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Too Few Salesforce Logins? Poor Data Quality?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets—aka old habits—are one of the greatest problems facing today’s sales managers.

Second to that is the hybrid approach where sales reps use spreadsheets and Salesforce interchangeably, resulting in poor data quality due to negligent and irregular data entry.

Many sales managers think the solution to Salesforce adoption issues is a combination of Salesforce user training and talent assessments.

However, the cost of Salesforce consultation and turnover/onboarding makes user adoption seem out of reach.

Other sales managers choose the right path by tracking user adoption metrics, and adding Salesforce AppExchange applications and other sales technology to improve Salesforce adoption.

Unfortunately, the quantity of interfaces and integration errors cause data inconsistencies, furthering the low Salesforce login rates.

graph demonstrating low Salesforce adoption

Grow Adoption Outside Salesforce.

Salesforce adoption requires a thorough examination of people, process, and technology. Many of the Salesforce AppExchange applications that claim to improve adoption leave people and process out of their programming.

Salesforce adoption software needs to simplify the sales rep’s life.

That’s why sales managers are looking to meet their users in the middle by first demonstrating the power of Salesforce in a familiar interface, such as their Microsoft Outlook or Gmail Inbox, or their smartphone.

What would it mean to your Sales Org if you could automate the heaviest and most frequent Salesforce tasks from the comfort of your sales reps’ inbox and smart phone:

  1.  Automatically log salesforce activities
  2.  One-click prospect and account creation
  3.  Proactive Salesforce pipeline management
  4.  Initiates sales call blitzes and email blasts
  5.  Creates opportunity dashboards for management
Most importantly, what would it mean to you if your sales reps had an AI-driven 360° view of your prospects and accounts from outside of Salesforce?
illustration demonstrating one click Salesforce adoption
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"I've used Salesforce for 15 years... this is the best app!"

What exactly does Veloxy do to maximize our Salesforce adoption?

Veloxy’s mission is to help sales reps make their number faster and easier than ever before, and to help sales management build momentum through above-market growth and a market-dominating Sales Org.

What better way to get started than by 10X-ing Salesforce adoption?

Let’s not merely reach the average benchmark increases of 32% lead conversions and 27% revenue growth like the 150,000+ other Salesforce installations — let’s surpass those numbers by leveraging our suite of AI-powered sales applications that can:

  1. Increase Salesforce usage by 10X
  2. Increase sales process efficiency by 10X
  3. Capture 150 – 200% more data into Salesforce
  4. Save 45 – 60 minutes per day per rep
  5. Save $12,500 per year per rep
Starting at only $49 per month, per rep, you’ll be blown away to discover that Veloxy delivers so much more!
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AI Sales Assistant Solutions for Salesforce Users

Mobile App

Veloxy's mobile app is the one that Salesforce users always dreamed Salesforce1 could be! With the Mobile app, users can rapidly access an account's sales intelligence, find new contacts to engage with, discover new prospects in their real-time geo-location, and perform call or email blitzes.

Inbox Plugin

Veloxy's inbox plugin is a favorite amongst sales enablement leaders because it keeps sales reps on one screen, on one device. Users rarely leave the comfort of their Outlook or Gmail inbox. Salesforce users can have their activity automatically logged, and their sales engagement rates are very high.


When you empower inside and field sales representatives with Veloxy's mobile app, inbox plugin, and web portal, you multiply the impact sales enablement has on your organization. What would it mean to your CEO if you increased your CAGR while reducing your sales technology costs and footprint?

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