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Sales Enablement 2020: Artificial Intelligence is key.

Sales enablement is an under appreciated strategy for growing revenue, improving the customer experience, and empowering sales reps. But even when you empower your sales team, there's always onboarding concerns and overall suspicion. Artificial Intelligence eliminates those challenges by automating their non-productive work.

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Sales Enablement Made Simple

If you work in sales or marketing, then you’ve probably heard the term sales enablement. But while it might be a viable topic, there’s definitely a lot of confusion on whether it’s a specific field of practice or just another vague buzzword. Does sales enablement deliver real benefits to companies? Well, the general idea behind it does sound straightforward. To empower your sales team to smash through their targets while also providing customers with the required solutions and an easy sales experience. Unfortunately, the process of setting up an effective sales enablement strategy is anything but simple. There are certain tools and moving pieces

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Top 5 Sales Enablement Tools for 2020

Did you know that on average, sales reps waste over 50% of their time on poor prospects? So if you have a team of 10 full time reps, then you’re looking at a collective 200 paid hours down the drain every week. If you spend more money on hiring reps than training them, then you’re setting up your team for failure. The reality is, poorly trained and ill equipped reps are a persistent problem in any industry. And this is all despite the fact that trained reps actually sell 50% more effectively. Check out our blog posts where 20 sales

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Why Soft Skills Are The New Hard Skills

Educators and employers frequently err when it comes to distinguishing between soft and hard skills. On one hand, soft skills are characteristics that fall in the interpersonal realm and play an important role in an individual’s self-management. They make up your personality and can prove you would be a perfect fit in any workplace. Soft skills are generally considered abstract or behavioral because interpersonal qualities are nurtured over time, but not so much taught. You can be able to cultivate these skills with time through self-awareness, persistence, empathy, and humility. Soft skills consist of qualities that affect interpersonal outcomes, such as

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Business AI: Assistant or Replacement?

We’re definitely at the dawn of a new era; technology has never been so advanced or convenient. I mean, we’ve got cars that drive themselves, and planes that submerge underwater. But perhaps the most significant achievement the human mind has achieved to date is to recreate a non organic version of itself – Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to AI, today’s breed of tech and machines can actually comprehend, act, learn, think, and alter behavior according to new data in real time. AI is surely poised to transform numerous processes and overall productivity across the economy as a whole. But even in this

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