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Cold Calling is Not Dead. It's Transforming.

When people think of cold calling, they think of telemarketers or SDRs making 250 - 500 phone calls a day. Thanks to the reach of digital transformation, cold calling has modernized in recent years, making inside and outside sales reps more efficient and productive through automation, real-time insights, and more.

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The Complete Guide to Cold Call Scripts

Cold Calling Script Structure #1:Introduction #2:Opening #3:Lead Qualification #4:Closing the Sale Handling Cold Call Objections #1:Rejection in the Intro #2:Rejection in the Opener #3:Objections as You Qualify the Lead #4:Rejection in the Close The Next Step Are your cold call scripts costing you potential qualified leads? Cold call scripts are not one-size-fits-all, so what works for one team may not work for the next. If you sell telecommunications, your cold calls could and should be different than a salesperson selling software. If you sell IT services, your cold calls could and should be different than a financial services consultant. To

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7 Greatest Cold Call Openers of All Time

1. Sound Check Cold Call Openers 2. Overly Excited Approach 3. Friendly Narcissistic Appeal 4. Considerate Salesman Approach 5. Pattern Interrupt Hypnosis 6. The Honest Abe Approach 7: UB40 Reasons Cold Call Openers Tips to Remember when Structuring Cold Call Openers Tips to Remember when Structuring Cold Call Openers What do songs, stories, and cold call openers all have in common? Simple; the first few seconds determine whether you want to hear the rest or not. In those opening moments, you’re either blown off your socks with intrigue or it’s on to the next one. Heck, you’re probably contemplating whether

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5 Cold Emailing Tips to Warm Your Cold Calling

Cold calling; there’s nothing new about the concept. For decades now, this solicitation technique has been applied by both salespeople and scammers in equal measure. Add in the fact that you’ve had absolutely no prior contact with the prospect and you might as well be a con artist trying to scam granny out of her pension. But even for legitimate salespeople, cold calling can be both an asset and liability. On one hand, sending hundreds of random cold calls could put your company’s reputation at risk. On the other, make too few calls and you also risk being put out

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