Analyze email performance metrics to know what messages and timing get best results

Salesforce email tracking

Track your prospecting emails


Track your cold emails at a group, campaign or subject line level, and learn which messages and send time drive the best engagement.

Delivery, bounce and open rates


See your email opens for a date range, subject line, or campaign. Veloxy handles bounces and opt-outs and syncs your data with Salesforce automatically.

Schedule appointments in Salesforce in seconds

Email opens by device


With more email being read on mobile devices, it is good to know how your unique audience consumes theirs. So you can design emails better suited to the format.

Best time to send


The difference between peak open time and average open time can mean 15-25% more opens. Veloxy shows you which days and time of day work best in your market!

Contact many Salesforce prospects at a time

Analyze cold and transactional email performance

Opens by region


See your opens by location in charts and on Google Maps, then drill down to see if you should be targeting the more responsive regions over others.