5 Cold Emailing Tips to Warm Your Cold Calling

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5 Cold Emailing Tips to Warm Your Cold Calling

photo of a salesman using a cell phone

Cold calling; there’s nothing new about the concept. For decades now, this solicitation technique has been applied by both salespeople and scammers in equal measure. Add in the fact that you’ve had absolutely no prior contact with the prospect and you might as well be a con artist trying to scam granny out of her pension.

But even for legitimate salespeople, cold calling can be both an asset and liability. On one hand, sending hundreds of random cold calls could put your company’s reputation at risk. On the other, make too few calls and you also risk being put out of commission by a few bounces.

So, how do you strike the perfect balance?

Cold Emails: Warmer than a cold phone call

Simple – by introducing yourself first and putting yourself directly in front of your target audience. Aside from completely wiping out the fear factor, sending a cold email first is just generally easier to begin with. What’s more, you can scale your business faster minus the time wasted on uninterested parties.

We’re sure you’ve had loads of experience sending out cold emails. But are they effective enough to attract your prospects and warm them up to a call? Or do you just go in half-cocked selling whatever you can to whoever you can on the first email? Gotta say, the latter is classic scammer MO.

After scoping out the market, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve formulated the perfect cold call email methodology that’s sure to build serious, solid leads. You can also check out our post on Email marketing best practices.

Step 1: Offer proper and valuable conversation

You probably already consider yourself a great email writer. But are you really satisfied with the number of leads you’re generating? Is it really worth it to send hundreds of emails only to get a handful of leads to show for it?

Of course not! To warm up more prospects, you need to craft cold emails that invite people to have the conversation THEY want – not force them to listen to that big idea you just had while sitting in the crapper.

The key here is to find common ground with each potential customer. Maybe strike a chord by sharing valuable information that their businesses could really gain from.

Once you cull the herd to only those who express interest, you can follow up on them instead of wasting time on unqualified and uninterested parties. As a rule of thumb, make sure your emails offer some value to everyone they reach. That way, they’ll be more willing to hear you out.

Step 2: Pique your prospect's curiosity

While offering value is a sure fire way to get potential customers invested, nothing beats making them curious and interested.

If your cold emails are geared towards creating intrigue and curiosity, you can get people to respond and actually start an innocent, genuine conversation. Knowing your customers is the doorway to building a relationship and even getting the go ahead to call them directly.

Naturally, emails designed to foster intrigue need to follow certain rules for your tactic to be successful. For starters, keep the email short and sweet; longer emails tend to kill curiosity as you scroll downwards. Likewise, avoid coming off as salesy or overselling too much in your emails.

Remember, no one’s going to be curious if they know exactly what you’re up to straight off the bat. And lastly, present yourself softly signing off with an open ended question. Research shows open ended questions are more likely to get positive responses compared to major and dramatic calls to action.

Step 3: Warm up your prospects

By now, you’re probably wondering if we’ll ever get to the actual sale.

Pulling the trigger too early is the number one mistake most people make when sending cold emails. The main aim of your first cold email should not be to bag the sale. It’s supposed to warm up your prospect and get a positive response (any response really).

Put yourself in the prospects shoes. I mean, not only did you barge into their inbox totally uninvited, but you want to go in guns glazing too? The nerve! That’s pushing your luck son. Any true sales person knows not to expect instant, Hail Mary purchases out of the blue; at least not without answering a slew of questions first.

To warm up your prospect, answer FAQ questions like what you’re offering clearly. Show them social proof of who you work with as well as some testimonials if required.

In essence, take this chance not to sell, but to instead show your prospects why they should trust you. This will open up the floor for further, more direct communications and leads generation. Wouldn’t you say that’s more effective than cramming forced sales down your prospect’s throat?

Step 4: Making the Cold Call (which is now warmer)

Once your prospect has warmed up to you and developed an email relationship, it’s time to ask for the call. A single reply is all salespeople need to call it an email relationship (in case you’re wondering).

Just end your next email with a simple request to make a call and talk about something that will be beneficial to your prospects business. By getting permission to call beforehand, you have jumped over the single tallest hurdle in cold calling. And it’s not the airtime rates, it’s having someone actually waiting for your call!

Quick Cold Email Tip: Use the open-ended “Should we talk [FIRST_NAME]?” It works great!

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The most important thing to do here is schedule a date quickly.

And for the love of our almighty business god, please don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be. Email plugins such as Veloxy will allow you to add new prospects to Salesforce, save key emails, and most importantly, set up a meeting the right way.

Let your prospects give you a time that’s best for them, then use Veloxy for Outlook or Gmail to create and send a calendar invite to the prospect. Once that’s done, it’s time to make the call. Even if you reach the receptionist or get sent to voicemail, your prospect will already be expecting you and might even call back!

Step 5: Do Not Give Up Prematurely

Cold calling is tough enough as it is. Add in the nerves and a strong
chance of getting the hang up and it becomes even tougher. It’s no wonder over
45% of salespeople tend to quit after the first failed follow-up.

That’s too many people calling it quits awfully early. Now, we’re not implying that you should harass prospects until they do what you want. But give it more than a single follow up before moving on to the next call. If you call a prospect about 4 times with no answer, then you know to back off and not waste any more time.

Check out or article on how to handle the hang up like a professional. 

Quick Note on Cold Emailing

See what we did there? We’ve just pulled the first three steps on you without you even realizing it. We’ve offered you valuable conversation, piqued your curiosity with some sweet pics, and warmed you up to the point where you’re considering our product.

We’re not trying to hide it. Truth is, this entire article is meant to get you to try Veloxy for 30 days. But by giving you a valuable cold call email strategy first (and then showing you how Veloxy could help), we’ve proven the main point of this segment. And also hopefully overcome the tallest hurdle in marketing to gain you as a customer.

If we started out guns blazing about our CAN-SPAM compliant plugin for Outlook and Gmail, chances are you wouldn’t have made it to the conclusion. But now that you know a bit about how it can help your cause, you might be seriously considering it as we speak. Check out the Veloxy page for more information on what the plugin can do.

That’s what the cold call email strategy is all about.

5 Cold Calling Tips to Warm Your Call

When it comes to customer relationships, most of them are like coffee – the warmer the better. That’s still the case for when you want to connect with a decision maker via the phone. Cold calling is still among the most powerful tools in any sales rep’s kit. But even in it’s prime, it still had a darkside.

There’s a reason a lot of sales experts hate making cold calls. It takes up a massive amount of time and effort. According to research, most reps have to call prospects up to 8 times before getting through. Still, we can all agree that cold calling isn’t going anywhere.

Although a small percentage of sales experts have built entire businesses on cold calls, thousands more simply wasted their time. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that will turn your cold calls into warm leads.  

1: Do Not Go In Cold

No matter what you’re selling, there’s nothing worse than getting on the phone blind. You just can’t call people without any material planned out for a conversation. Just like you would do in any other meeting, you need to learn as much as possible about the person you’re calling.

Check out their information on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Show genuine interest in what your prospects love and address their pain points as quickly as you can. In turn, they will appreciate that you took the extra step to know more about their lives.

2: Listen Keenly

Thomas Edison once said that we have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk. Cold calls are not the chance to go crazy on long pitches about how great your product is. The main aim of the call is to help fulfill your prospects needs.

To achieve this, you need to listen and ask questions that allow the prospect to tell you more about them. Let the recipient process information and provide answers in full. You’ll be surprised just how much a person has to tell you when you focus more on what they’re saying than what you’ll say next.

3: Know When to Call

No one wants to waste their time calling the same number over and over again. But if you’re calling at the wrong time, expect to make a daily habit of it. According to Peak Sales Recruiting, one of the worst times to ring up prospects is on a Friday afternoon. Makes total sense since most people are already checked out by this time.

Similarly, Monday morning is also not that great because most people are in a daze and still dragging out the weekend mood. So, when is the best time to ring up a prospect? Try Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning or afternoon. This way, you’re more likely to catch your prospect in work mode and ready to engage.

4: Practice Makes Perfect

There’s no doubt that you’ve already tried out this cold calling thing. What if you’re not good at it? Or maybe you get nervous and choke making the prospect turn you down instantly. Well, there’s no other remedy here than practice, practice, and more practice.

The more you speak with people via the phone, the faster your nerves will dissipate. And if it’s rejection that you’re afraid of, remember that it’s a regular part of sales. Take the time to ponder why a prospect turned you down and improve for next time. Check out or article on how to handle rejection and hang ups like a pro.

5: Believe in Your Product

This one’s a no brainer. If you don’t believe in what you’re pitching to customers, how on earth do you expect them to? You need to take the time to understand what you’re selling and learn to love it.

If you are passionate about your product, it won’t even feel like work at all. You will be able to provide prospects with a better pitch and help fulfill their needs. This is what we refer to as building extra value and intelligently communicating it to prospects.

Conclusion on Cold Emails

Cold calling can be scary and frustrating, there’s no question about it. But by sending out a cold email first, you introduce yourself and eliminate the fear factor that comes with it. Not only are cold emails likely to get a better response, they also open up the floor to even more interaction with your target market.

With a creatively crafted cold email, you eliminate the need for cold calling altogether because the only calls you’ll be making are warm ones to people who already know and trust you. When creating and sending your cold emails, make sure you use Veloxy to help with the following:

  • Make bulk cold emails CAN-SPAM compliant before sending
  • Create unlimited personalized email templates
  • Reach numerous prospects in one go
  • Know when your emails are read or forwarded with real time alerts
  • Analyze and improve email engagement
  • Log all email activity and save key emails to Salesforce
  • Add new prospects to Salesforce and set up a meeting in seconds
Lastly—be sure to read our guide on cold calling with all the tips you need to be the highest performing sales person you can be!


Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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