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Veloxy Reviews at AppExchange

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Recently, we nabbed G2 Crowd’s High Performer badge for 2020. Sure, this means we’re doing something right. But it also means that our customers are more than satisfied with our services. We’ve been checking out what you had to say about Veloxy on numerous platforms. The feedback has been simply phenomenal. Some of our customers have actually found unique uses for Veloxy that we had not anticipated. You can checkout some of Veloxy’s top reviews from Capterra. However, today is all about AppExchange and what reviewers there had to say.


What is AppExchange?

Launched by Salesforce back in 2005, AppExchange is the world’s leading app marketplace and the first directory of its kind. However, there’s one little difference that sets it apart from other marketplaces. Unlike Capterra, Appexchange is wholly committed to Salesforce and customized to extend it in every department. You can think of it as an App store, but only for Salesforce related software.

This proven ecosystem of apps boasts millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews geared towards helping people find the best match for their business. Today, appexchange offers a versatile mix of both free and paid apps. The apps are organized into categories, collections and industry solutions that encompass a wide range of fields. But it’s much more than a business app platform. At appexchange, you can also find developers and consulting partners to help extend the power of your Salesforce.

For customers, understanding what solutions will help you the most is the first step towards leveraging AppExchange. Typically appearing as downloadable apps, all the components in the platform allow users to apply Salesforce beyond its native functionality. It doesn’t matter if you run a fortune 500 or an SMB; there’s something for everyone. The marketplace itself is very user intuitive and easy to navigate. Search options like app filtering and Industry Collections let you sift through categories such as retail or non profit and find the highest rated apps in your field.


Veloxy: What’s the Word at Appexchange

Categorized under Sales Intelligence apps, Veloxy received an average rating of 4.9 stars after 190 reviews. This is exactly the same rating we got on Capterra which shows a fair degree of consistency. AppExchange describes Veloxy as the best sales enablement plugin for both outlook and Salesforce. Below are samples of community reviews from you, the customer. Here’s what everyone had to say.


a. Christopher Shude 5 Star Rating

Shude says, “Veloxy is so much better than the native app for Salesforce it’s not even funny. We’ve been using Veloxy for 3 years. We started as a pilot and eventually rolled out to the entire sales organization. One of the CEOs and Co-founders, Samir, has been excellent to work with from the very first stage. Here are a few things that I absolutely love about Veloxy.

–  Push notifications. They’ve been a long awaited feature in the Salesforce App. Once you’ve made an appointment, Veloxy sends you notifications to call up the prospect at the designated time.

–  Automatically logging sales activities. If you know your prospect is in Salesforce, then I don’t understand why anyone would ever call or contact them without using Veloxy. Not only does calling through the app give your convo a time stamp, it also lets you put any notes regarding the conversation. Likewise, talk to text is supported, you can easily record all your sales activities for future reference.”

b. RoseAnn Lombardo 5 Star Veloxy Rating

Here’s what RoseAnn had to say in her community review. “I love it. Veloxy is a velocity game changer. Not only does this plugin make my job that much easier, it also gives me more time to focus on important aspects that make me money. This is an exceptional tool for reps out in the field trying to get things done because you can view all the info you need plus much more.”

c. Jay Skinner 5 Star Rating

Jay tells us all about how Veloxy has improved different areas of his business. He says, “After using Veloxy for just one year, I found it to be more like my own personal sales manager. It helps me remember what to do based on my own actions at the moment. Veloxy is like a gentle nudge when someone has not been touched for a while. This is especially valuable when I’m going for a trip. Not only can I see the area where I’m planning to travel, but Veloxy lets me send out mass personalized emails to everyone in the area and inform them of my presence. Very valuable, always helps me pick the ripe fruit. ”


Final Word

There were plenty of reviewers with nothing but great things to say about Veloxy. From helping them streamline the entire sales process to ensuring you’re always on top of your sales funnel, Veloxy is as useful and versatile an app as you can get for Salesforce and outlook. Some of the most notable features include Veloxy Mobile and Engage.

If you want to shrink your sales cycles with bulk email, engagement analytics and Salesforce all in one place, then make sure you get Veloxy Engage. It’s the best email template builder in the world.

Similarly, sales reps who are always out on the road will appreciate Veloxy Mobile which acts as an AI powered virtual assistance. It will allow your teams to be more productive on the road while all their activities are automatically logged. Veloxy truly is your friendly neighborhood sales assistant. And thank you all once more for making Veloxy the ultimate sales enablement app.

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Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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