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3 Email Sequences You’ll Want to Adopt Today!

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Sending out hundreds of emails manually can be a pain in the neck. Not only is it a lengthy and cumbersome process, it’s also hard to accurately follow up with all your prospects. Don’t get me wrong; there’s definitely room for manual email outreach. However, having the right automated drip sequence for your email campaigns can be a massive game changer.

As a company, we’ve learned that email drip campaigns can be both a blessing and a curse. Done correctly, they’ll help your slowly build trust with prospects and lay the groundwork so you can eventually convert them into customers. But do it wrong and it’ll look like you’re running a spam campaign. For every great cold email you send out, all it takes is one mistimed follow up to both lose a prospect and damage your organization’s reputation.

So, how exactly do you build email drip campaigns that work for you as opposed to against you? Manual emails might include the usual thanks for signing up with one week follow up email a few weeks later. Needless to say, this is not aggressive enough. What you need is a well laid out drip campaign that basically runs itself. Veloxy’s done the grunt work and found an email drip sequence that guarantees an over 50% email open rate and high conversion. Let’s dive right into it.

3 Email Sequences You'll Want to Adopt

1. The welcome email drip sequence

Congratulations, you’ve just converted a website visitor into a lead. They’ve submitted the form and their contacts and info have been added to your CRM. That’s great! But don’t pop the champagne just yet; there’s still a ton of work to be done. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time a company has lost leads because of not making them feel welcome and wanted. This is why the welcome email sequence is of the utmost importance. Below is a step by step guide on how the drip sequence should go:

Welcome Sequence

  • The first email should be a thank you and welcome message. If there’s anything you were to deliver, do it promptly.
  • Next, help the customer understand what it is they’ve purchased or downloaded and a short all to action in case they want to find out more about the product or service. 
  • Share additional content that builds credibility for both the company and salesperson. 
  • Share other resources that might be of interest to the customer.
  • Ask them about their number one pain point with the hope of finding something your sales team can run with. 
  • Share a list of similar resources – track their links to get a better understanding of their likes

Hold on, don’t run the sequence just yet. Before you hit that enter button, lets look at what exactly the welcome sequence tries to accomplish. One, you are not trying to close a deal – so don’t get into closing more deals just yet. You can include a small call to action in case you sense the prospect is ready to talk. But for the most part, you want to share content, resources, templates and other assets you think might interest the prospect.

2. The sales email drip sequence

Now that you’ve built a certain level of trust and credibility with your prospect, it’s time to move on to the sales sequence. After all, it’s always a good sign in your prospect opened up most of the emails in the first sequence. But at the end of the day, trust alone don’t pay the bills. It’s your team’s job to ensure leads are converted into customers – queue next sequence.

Sales Sequence

  • Intro your offer carefully addressing common hesitations

  • Answer all FAQs as well as questions the lead asks directly

  • Showcase exactly what things will look like if they take advantage of the offer, and the drawbacks if they don’t

  • Offer a promotion, maybe an exclusive promotion or 10% discount for the first few month

  • Next, create a sense of urgency that the offer expires soon

NB: Just because it’s a sales sequence doesn’t mean that you should always be trying to close here. Unless your products have a lower ticket price, this could be the way to go. However, try to make your goal here about getting contacts to schedule calls with executives, start a free trial or simply reply to your emails.

3. The onboarding email drip sequence

Now, the exact way you roll out this sequence will depend on how your pricing structure looks like. However, the main role of this sequence is to get new users comfortable with your products or services. By the time you’re getting to this sequence the user is already at the acquisition stage. But we’re not done yet!

Your job is to now convince them to start and continue using your products and services – especially if you’re dealing with software. Remember, you won’t keep anyone longer than the free trial if the customer can’t figure out how to solve their initial problem. Here’s how to set up the final drip sequence immediately after the free trial starts.

Onboarding Sequence

  • Start by thanking the prospect and introducing them to your onboard training

  • Lesson 1 should include helping them get the first win

  • Lesson 2 is introducing the most popular feature and share a couple of use cases

  • Lesson 3 introduces complementary features with use examples

  • Right before the trial expires, offer an exclusive discount to incentivize upgrading

  • Warn them the trial expires soon

  • Offer an extended free trial

  • Give them that break up email

Throughout the entire onboarding sequence, the goal is to get them to use the product or service. If they’re using it and getting legitimate value, then chances of them signing up at the end of a trial skyrocket.

Conclusion on Email Sequences

There you have it; the top three email drip sequences for inside sales teams. If you manage a sales team, then we’d strongly advice adopting the above sequences to guarantee success of your emails. Of course, the reason why drip emails are so effective is because of the customizability. So make sure you tailor each sequence to the prospect or lead you’re trying to convert.

Similarly, make sure you have the best tools for the job. One of the best apps to use here is Veloxy. Veloxy Engage is hands down the best email template builder currently in use. Not only does it save you loads of time with ready templates, it also adds a myriad of added benefits. These include mail-merge, email tracking, engagement analytics, and most importantly, CAN-SPAM compliant bulk email. This way, you can see who opens or forwards your emails and move on to the next email drip sequence.

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