posts, we have some popular ones for you to choose from:

One last thing… if you’re looking to make cold calls on-the-go, try our Quick Dialer free for 30 days.



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