Best Sales Acceleration Software

photo of a sales rep accelerating sales middle of funnel
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Best Sales Acceleration Software

photo of a sales rep accelerating sales middle of funnel

Helping You Sell Faster, Easier, and Smarter.

Sales Managers are constantly under pressure to hit BIG numbers. While sales acceleration spent 2021 as a powerful, yet underutilized solution across the B2B landscape, the software market is expected to enjoy explosive growth in 2022. Sales managers are paying close attention.

Sales acceleration software is so much more than selling faster. Tools to track customers’ inbox activity, prioritize leads based on buyer propensity, and improve dialer engagement rate enable your sales organization to improve productivity, efficiency, and sales technology ROI at an exponential rate.

We reviewed dozens of the most popular sales acceleration software on the market today, and we’ve summarized our findings to help you make quick, educated decisions for the new year. If you’d enjoy speaking with a thought leader in the space, schedule a free sales acceleration consultation today with Jeff Grice.

The 5 Best Sales Acceleration Software for 2022

  • Best for AI Sales: Veloxy ⇒
  • Best for Prospecting: SoPro ⇒
  • Best for Digital Content: Relayto ⇒
  • Best for Video Messaging: OneMob ⇒
  • Best for Call Tracking: CallRail ⇒

Best for AI Sales: Veloxy

AI Sales software is a critical solution for sales managers who want to keep their salespeople on task—ie. selling and generating revenue. Also known as AI Sales Assistants or AI Virtual Sales Assistants, this software helps accelerate sales by automating tasks and processes with very little to zero involvement, eliminating anywhere from 20-50% of daily non-selling activity.

Veloxy’s artificial intelligence goes several steps further. In addition to eliminating data entry and admin tasks, Veloxy automatically tracks and analyzes the behavior of your leads, contacts, and opportunities. Enabled with this sales technology, your salespeople will receive buying signals and guided selling on a daily basis, replacing guesswork and manual lead prioritization forever.

3 AI Sales Features that Customers Love

  1. Automates and improves the adoption of Salesforce
  2. Easily extendable to smartphones and tablets
  3. Download new leads based on your geolocation

Veloxy’s free for thirty days and does not limit functionality during your trial. It has received recognition from G2 for High Performance, Customer Relationships, and Easiest to Do Business With. Most clients pay off their annual subscription in at most three months.

Aside from its free plan, there are also two paid plans which vary on cost based on if you use Salesforce or not.

  • Veloxy Lite: $25 to $35 per user, per month
  • Veloxy: $49 to $65 per user, per month

Veloxy is the perfect sales acceleration tool for inside and outside salespeople. It keeps inside sales reps on one screen and on task, while also extending call blitz and email blast functionality to their smartphone to maximize productivity.

Field sales reps love using Veloxy because it prevents them from feeling landlocked to their office desk, and it greatly increases the amount of visits per trip.

  • Enterprise: Comcast, T-Mobile, Tommy Hilfiger
  • Mid-Market: WEX, Ooma
  • Small Business: Vast Networks, Kettenbach USA

For more information on Veloxy, check out the insight on G2 reviews ⇒.

Best for Prospecting: SoPro

Prospecting as a Service is an absolute must for sales managers who want to prevent unqualified contacts from entering their team’s outbound cadence. Buying lists is so 2021.

With SoPro, you’re helping your salespeople accelerate sales by engaging only with pre-qualified leads, thereby improving engagement rates and shrinking the pipeline.

3 Prospecting Features that Customers Love

  1. Helps team focus on customer experience over lead gen
  2. Easily find the right leads in large industries
  3. Granular criteria for choosing optimal targets

SoPro has received recognition from G2 for High Performance, Customer Relationships, and Easiest to Do Business With.

SoPro offers a scalable plan that you can grow into month after month. The more leads you receive, the less it costs on a per lead basis.

  • 35 Qualified Leads per Month: $2,500* at $71.43 per lead
  • 105 Qualified Leads per Month: $6,390* at $60.86 per lead
    *requires 3 month commitment and set-up fee

SoPro is the best sales acceleration tool for sustaining and improving sales rep morale. Excessive voicemails and low response rate email campaigns are avoidable when their dialer is exclusively preloaded with qualified leads. Once inside sales reps are enabled with SoPro, the age old analogy of lists and dart boards falls by the wayside.

Company salespeople using SoPro to accelerate sales:

  • Mid-Market: Nakisa, Skanem
  • Small Business: AfCE, MAControls

For more information on SoPro, check out the insight on G2 reviews ⇒.

Best for Digital Content: Relayto

Creating a positive customer experience has always required value-added content. However, in today’s connected and overcommunicated world, the typical landing page and PDF approach simply won’t cut it for your sales team.

To truly accelerate sales in 2022, you need to enable your inside and outside sales reps with a portfolio of digital content experiences. Go here to see a digital content experience at work, and imagine the possibilities for your outreach, sales presentations, and proposal accessories.

screenshot of relayto sales acceleration software

3 Digital Content Features that Customers Love

  1. Interactive pitches and proposals
  2. Leave behinds with trackable engagement data
  3. Ability to create account portals for the most valued clients

Relayto currently offers a free version to qualified users, and extends credit to specific early-stage startups and non-for-profits. It too has received recognition from G2 for High Performance, Customer Relationships, and Easiest to Do Business With. Relayto has a powerful story to share about a sales client who generated an average $2k in revenue for every dollar invested in the platform.

Relayto has scalable pricing options for any sized team, including customized packages for enterprise clients with strict security requirements.

  • Solo: $80 per user, per month
  • Lite Team: $120 per user, per month
  • Pro Team: $200 per user, per month

Relayto is the best sales acceleration tool for giving customers the content they want in the way they want it. Sales teams can find hundreds of ways to differentiate themselves from competing salespeople. Relayto gives them a differentiated offering that is proven to make a long lasting impact, not just in revenue, but in the reputation as a strategic partner.

Company salespeople using Relayto to accelerate sales:

  • Enterprise: NatWest, TheOMC
  • Mid-Market: Ansible Advisory, Meridian Risk Management
  • Small Business: Matalan, Ayzd

For more information on Relayto, check out the insight on G2 reviews ⇒.

Best for Video Messaging: OneMob

Gone are the days where sending an explainer video or generic YouTube link would produce clicks and replies for your sales team. Customers want a personalized B2B buying experience, one that speaks directly to them, not just their employer or persona group.

OneMob helps sales teams’ accelerate the path to revenue by enabling the recording and sharing of videos in a fraction of the time it would take to write a cold email, but with the same ease of creation.

3 Video Messaging Features that Customers Love

  1. Intimidation-less video recording experience
  2. Easy-to-use video personalization (eg. add merge-field text)
  3. Calendar call-to-actions to increase meetings

OneMob will help you create your first video with no payment required. It too has received recognition from G2 for High Performance, and they consistently outrank their competition across several categories.

OneMob has straightforward pricing for sales teams looking to use personalized video to accelerate sales.

  • Team: $25 to $30 per user, per month
  • Enterprise or Usage Based: Contact OneMob for quote

OneMob is the best sales acceleration tool for encouraging salespeople to initiate engagement with customers, whether it’s using email, LinkedIn, or even direct mail. As the attention span of each generation gets smaller and smaller, empower your sales team with the content form that delivers the highest click and response rates.

Company salespeople using OneMob to accelerate sales:

  • Enterprise: IBM, Liberty Mutual
  • Mid-Market: REVELxp, Finley Engineering
  • Small Business: Woodruff Sawyer, Vengreso

For more information on OneMob, check out the insight on G2 reviews ⇒.

Best for Call Tracking: CallRail

Using Salesforce Caller ID is one way to improve the customer experience and accelerate sales on calls. But what if you could also predictably know why the customer is calling you, matching them to specific online and offline campaigns to improve your sales team’s talking points? Not only would call tracking lengthen the call and move the customer down the funnel, it would also enhance the collaboration with the marketing department (which is another path to accelerating sales).

3 Call Tracking Features that Customers Love

  1. Lead attribution to review every interaction (pre and post call)
  2. Operational reporting to optimize phone staffing
  3. Mobile app to shorten response times

CallRail currently offers a free 14 days trial for all five of their products. It too has received recognition from G2, especially for their Top 50 Sales Product award.

CallRail has scalable pricing options based on usage and functionality. In addition to call tracking, you can also unlock more analytics and centralization features.

  • Call Tracking: $45 for 10 local numbers, 500 local minutes
  • Lead Center: $145, plus $30 to $40 per agent*
    *the full call tracking and analytics suite

CallRail is the best sales acceleration tool for improving the ROI for the rest of your sales (and marketing) tech stack. It integrates with over 700 other solutions, including Google AdWords and Analytics, Facebook, and Salesforce.

Company salespeople using CallRail to accelerate sales

  • Enterprise: Kloeckner Metals, CSS Insurance
  • Mid-Market: Sturtevant Richmont, Midwood Marketing
  • Small Business: Digital Group Media, Rey Rey Properties

For more information on CallRail, check out the insight on G2 reviews ⇒.

How to Choose the Best Sales Acceleration Software

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I don’t know if I can afford $2,699 per month, per user.” Consider this—how much would you be willing to invest in your sales team’s success to make a powerful impact on revenue? Back in 2017, companies averaged a $4,581 annual investment in each rep’s sales tech stack. This was a few years before the Salesforce study that found salespeople spend most of their time not-selling and missing quota.

When it comes to selling easier, faster, and smarter—a true multiplier to your sales force—when is the investment too much, especially if the goal after growing revenue is growing the company size (and that means more salespeople). Start investing in the right sales acceleration tools to build your team’s morale and to build your future as a recognized sales leader.


Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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