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Before writing this introduction, I spoke with a handful of new clients who manage inside sales and field sales teams, and their year-after-year revenue roadblocks had many things in common—lack of Salesforce adoption, long sales cycles, and more—but one roadblock stood out above the rest.

Sales teams email send numbers were astonishingly low… again.

There’s plenty of unique reasons for this roadblock. The common sales fear of “I’m not interested.” The all-to-common-fear of email marketing, “Unsubscribe me.” or “STOP SPAMMING ME!!!”. Lastly, the failure of reporting and analytics proving to sales representatives that email marketing generates conversions.

While generic benchmarks like email marketing’s 4400% return on investment are overused and often times unheard by sales teams, there are two other email marketing highlights that should get their attention.

Open rates and conversions from email marketing go up overtime.

Advancements in technology are creating new levels of response rates.

Yes, patience is a virtue, and it can be tough for sales representatives who need to make quota, but it’s one technological advancement in particular that is raising their email marketing adoption rates like never before.

For over a decade, email blasts would generate high numbers of bounces, unsubscribes, and a diminished sender reputation. But thanks to advancements in integrations, email marketing apps—like Veloxy Engage and Mobile—empower you to send email blasts from the comfort of your Outlook or Gmail inbox, replacing the one-to-many email interpretation by the customers’ email firewalls with a one-to-one email interpretation, more than doubling open rates and response rates.

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