Connect your Outlook to Salesforce and track emails, activities, leads and contacts in one place

Salesforce email tracking

Know when your emails are read


Take the guesswork out of sending emails. Veloxy tracks if they are opened, or not, and gives you real-time alerts. So you can take prompt action to keep things moving forward.

See if your emails were forwarded


When your email is forwarded to others, you can see that it was opened by multiple people on different devices in different locations. This gives you unique insight on the level of interest.

Schedule appointments in Salesforce in seconds

Save time with email templates


Create as many email templates as you need for any stage in the sales cycle, both for sends and replies. Even add attachments. For variations, simply edit one that exists, and save it with a new name.

Reach many prospects in one go


Stop sending emails one-by-one, and avoid cut-and-paste mistakes. Using personalized templates, you can import a view from Salesforce and send emails to all its members at once.

Contact many Salesforce prospects at a time

Analyze cold and transactional email performance

Analyze and improve email engagement


See how your cold and transactional emails perform, discover the best time of day and day of the week to reach your prospects, and learn from the best performers.

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Handle email unsubscribes properly


Veloxy makes cold emails you send from Outlook, Gmail or Veloxy Campaign Manager CAN-SPAM compliant. It automatically flags opted-out prospects in Salesforce, and prevents any accidental mailings in future.

Schedule appointments in Salesforce in seconds

Access your Salesforce prospects in Outlook

See and do it all in Outlook


Select an email thread, and Veloxy shows you the lead or contact with the opportunity details, right there in Outlook. So you know where you stand in the sales cycle, and what to do next.

Save key emails to Salesforce


In one click, you can save an email, as an activity on an account, prospect or opportunity. This cuts out so many steps, saves you time, and gives others on your team more details to go on.

Save emails on Salesforce opportunities

Set up meetings in seconds


If you create an appointment for a prospect, it is instantly saved as an event in Salesforce, and all the details are put in an Outlook calendar invite. You only need to check it and press send.

Log all of your email activities


All emails you send out are logged in Salesforce for you. The subject line and time you sent it, is saved to the lead or contact record. Now you can review your email activity with ease.

Log all your sent email in Salesforce

Add new prospects to Salesforce


If a prospect is not already in Salesforce, you can add it as a lead or contact in one click. The smart address search feature helps you find the address and it fills in the fields for you.

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