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Samir Majumdar

CEO and cofounder of Veloxy, stands at the forefront of enhancing sales productivity and Salesforce automation. His innovation has positioned Veloxy as a Top 50 field sales software, renowned for dramatically improving sales team efficiency and significantly shortening sales cycles. Esteemed organizations such as Comcast, Wex, and T-Mobile have witnessed remarkable benefits from his contributions. Recognized as a leading expert in field sales performance and Salesforce adoption, Samir balances his professional expertise with personal passions, notable for his adept soccer defense and love for fantasy novels. With over 200 blog posts that delve into the evolving best practices in sales, Samir continues to share his invaluable insights through the ‘Blueprint for Field Sales Success’ article series on LinkedIn, guiding sales professionals towards unparalleled achievement.

The Strategic 7: Sales Secrets to Success

Key Benefits of the Report:

  • Realize the inherent value of sales secrets—new opportunities for growth and new competitive advantages.
  • Quickly improve over 15 sales performance KPIs, and exponentially grow metrics over time.
  • Energize both clients, sales staff, and the C-suite like never before.

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Explore Our 16 Strategies for Improving Salesforce Adoption

Did you know that around 77% of sellers cannot efficiently complete their tasks? Lack of productivity can result in lost sales, poor customer relations, and inability to complete everyday tasks.  Many organizations devote a large portion of their budget to tools and programs designed to streamline their operations. However, one of the

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outside sales rep departing for a client meeting

What is Outside Sales? Everything You Need to Know in 2024

The sales world is huge, and if you’re in the biz, you’ve probably dabbled in both inside and outside sales roles. But if you’re thinking about switching to outside sales, or just want to step up your game in field selling, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. In this blog

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illustration of high velocity sales

Supercharge Your Revenue With High Velocity Sales Strategies

In an era of fierce competition, businesses must find ways to optimize their sales processes to stay ahead. High velocity sales has emerged as a powerful strategy to accelerate the path to success. By combining speed, efficiency, and data-driven decision making, high velocity sales enables organizations to close deals faster,

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What is Sales Acceleration? Everything You Need to Know

Sales acceleration. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot. But this concept isn’t just a buzzword… it’s the key to unlocking your business’s full potential. So, what is sales acceleration? Today, I’m diving into the ins and outs of this important sales fundamental so you and your team

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conversation between a doctor and medical salesman

How to Get Into Medical Device Sales (Key Strategies for Success)

Dreaming of a rewarding and challenging career in medical device sales? You should be! The medical device industry is poised to reach nearly $800 billion in global annual sales by 2030. If you’re looking to cut yourself a piece of that pie, then you’re in for an exciting journey! In this guide,

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10 Best Cold Calling Books of 2024: Key Techniques & Strategies

Cold Calling is not dead! Despite what you might be hearing in some trending podcast or from your sales team, cold calling is more alive and more profitable today than ever before. There are some thought leaders who disguise the term cold calling with ‘warm calling’. In short, they’re associating

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The Big Blue Book of Field Sales

10 chapters of emerging best practices to help field sales, outside sales, and door-to-door sales reps close more deals faster, easier, and smarter.

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