Samir Majumdar

Samir is the Cofounder and CEO, and a Sales Insight Author for Veloxy. He has 25+ years of experience creating solutions for companies and has deployed Veloxy to Comcast, Shell Oil, Tommy Hilfiger and others. When Samir’s not onboarding Fortune 500 sales teams, he’s playing soccer or reading fantasy novels!

samir majumdar

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Sales Insight from Samir Majumdar

Discover trending best practices around sales management, sales engagement, sales enablement, sales productivity, and Sales AI.

photo of a sales rep accelerating sales middle of funnel

Best Sales Acceleration Software

Helping You Sell Faster, Easier, and Smarter. Sales Managers are constantly under pressure to hit BIG numbers. While sales acceleration spent 2021 as a powerful, yet underutilized

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