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Tips for Staying Ahead of the Competition When Selling to Busy Buyers

700 unread emails, 20 voicemails and over 50 unanswered text messages – that’s what one of our semi-busiest buyers’ phone looks like every day. I use semi-busy because Veloxy’s busiest clients were obviously too preoccupied to even bother with the tally (tally here meaning the IT guy).

But what came as a surprise was that these weren’t even sales calls or spam mail. A healthy percentage of those missed calls and ignored messages were from the clients own friends, family, and people he actually likes! He was just too tied up to respond to everyone. So ask yourself this Mr. Salesman – if a loving wife can barely get her husband’s attention, how can an outright stranger even hope for a few honest minutes?

What would it take to get through to prospects so busy that landing their accounts sounds like an urban myth?   

Breaking Through to Busy Buyers

Here’s something we all know – today’s new high standard buyers are swimming in an ocean of information. They’re being constantly bombarded with new marketing stunts and sales messages every single minute. By the time a rep is reaching out to a prospect, you’re most likely the 10th generic sales robot to try your luck.

Needless to say, you’ll find the prospects agenda full. And not just for the day or week, but pretty much for the rest of your life if the secretary were to be honest with you. After all, only 3% of buyers trust reps (trust here being used very loosely). Even the best of sales reps gets discouraged if all their attempts are greeted with utter silence, indifference, or complete mistrust.

What most people don’t realize is that these bumble bee buyers are still want to hear from new sellers. They’re still accepting meetings and changing suppliers quite often. Statistics show that 50% of these buyers will respond to out of the box approaches. As such, sales teams need to be extra creative in pursuing busy leads without moving into stalker territory.

We’ve compiled a handful of tips and ideas that seem to be effective when looking to grab the attention of extremely busy clients.  

1: Filter and Summarize All Crucial Information

A strong sales strategy is always backed by content marketing assets or sales enablement content. This content will help make a much needed connection between the buyer’s biggest pain points of interest and what your company is offering. However, even the most compelling asset might seem like too much work for extremely busy buyers.

To deal with this issue, reps need to act as a kind of editor on behalf of the prospect and slice up the info as follows:

-Take the executive summary or conclusion of your best whitepaper and ebook. Condense it heavily to the top three bullet points which clearly show why the buyer should even take notice.

-Repeat the procedure above with a video tutorial. Aim for the type of brevity you’d see in movie listings.

-Make your own personalized version of an email newsletter. Write a specific headline about your three best posts and why the buyer should read the entire thing.

In all the above cases, you’ll still want to maintain relevant calls to action. However, the main point here is just to get the busy buyer interested enough to move things to the next stage.

2: Appropriate Social Media Tags

One trend you’ve no doubt noticed is that no matter how busy a prospect might be, they seem to have enough time to comment or post things on social media. If you’re dealing with such a buyer, then there are much easier ways to ensure your content gets in their notification feed. If your prospect frequently uses Twitter, just add their name with the @ symbol at the front.

For Linkedin connections, just start typing at the very end of a post where you’re asked who would be interested in whatever it is you’re posting. However, there are certain unspoken rules when reaching out on social media. For instance, relevance needs to be high. Remember, your post will be seen by an entire network, not just the person you’re tagging. Basically, you’re asking the buyers to like or comment on your post.

Secondly, be very careful when tagging several people at once. It might look like a new form of spamming. And lastly, use this strategy sparingly. Once or twice a year is great to avoid getting blocked by the very prospect you’re after.

3: Mobile Meetup with Busy Buyers

In the old-school approach to sales, the dream was getting a live session with a busy buyer. But just as sales reps have moved away from a world where they’re stuck to their desks, so have customers and prospects. Today, most of our actions and information is managed via smartphone.

By using apps like Salesforce and Veloxy, reps can easily conduct a demo ad walk through a pitch desk to show video content. If your sales team could be ambitious enough to prove to busy buyers the legitimacy of their pitch even in a taxi or enroute to the office, there’s no shortage of new opportunities to win.                    

4: Use Analytics to Organize Optimal Outreach

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when dealing with bumble bee buyers, it’s that there’s never a dull moment. Long term studies on purchase habits show exactly how often a sales rep needs to engage with a prospect before they can make enough time to learn about the service or product being offered.    

Problem is, not many sales teams are actually equipped to do this kind of study. However, applying AI tools such as Veloxy Analytics and Veloxy Engage  helps make all the difference. Veloxy helps stitch all the data together with information from many other peers. As such, reps get a more holistic picture of what exactly it would take to get through to busy buyers.

It’s no secret; prospects that make for the best buyers are usually the busiest people on the planet. If any sales team hopes to smash all their quotas, they better learn how to reel in these elusive whales the right way. Fortunately for you, getting the right tools for the job means a battle half won.

More Tips to Optimize Limited Time with Your Prospect

Busy Buyers

Building a rapport, focusing on the major selling points and doing your homework – Veloxy shares these and many more tips to optimize limited time with a prospect.

Whether you ask them or not, there’s only so much time a prospect can spare from their busy schedules. In most cases, sales reps are lucky if they can get even 20 minutes to introduce their products or services.

Yet we all know how important that first conversation is. It will determine whether the deal moves forward or dies in its cradle. So if you do get a meeting, make sure you don’t waste a single minute. Below are tips that will help you optimize limited time with prospects and make the most of your contact.

1: Build a Rapport (But Don’t Overdo It)

In their haste to save time, a lot of people jump right into business before even making proper introductions. You forget; the prospect is highly likely to be a complete stranger who has never heard of you. Wouldn’t it make more sense to establish a rapport first? Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean starting off with small talk. After all, the prospect can see exactly how the weather is for themselves. Remember, the last thing you want is to waste precious minutes.

To establish a real rapport, just be genuine and friendly with the potential client. You’ll need to acknowledge that the prospect is busy. But at the same time, you don’t want to imply that talking to you is a waste of their time. Just saying, “I know you’re busy, thanks for taking the time to hear me out” signals professionalism and appreciation without sounding desperate. You’ll realize that once you’ve formed a personal connection, prospects are always more open to discussion.

2: Notify Busy Buyers of the Game Plan Upfront

What do you think goes through a prospects mind when they’re on the phone with unfamiliar sales reps? It’s usually something along the lines of, “Holy crap, how long will this guy yammer on? I don’t want to be rude, but I’ll hang up if this keeps up.” It’s either that or their mind is a million miles away on other business.

If you really want their undivided attention, allay their fears by setting a clear agenda right from the get go. Say things like, “Hello, I’ll be talking to you for just 10 minutes.” Proceed to tell them about all the topics you’d like to discuss. This shows the extent to which you respect their time. So instead of anxiously watching the clock and secretly trying to end the chat, prospects will actually be engaged in a straightforward and focused conversation.  

Additional Read: How to Handle the Hang Up.  

3: Encourage Discussions on Prospect Needs and Pain Points

Here are some interesting stats that you probably didn’t know. Average sales reps talk over 60% of the entire time they’re on calls. This is a lot compared to the lowly 40% found in top sales representatives. Always keep this in mind during all conversations. Of course, the case is a bit different for cold calls because you need to spend some time explaining who you are. That said, give the prospect ample time to provide their input once you’re done with the intros.

A few tips that should help include practicing slowing down your speech. You’ll also need to become comfortable with silences. After all, pauses can give the prospect ample time to collect their thoughts and jump in without feeling pressured. Similarly, open ended questions are ideal for getting prospects to open up and reveal crucial information. But to be safe, don’t bombard the prospect with too many questions at a go. Focus only on substantive queries that don’t necessarily prompt in depth conversations.     

4: Show You’ve Done Your Homework

We established that some prospects get an overwhelming amount of sales calls and emails. As such, chances are that you’re probably the 10th sales rep to try and call them that week. So, how do you make sure your pitch stands out from the rest?

Simple, by proving that you’re not just mass calling people left right and center without prior research. Instead of asking the usual questions that can be answered through Google, mix it up. Tailor the questions by including specific and detailed information about the prospect. Of course, you’ll need to do a lot of pre-call research. This will go a long way towards showing your seriousness with the prospect.   

5: Focus on Major Selling Points and Reference Key Information

The worst thing you can probably do as a sales person is cram an hour long sales pitch into a 10 minute show. Instead of trying to get everything out at once, try and focus on just one or two primary selling points. This way, you’re less likely to lose the prospects attention yammering on endlessly.

Likewise, you should reference information that establishes you as a trusted expert. Many prospects are highly skeptical of sales reps. After all, less that 3 percent of buyers actually trust anything a rep has to say. Proving your worth or experience should really help matters here. Reference past experience by saying things like, “I’ve worked with numerous companies such as XYZ and can help resolve any similar issues you might be having.”

Final Word: Busy Buyers

Sales is tough, there’s no doubt about it. You can’t find such high levels of mistrust in any other profession. For most prospects, sales reps might as well be faceless con artists spewing bland, robotic, and repetitive pitches. But if you can master the aforementioned tips to optimize limited time with your prospects, you have a good chance of moving forward on a deal. Or better yet, gain the clients trust in this and all future deals.

Keep in mind however that these are only tips. You’ll need the right tools to make full use of the information provided above. One of the most important assets here will be Veloxy Mobile to help sales reps in the field save time, stay on task and get more out of Salesforce than they put in.

Similarly, you’ll want Veloxy Inbox which puts Salesforce data right in your email interface. The add-on enables CAN-SPAM compliance, bulk email, templates, email tracking, analytics and much more. Naturally, this will make reaching out to new prospects that much easier. And finally, Veloxy Analytics will let you see how your cold calls and emails perform as well as discover the best day of the week to reach out to your prospects.

Checkout our 5 star ratings on CapteraAppExchangeG2, and Sourceforge. Give Veloxy a try and join the long list of satisfied customers today.

Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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