Best Cold Calling Memes of 2023 (Updated): Pick Your Favorite & Win!

homelander applause meme

We’re nearing the end of another successful year of cold calling! As always, our persistence, belief in ourselves, and commitment to delivering value has paid off with more meetings and deals.

This is the perfect time to unwind, get loose, and share some laughs around the myths, truths, and common occurrences around cold calling (and sales in general).

We’re not just going to share the most popular cold calling memes with you—we’re going to give you the chance to win a free 3 month subscription to Veloxy!

All you have to do is review the below 35 cold calling memes and fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Enjoy and Good luck.

1. Watch Me Make Another Call

dj khaled taking rejection dance

DJ Khaled dancing in place perfectly encapsulates the fearless spirit of successful cold callers. It humorously highlights the resilience required in the face of rejection, a common hurdle given that studies show 48% of people fear making phone calls. It serves as a light-hearted reminder that embracing rejection with a dance is what sets apart the courageous from the crowd.

2. Bite Your Tongue, Smush Your Lips

cold caller holding their mouth closed

This meme captures the all-too-familiar moment of a cold caller holding their mouth closed, brilliantly portraying the challenge of maintaining professionalism in the face of adversity. It reflects the reality that cold callers often encounter overly negative or angry prospects and must exercise restraint, biting their tongue instead of responding in kind. It’s a humorous nod to the emotional intelligence and patience required in sales, making it a perfect addition to the list.

3. Don't Make It Harder for Yourself

sales manager yelling at his sales rep

Brandon Marshall’s famous meme is humorously used to capture a sales manager’s frustration with a sales rep who neglects the gold mine of a well-crafted cold calling script. It highlights a common pitfall in sales where reps might overlook the script’s strategic framework, designed to address prospects’ pain points, establish common ground, and present a unique selling proposition.

4. Dress to Impress, or to Feel Good?

dressed to impress

This meme, featuring a sales rep in an uncomfortably tight dress shirt cleverly plays on the reality of cold calling roles where appearance takes a backseat to comfort. It humorously acknowledges the mindset of SDRs/BDRs who, making 60-120 cold calls a day, opt for comfort over formal office attire since their prospects can’t visually see them.

5. Waiting for the Progressive Dialer

first to arrive on a zoom call

Here’s a sales rep earnestly speaking into a microphone in an empty auditorium, perfectly encapsulating the experience of cold callers using progressive dialers. While these dialers are designed to enhance productivity by connecting agents only when a live person answers, they often face periods of waiting, sometimes extending over five minutes, akin to speaking to an empty room. It humorously highlights the anticipation and patience required in modern cold calling, waiting for that moment of connection, making it an apt representation of the silent gaps in a day filled with calls.

6. Supercharging Rate of Answered Calls

homelander applause meme

The Homelander meme has been one of the most popular GIF memes of this past year. It captures the perfect facial expression of a cold caller when an elusive lead picks up the phone. Thankfully it’s 2024, and dialers are getting smarter at prioritizing cold calls by a lead’s likeliness to answer.

7. When Great Cold Calls Don't End Well

chis pine eyeroll meme

Nothing is more frustrating for a sales rep than when a great cold call ends poorly. I’ve experienced this on calls that last ten or twenty minutes. The lead is repeatedly saying, “Yes!” and “Wow, that’s great!“, but when it comes to conversion time, they get cold feet and end the call. No matter how good of a cold caller you are, you’re apt to run into this problem frequently.

8. Slap Away Salesforce Data Entry

will smith slap meme

Since the third Salesforce State of Sales report in 2018, non-selling activity has gotten worse. You read that right! It’s hard to believe it couldn’t get better. For cold calling professionals, no non-selling activity is more painful than CRM data entry. Cold callers can spend 30 to 60 minutes a day manually entering data into Salesforce. Even worse—some sales pros wait until they get home to complete this activity.

You can solve this problem now by automating Salesforce data entry here.

9. The Turbulent Sales Tech Stack

family guy plane meme

Here’s another fact from Salesforce’s latest report: Sales reps are overwhelmed by too many tools. Fortunately for cold callers, sales managers plan to consolidate sales tech stacks sometime in 2024. This will not only improve their stack’s ROI and team’s profitability—it will improve their sales team’s overall morale!

10. When You Get What You've Never Got

man running corona meme

The average sales rep makes about 33 cold calls every day. After suffering through hours of voice mail greetings, hangups, and “No thank you.“, salespeople are often shocked when a prospect calls them back. Many times, they’re so surprised they experience reluctance to pick up the phone. We’ve actually found it’s not due to nervousness, but rather a lack of instant access to the incoming call’s contact and account records. Be sure you integrate your dialers with your CRM!

11. When You Sell Like a Human, You Win

dancing monkeys meme

If your cold callers are spending 72% of their time not selling, you could say they’re spending that time ‘not being human‘. Humans are not meant to spend hours every day typing in email addresses and other admin work. Salespeople are built to engage with customers and help them improve their daily lives. With this being said, it’s no surprise that sales teams that spend 90%+ of their time on selling activity consistently crush team quota. 

12. New Year, New Challenges

usher watch this meme

New Year’s resolutions are constantly in flux. What you resolved in 2023 is less likely to need your attention in 2024. The same is true regarding sales challenges. New gatekeepers are being hired to block you from the decision maker. Contacts are getting promotions or moving to new companies. The dialer or cold email software you liked is being replaced. Whatever new challenge this year has waiting for you—take it head on!

13. Let's Get Real About Sales Targets

guy holding cardboard sign meme

Unrealistic sales targets was the number one reason why sales professionals want to leave their job. However, if that’s their complaint at one job, let’s just say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. As a cold caller, be proactive and make suggestions to your manager on how you and your cold calling colleagues could be more productive and efficient. Because sometimes sales targets are unrealistic because of inefficiencies in the workplace.

14. Post Covid In-House Competition

zoolander stare meme

When Covid hit and sales reps were forced to work remote and leverage their tech stack, inside sales reps flourished. Remote cold calling and Zoom calls were nothing new to them, and they consistently hit or exceeded their numbers. Outside sales reps on the other hand had trouble adjusting to remote selling due to travel restrictions. However, now that field reps are back to being road warriors, they’re also back to driving success in call blitzes and closing deals.

15. Everything But The Kitchen Sink!

elon musk sink meme

As cold callers, we’re always prepared to bring value to each phone call. Sometimes, the value we offer is not seen in the same light by the prospect. That’s why it’s always best practice to better know your personas so you can personalize the value offered. Your prospects will eventually believe you have everything to offer—even the kitchen sink! 

16. Getting Past the Gatekeeper

cold calling meme on gatekeepers

If you’re an experienced cold caller, you know far too well about the dreaded gatekeeper (aka. receptionist). Some are very skilled at sniffing out a cold caller, but if you’ve read our article on cold calling tips, you know how using their first name is a great way to build familiarity.

17. Sales AI for Cold Calling

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the role artificial intelligence plays in sales. Some salespeople fear that AI will displace them. But in 9 out of 10 cases, sales teams that use AI exceed quota and expand in size. Check out our Sales AI guide for more information on the many benefits to cold callers.

18. Buyer Intent & Dialers

cold calling meme about dialers

When cold callers settle in at 8am, they’re typically provided with a spreadsheet, alphabetical list, or a randomizer dialer program. This has long been a pain point for salespeople. Today, data analytics is automatically prioritizing cold outreach based on buyer intent signals. Salespeople are now predictively setting more meetings, and closing more deals, in a fraction of the time.

19. Follow up Reluctance

cold calling meme on follow up

Cold callers commonly find themselves in a state of reluctance. They scale back cold emailing, Salesforce data cleaning, or anything else they think prevents them from getting the next deal. One of the biggest forms of reluctance is follow up. Data has shown that the more calls you place, the more likely the prospect will pick up the phone. Just keep hitting the phones, or better yet, use predictive analytics as suggested in the previous meme.

20. Cold Calling is Really Cool

cool calling meme

Salespeople prefer not to call prospects that have no demonstrated interest or knowledge of their solution, let alone their name. This is why we often recommend leading with cold email before calling. You can use talking point subject lines to discover potential pain points, thereby warming the cold call to a cool call. Plus, you could use email tracking so you know when your prospect is more likely to pick up the phone.

21. You're an Authority, Not a Telemarketer

cold calling meme on fear

Presuming that prospects and leads do not want to talk with you may be caused by scripts, hawking managers, or a lack of confidence. Most of the time, it’s because the salesperson sees themselves as an interruption and not a value-added consultant. Rethink how you want to position yourself and you won’t feel hurt like Michael Scott anymore.

22. Lord of the Ringer

Here’s another hilarious cold calling meme that drives home the fact that “the pitch” is the last thing you should be considering when making a cold call. Unlike Boromir, you want to approach calls like Frodo, with sincerity, kindness, and service.

23. Rookie Mistakes

cold calling meme with shaq

We’ve all been there. Your first cold calling job. Maybe you were an account manager or an SDR. Either way, you probably started off with a lot of hangups and “No!”. Successful cold callers know that persistence and continual improvement pays off in the long run. Just look at Shaq. He improved his free throw percentage 67 points in 2002 (don’t ask me how he fared after that year, though).

24. Taken a LinkedIn to You

cold calling meme with liam neeson

Is there a more memorable action movie scene? Most decision makers cringe at the surplus of LinkedIn connection requests and Sales Navigator messages they receive on the daily. While those are good tactics, simply visit the buyer’s profile after each call. Curiosity will get the better of them, and you’ll be showing respect by not joining the fray of Inmails and messages (ok, I’ll stop with the Liam Neeson jokes now). 

25. Look to the Bright Side of Hangups

Being a ‘Glass Half Full’ cold caller can have endless benefits for you professionally and personally. Now must not have been a good time. You’ll followup with them later. On to the next great opportunity.  We don’t recommend doing a push up for every hang up…unless you have really, really clean floors… and a handy protein shake.

26. Cold Calling is More Popular Than Ever!

cold calling meme from zoolander

You would think that the increase in sales technology would decrease the practice of cold calling. On the contrary, sales technology has made cold calling more effective, productive, and flat out exciting. Just look at what Five9’s Dialer and Veloxy’s Quick Dialer can do for your cold outreach efforts.

27. Monday, Monday. So good to me.

cold call meme for monday morning

Is the hit song from The Momas and The Papas playing in your head right now? There’s nothing like starting out the week with the first call—at 2pm. Yes, unless their is significant buyer signals coming from a prospect, it’s best practice to hold off on cold calls until 2pm on Mondays. If you think Monday mornings are tough, imagine being interrupted at 9am before your first cup of coffee.

28. Say "Yes." With Confidence.

But never sound too enthusiastic with the receptionist, as that’s a common salesperson signal that they look out for. The best thing you can do is say, “Yes, it’s about the email I sent him last week.” You’ll get put through 7 times out of 10.

29. Goodness Gracious, the Data is on Fire.

This carefree dog would be feeling really fine if they integrated their cold outreach with Salesforce automation. By automating non-selling activity like data entry and admin tasks, the dog would increase his data quality and calling numbers by 142%—now that’s en fuego (in a good way)!

30. How to Be Smart and Smarter

cold calling meme using dumb and dumber

This is another friendly reminder that cold calls interrupt a buyer’s day. When a prospect blows you off with a call back request, you can pivot one way to keep them engaged, or agree and pivot another. If you want to keep them on the call, you better use the two number approach (you’ll need data handy). “Okay [FirstName], I could call back in 6 months, but by then you would have lost an additional $62,500. I only need 15 minutes of your time, otherwise I will set a call back for 6 months.” See how powerful that is? Armed with the prospect’s largest financial pain point, the cold caller calculated how much they’d lose by not meeting now. Lastly, if they do rush off the phone, leverage direct mail like Sendoso.

31. A Better Way To Blitz, Mmm Kay.

Say “No.” to TPS reports and say “Yes!” to cold call blitzes from your favorite smartphone. For years field sales reps were locked to their desk to make their dial numbers. Now they can extend the functionality to their favorite device.

32. Choose the Cold Pill.

cold call meme with morpheius from matrix

It’s a cold hard fact that B2B decision makers will still take a call from cold callers. Let your competition pull back on their cold outreach and take advantage of your buyers lack of cold calls!

33. Beware of All-Star Gatekeepers

This one made me laugh the hardest. There are some very well trained and experienced gatekeepers out there. Cheers to those receptionist and admin assistants!

34. Celebrate Your Wins

cold call meme with Oprah

Okay, it’s not like you picked up a new set of wheels by attending an Oprah recording, but you should celebrate every single win, every single day.

35. Break Out of the Funk

cold calling meme

We’d be surprised if you had that many bad calls in a row when using predictive analytics, however, to those of you who don’t use buyer signals, this one’s for you.

Conclusion on Cold Calling Memes

I trust you enjoyed this change of pace from your friends at Veloxy. It’s the best time of year to unwind and share some laughs with your sales colleagues. Fill out the form below and we’ll let you know if you’re a winner!

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