5 Great Customer Relationship Management Examples

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As the most important part of any business, it’s vital to have a good relationship with your customers to reduce attrition. This is why plenty of companies focus on Customer Relationship Management. In this segment, we’ll be looking at all the examples of great CRM implementation by big companies all over the world. But first, let’s try to define what CRM is.    

What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM consists of processes, strategies and software designed to manage all your company’s interactions with potential clients and customers. It can be used in sales, marketing, and other operations to help monitor and improve relationships so you can upsell clients.

The main reason why CRM is so important is because it provides companies with insights on prospects, customer and suppliers. With the collected information, you can identify pain points, improve several processes, sell more, and even build customer loyalty. The goal of CRM is to expand and improve a customer’s lifecycle by enhancing relationships. This allows business leaders to adapt customer retention strategies and drive sales growth. Managing this cycle adequately can be the difference between customer churn and customer retention.

Outstanding Examples of CRM in Organizations

1: Amazon CRM  

 When it comes to online shopping, Amazon has carved out quite a name for itself over the past few years. One of the reasons for this is their advanced CRM system. Amazon has hands down one of the most complete CRM infrastructures on the planet. It harnesses customer data during purchases to instantly customize user experience online.   

When purchasing your first item from Amazon, you need to set up a personal account. After that, Amazon is able to track your purchases and browsing history to better tailor marketing and email campaigns based on your likes, tastes and preferences. What’s more, you can configure your account to set up whatever purchases you want in one simple click. This is undoubtedly one of Amazon’s most popular features. Customers really seem to appreciate it since it dramatically speeds up the checkout process when making purchases.

2: Coca-Cola CRM

One thing Coca-Cola is known for is its incredibly fast response time. That’s because the company uses CRM to promote collaboration and deal with all sorts of customer issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible. By using state of the art CRM, each and every member of the Coca-Cola team can identify these issues, monitor customer behavior and social media closely for tailored offers and promotions.

As a bonus, team members can use mobile apps on the go to access customer history no matter the time or location. They can then use the available data to create and update work orders as well as send out field technicians in real-time.

3: Apple CRM

CRM can be a crucial part of any business that intends to expand. Just look at Apple and how vital their customer relationship management is to their growth. Have you ever owned or used an Apple device? If you have, chances are you also had to register it using an Apple ID. This is simply an account you use to access various Apple services such as App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, FaceTime, iMessage and many more.

What’s interesting is how these unique IDs synchronize across all your Apple devices, save
film and music preferences as well as provide bespoke recommendations based on what you like. For many people, this is quite convenient. For Apple, their CRM is a tool that provides insights on what customers like for effortless, targeted marketing.

4: Tesco CRM

Just like most retailers around the world, Tesco also uses a Clubcard to reward its most loyal customers. For every pound spent, you earn a point. These points can then be traded in for Tesco Clubcard Voucher’s which in turn trade for rewards. Similarly, Tesco has several partnerships with hotels, restaurants, gas stations thus giving users a lot more opportunities to earn points.

There are programs available for all family members. These include the Tesco Baby and Toddler Club, Tesco kids Club, World of Wine Club and Tesco Healthy Living Club. Tesco uses this for targeted marketing actions with over four million variations of its quarterly mailing. This ensures discounts and offers are personalized for each and every customer.       

5: Activision CRM

Hey gamers; this one’s for you. Activision is a giant and pioneer in the video gaming industry that uses CRM in creative ways. Activision employs CRM to connect with gamers via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. By using a cloud-based CRM solution, the company’s been able to achieve a lot.

Activision boasts of reduced customer service related expenses by as much as 25%. They’re also able to assess and resolve over 80% of customer related issues through online self service. But that’s not all: Activision’s managed to reduce overhead costs, increase user satisfaction rates and improved overall communications with its gaming community. This is arguably one of the best ways to use CRM a company can display.


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