Email Signatures that Will Boost your Response Rates

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Email Signatures that Will Boost your Response Rates

photo of a sales rep signing a contract

Applying for your dream job? Or maybe you’re trying to sell your company’s products and services. Whatever the case, you’ve no doubt spent money, time and effort applying different strategies to boost the email response rate. So, why would you mess it all up with weak email signatures?

No matter what field you’re interested in, the competition will always be fierce. How do you gain an advantage amidst all this opposition? I mean, it’s hard enough to leave a lasting impression in person let alone in an email. One of the best approaches is to design strong and effective signatures for emails. Signatures that are not only eye catching and engaging, but also professional and tailored specifically for you. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. Veloxy shares a few tips on how to design effective email signatures that will boost your open and response rates.

What's an email signature and why do I need one?

Email signatures remain an integral element of successful marketing. It poses a professional way to present your business or brand to everyone. Every time you send out a personal or business email, the signature will be there for the recipients to read. From partners and potential customers to employers and contacts, this signature attracts the attention of your recipients and encourages them to respond.

The benefits of having a great signature email are plenty. Not only does it help identify your brand, it lets people know something about your company. Likewise, it also drives additional traffic to your website as well as other social accounts. The traffic will then generate leads which in turn will convert into sales. As such, you can see how designing a top tier signature might be more important than most people think.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 ways to craft email signatures that will contribute to your brand’s growth.

  1. Keep Email Signatures Simple, Clean, and Minimalistic
  2. Include an Image or Photo
  3. Include a Call to Action
  4. Add ‘Sent from my iPhone’
  5. Get a Free Generator for Email Signatures

1. Keep Email Signatures Simple, Clean, and Minimalistic

You don’t need an elaborate, over the top email signature to accompany all your communications. More often than not, simplicity is key, and less is more. A minimalist signature will allow your recipients to focus on the email itself as opposed to an over the top signature which might distract from the original message. You’ll want to include just the basic elements of a professional email signature.

These include your name, job title, company you work in and your phone number. You could also add your company’s address and website, but that’s as far as it should go. Never include your email as part of the signature. This baffling yet common practice is both redundant and unnecessary since they recipient can already see your email address.

2. Include an Image or Photo

According to research, people always remember visuals far better than text or sound. That said, there’s a certain type of image or photo that will make your email signatures that much more memorable. Don’t go for landscape images or shapes. They may be beautiful, but they won’t really register when it comes to recollection.

Now, a photo of yourself on the other hand represents the most memorable image according to psychologists. What’s more, coloured images tend to be easier to remember than black and white. As such, you may want to seriously consider adding a professional, coloured photo as part of your email signature.

3. Include a Call to Action

An email signature can be much more than a branding tool. Did you know that you can make the signatures for your email work for you? If all your signature includes is your name and phone number, then you won’t be getting many responses regarding your business. Try to include a call to action or even add a link to your product at the end of the signature.

For instance, you could link any of your products on Amazon or direct your recipients to your company’s website. You could also get your viewers to sign up for newsletters. You’d be surprised at how many people follow the call to action on your e-signature even after ignoring them on the actual email.

4. Add 'Sent from my iPhone'

study was conducted recently at Stanford where they wanted to see the perceived credibility of misspelled emails depending on where they originated. One major takeaway was that using the sent from my iPhone stock e-signature could significantly improve your image. But, why’s that?

Well, we already know that senders get higher credibility if their emails have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. However, the Stanford study showed that participants were more forgiving of sloppy emails with the tagline – sent from my iPhone. So, does this mean that you can make as many mistakes as you want in your emails and get away with it? Of course not. But it does make life easier for people on the go. Especially if you add a humorous apology i.e. ‘All errors and typos have been abetted by my iPhone.’

5. Get a Free Generator for Email Signatures

If you’re having trouble crafting your own e-signature, there’s some good news. As always, there’s an app or software for everything under the sun. Some free signature generators include htmlsig which gives users a neat, basic e-sig with just the basics – no unnecessary frills. For more detailed signatures, try WiseStamp. It integrates with your email client and automatically loads beautiful, custom e-sigs. The app makes it easier to add photos, live feeds, or other aspects.

Email Signatures Conclusion

There you have it – a few tips on how to boost your email response rates with well crafted signatures. As always, this list is not exhaustive. There’s a lot more that you could do to get your email signatures where they need to be. For one, try and find the right balance of content, design and imagery. Trying to jam all the above ideas in one signature will overwhelm your recipients. With e-sigs, more is less.

And secondly, make sure that your emails are well crafted and designed. Otherwise, the recipient might not even make it to the signature. Get the right tools to save you time, help minimize mistakes, and allow you to design stunning email campaigns. Veloxy Engage is hands down the best email template builder in the world. Not only does it save you time with ready templates, it also adds an array of added benefits which include.

  • Reach numerous prospects in one go
  • Add more people to your email list
  • Know when your emails are read or forwarded with real time alerts
  • Analyze and improve email engagement
  • Log all email activity and save key emails to Salesforce
  • Make bulk cold emails CAN-SPAM compliant before sending
  • Add new prospects to Salesforce and set up a meeting in seconds
  • Create unlimited personalized email templates

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Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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