Your Smartphone's AI-powered Sales Assistant

Focus on your most productive sales tasks and take the grunt-work out of Salesforce updates with our AI Sales Assistant Software

Never miss priority tasks again

Veloxy helps you proactively manage your Salesforce pipeline by keeping tabs on your calendar, inbox, opportunities and more. Veloxy users love how this feature shortens and accelerates their sales cycles.

Never miss an important caller

When prospects call you, Veloxy appends vital account, contact and opportunity details to the Caller ID, so you know exactly who is calling and how important they are. Prospects and Clients enjoy the personal touch, "Hi John!".

salesforce update ai sales assistant screen

Keep Salesforce updated as you go

When you end a call, or after a meeting, you are prompted to add a note, a task or update a contact. It is context aware and fast, with no useless fields to wade through. In seconds Salesforce is updated by the Veloxy Salesforce mobile app.

Take control of your sales pipeline now!

Log your activities on auto-pilot

Organize and manage your sales engagement in real-time by automatically logging and prioritizing calls, emails, texts, and other selling activity in Salesforce. Veloxy helps you stay on a roll, calling the next prospect without screen switching.

auto logging salesforce ai sales assistant screen
screen shot of Veloxy's mobile email template builder

Save time by using email templates

Save hours of time and double response rates by using personalized email templates. You can still customize each email before it goes out, and you can share it with other reps. Create your own templates and use them in Outlook, too.

See who is reading your emails

Veloxy takes email anxiety out of your life. It tracks if your email is replied to, opened, or forwarded, and notifies you in real-time. Detailed analytics reveal how, when and where it was opened, and how many times.

360 view ai sales assistant screen
screen shot of Veloxy's AI Sales Assistant on iPhone

Be prepared for every meeting

Before a meeting or call, Veloxy's mobile app helps you prepare. You can research your prospect's sales intelligence from Salesforce, Email, Calendars, LinkedIn, G+, Twitter, Maps and more under a 360° view. You'll win more sales!

Be on time for your meetings

With one tap to call or join a meeting, you’re never stuck searching in email for numbers and pass codes or addresses. Driving there? One tap gets you directions, and it will even help you find a parking spot.

screenshot of Veloxy's Geolocation software on iPhone
geolocation screen ai sales assistant

Be more productive on the road

Veloxy uses your geo-location to map your leads and contacts so you can plan your route and calls. It also finds new businesses nearby, which you can research and add to Salesforce in seconds.

I’m stuck in traffic, and Veloxy shows me a great opportunity at the next exit. I swing off the highway, make the call and sign a new customer. Veloxy turned an otherwise wasted hour, into a successful sales call!

Search for anything, and find it

Not sure where the info you want is stored? You don’t need to know any more with Veloxy’s mobile sales management software. Veloxy searches in email, meetings, notes, tasks, prospects and opportunities to find it for you, FAST.

screenshot of Veloxy's AI sales Assistant on iPhone

AI Sales Assistant Solutions for Salesforce Users

Mobile App

Veloxy's mobile app is the one that Salesforce users always dreamed Salesforce1 could be! With the Mobile app, users can rapidly access an account's sales intelligence, find new contacts to engage with, discover new prospects in their real-time geo-location, and perform call or email blitzes.

Inbox Plugin

Veloxy's inbox plugin is a favorite amongst sales enablement leaders because it keeps sales reps on one screen, on one device. Users rarely leave the comfort of their Outlook or Gmail inbox. Salesforce users can have their activity automatically logged, and their sales engagement rates are very high.


When you empower inside and field sales representatives with Veloxy's mobile app, inbox plugin, and web portal, you multiply the impact sales enablement has on your organization. What would it mean to your CEO if you increased your CAGR while reducing your sales technology costs and footprint?

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