The Best Sales Podcasts to Elevate Your Selling Game in 2024

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Looking for the best sales podcasts to boost your numbers and master the art of the deal? With over 10,000 podcasts to choose from, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a rookie learning the ropes or a vet hunting innovative tactics, our curated guide to essential sales podcasts is your ticket to leveling up your sales game. Expect actionable insights, cutting-edge strategies, and insider knowledge to keep you engaged and selling smarter—all without the fluff.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales podcasts offer valuable insights for sales professionals of all levels, featuring content ranging from beginner-friendly tips to expert interviews and advanced strategies for B2B sales, sales engagement, and various industry-specific sales topics.

  • These podcasts cover a diverse range of sales topics, including mastering the sales funnel, customer relationship building, sales psychology, leadership, personal growth, and the latest sales trends and innovations.

  • Listening to these top sales podcasts can help professionals enhance their skills, stay informed about new developments in the field, and gain strategic advice from seasoned sales experts for career advancement and sales success.

Tuning Into Sales Success: The Ultimate Podcast List

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Sales podcasts are transforming how professionals in the field learn and grow, offering insights into sales processes and strategies. Accessible anytime and anywhere, they cater to both novices and experienced sales reps.

For beginners, The Amazing Seller Podcast and Hardcore Closer are perfect. They provide easy-to-understand content that helps newcomers grasp the basics of selling and skill development.

Real Sales Talk shines for those looking for modern techniques and business growth advice, emphasizing the diverse content available in sales podcasts. Meanwhile, The Sales Hunter Podcast and The Sales Engagement Podcast explore specific sales areas. The former mixes quick tips with in-depth expert interviews, while the latter focuses on effective prospect engagement.

Don’t miss Stay Paid and Sell or Die for actionable advice suited to both salespeople and marketers. The Sales Babble Podcast also stands out, offering insights from successful business leaders and their experiences.

Exploring these podcasts can significantly boost your sales strategy, regardless of your role in the sales world.

The Hardcore Closer Podcast

The Hardcore Closer Podcast with Ryan Stewman offers modern sales techniques to boost leads, close rates, and sales across industries.

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Essential Listening for B2B Sales Mastery

Podcasts are invaluable for gaining industry-specific insights in B2B sales. The B2B Sales Show is a prime example, featuring interviews with industry leaders that delve into a variety of B2B sales topics. Make it Happen Mondays, hosted by John Barrows, stands out for its actionable tips from top figures in the field, making it a must-listen for B2B sales professionals.

Another key podcast is The GTM Podcast (formerly the Sales Hacker Podcast), hosted by sales experts Scott Barker and Sam Jacobs. This podcast offers deep insights and practical advice on modern B2B sales, proving itself an essential resource for sales veterans and newcomers alike.

The GTM Podcast

The GTM Podcast, hosted by Scott Barker, features interviews with tech leaders and VCs, sharing insights and stories, plus listener Q&As.

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Navigating the Sales Pipeline: Expert Advice

Navigating the sales pipeline can seem overwhelming, but expert advice from targeted podcasts makes it manageable. Sales Pipeline Radio, hosted by Matt Heinz, features detailed conversations with B2B sales and marketing professionals. It touches on crucial topics like empathetic selling and leveraging AI in prospecting, equipping listeners with invaluable insights.

Outbound Squad and Predictable Prospecting, led by Jason Bay and Marylou Tyler, delve into the nuts and bolts of prospecting. These podcasts cover everything from cold calling and outreach sequencing to effectively moving leads through the sales funnel, offering a treasure trove of strategies for robust pipeline management.

The Sales Evangelist, with Donald Kelly, serves as a platform for sales leaders and entrepreneurs to share their success stories and strategies, focusing on:

  • Becoming top sales performers.
  • Understanding complex sales strategies.
  • Tailored advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses to decode sales jargon and enhance sales techniques.

These podcasts are essential listening for anyone aiming to master the art of sales pipeline navigation.

The Sales Evangelist Podcast

Donald's podcast features interviews with top sales experts and entrepreneurs, sharing strategies and insights to elevate your sales career to six figures.

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Women in Sales: Voices to Empower

The growing recognition of women in sales has led to the emergence of podcasts as a powerful tool for empowerment. ‘Closing Deals in Heels’, ‘The Confident ClosHER Podcast’, and ‘She Sells Radio’ are dedicated to empowering female sales professionals. These podcasts provide insights into sales strategies and successes from a female perspective, aiming to inspire and guide women in the industry.

‘Conversations with Women in Sales’ highlights the journeys and experiences of female sales professionals, coupled with actionable advice for career advancement. Additionally, ‘The Smart Gets Paid Podcast’ and ‘Talent Pop Podcast’ offer support for women entrepreneurs facing sales challenges and looking to grow their businesses.

These podcasts not only focus on sales strategies but also build a supportive community for female sales professionals, underscoring the importance of empowerment and shared experiences.

The Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast

Hosted by Lori Richardson, Conversations with Women in Sales podcast features impactful interviews and advice for advancing sales careers.

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Sharpening Your Sales Skills with Proven Strategies

For sales professionals aiming to refine their skills, podcasts are a goldmine of wisdom. ‘Everything is Sales,’ and ‘Blissful Prospecting’ feature discussions with sales leaders and provide actionable advice to elevate sales techniques. These platforms share insights on enhancing cold email strategies and navigating the emotional aspects of sales.

Hosts like Jeffrey Gitomer (‘Sell or Die’), Brian G. Burns (‘The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling’), and Donald Kelly (‘The Sales Evangelist’) bring a wealth of knowledge from their vast sales coaching experience. They uncover strategic selling methods and essential skills for sales excellence.

These podcasts also tackle common sales hurdles, such as contract negotiations and lead generation, and cover motivational and ethical selling approaches. Offering a holistic view of the sales landscape, they are invaluable resources for both new and seasoned sales professionals looking to sharpen their sales skills and strategies.

Sales Success Stories Podcast

Sales Success Stories podcast with Scott Ingram reveals top sales professionals' habits, strategies, and tips for B2B and SAAS sales.

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Bite-Size Sales Insights That Pack a Punch

In the rapidly moving sales world, bite-size sales insights that pack a punch can be transformative. Sales professionals often find it challenging to find the time for long training sessions or in-depth resources. This is where bite-size sales podcasts come to the rescue.

Podcasts like Daily Sales Tips with Scott Ingram and the Sales Gravy Podcast with Jeb Blount are renowned for their snack-sized episodes, offering a new sales tip every day or overarching sales topics in under 5 minutes for effortless consumption.

Podcasts like The Advanced Selling Podcast and Outbound Squad offer valuable tips on buyer resistance and prospecting strategy. The 30 Minutes to President’s Club promises hyper-actionable tactics, providing sales professionals with practical advice that can be immediately applied.

On the other hand, The Modern Selling Podcast and Sales Babble take a unique angle by addressing the human aspects, such as emotional dynamics and simplifying complex strategies, making the information more approachable for sales reps. These bite-size podcasts serve as a valuable tool for sales professionals, offering quick insights and actionable tips that can significantly enhance their selling skills.

Daily Sales Tips Podcast

B2B sales podcast offering daily tips under 10 minutes, allowing a week's binge in under an hour for sales professionals.

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The Psychology Behind Selling: Deep Dives

Sales professionals seeking a competitive edge must understand the psychology of selling. Podcasts such as ‘Sales Influence — Why People Buy!’ and ‘The Buyer’s Mind: Sales Training with Jeff Shore’ are key resources in this area. These podcasts explore the intricacies of sales and purchasing behavior, focusing on the psychology behind buyer decisions. They offer insights into overcoming buyer resistance and combating decision fatigue, providing sales professionals with strategies to effectively engage customers and close deals.

Shows like ‘Selling Made Simple’ and ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’ explore the role of emotions, body language, and motivation in sales and strategies for influencing buyer psychology. Other podcasts, like ‘The #AskGaryVee Show Podcast’ and ‘Sales Strategy & Enablement’, discuss the application of psychological principles like the Law of Attraction and the impact of artificial intelligence on productivity.

In podcasts like ‘Mental Selling: The Sales Performance Podcast,’ sales leaders share insights on the mindsets and emotions driving sales success, blending psychology with sales tactics and strategies.

Sales Influence - Why People Buy Podcast

This podcast explores 'Finding the Why in How Clients Buy,' using consumer behavior and neuromarketing studies to boost sales effectiveness.

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Leadership in Sales: Guiding Teams to Victory

Sales leadership is a vital element with significant impact on the success of a sales team. Podcasts like ‘Ask More, Get More’‘Sales Pipeline Radio’, and ‘Value Builders’ provide discussions on creating a supportive sales culture through empathy, effective communication, and team management. They offer insights on driving sales growth, retaining talent, performance improvement, business scaling, and revenue growth, making them invaluable resources for sales leaders.

Additionally, these podcasts share impactful strategies on:

  • recruiting
  • training
  • embracing technology
  • leadership consistency

All of which are crucial for ensuring team success. Thus, whether you are a budding sales leader or an experienced one, these podcasts can provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to guide your team to victory.

Sales Pipeline Radio Podcast

Sales Pipeline Radio, hosted by Matt Heinz, offers insights on improving B2B sales and marketing for better business outcomes.

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Sales Training Sessions for Aspiring Leaders

Sales training podcasts can offer the guidance and advice that aspiring sales leaders often seek for their career path navigation. Podcasts like ‘The Pavilion Podcast’‘Sales Coach’, and ‘Sales Leadership Podcast’ provide career advice, coaching guidance, and success tactics to help sales professionals develop the skills needed to advance to leadership positions.

Moreover, tuning in to ‘Blissful Prospecting’ and ‘Winning the Challenger Sale’ can help aspiring sales leaders learn daily habits of top performers and master essential selling skills. These podcasts serve as virtual training sessions for professional development, equipping aspiring sales leaders with the knowledge and skills required to climb the career ladder.

‘Sales Game Changers’ podcast is another resource that aspiring leaders can leverage to gain insights on advancing their sales careers and leadership coaching.

Winning the Challenger Sale Podcast

Dive into daily skills and behaviors for winning in complex sales, hosted by 'The Challenger Sale' and 'The Challenger Customer' team.

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The Art of Tech Sales: Industry-Specific Insights

Tech sales, a specialized field, necessitates a unique skill set and understanding. Podcasts like ‘SaaStr’, ‘Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul’, and ‘The GTM Podcast’ provide industry-specific insights and tips for sales professionals in the tech industry.

The ‘SaaStr’ podcast, for example, provides advice and tactics specifically targeted at sales professionals in the competitive SaaS market. It emphasizes strategies for success in SaaS, including scaling and hiring.

The ‘Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul’ discusses topics such as solution selling and forming high-velocity inside sales teams, featuring industry leaders in tech sales. Interviews with tech executives and venture capitalists on ‘The GTM Podcast’ provide firsthand accounts of successful go-to-market strategies. These podcasts provide a wealth of industry-specific insights that can help sales professionals master the art of tech sales.

The Official SaaStr Podcast

The Official SaaStr Podcast