Field Sales is Making a Comeback: 500 Leaders Share Insights

illustration of a field sales report
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Field Sales is Making a Comeback: 500 Leaders Share Insights

illustration of a field sales report

Almost half of the field sales pros we surveyed say they’re most optimistic about the ability to improve customer experience in-person in 2022 and 2023.

In 2020, COVID-19 had a negative impact on field sales. Field reps pivoted to remote or inside selling. Business travel went on lockdown. Customer budgets were drastically reduced. It was hard times for all.

As numbers began to sink rapidly, outside sales advocates were concerned about the future of their once historically quota crushing profession.

Fast forward to today, and field sales professionals are more excited about the current and future state of their role than ever before.

In April of this year, we began surveying 500 sales leaders about what they thought the future had in store for field sales. Their feedback was clear: Sales organizations have accelerated their efforts to evolve with the times and reinvest in field sales.

The world has changed, and field sales is changing with it. Below are some of the key findings from our Current and Future State of Field Sales Report.

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The most common field sales challenge

The rebound from Covid was slow for field sales. Just when outside sales veterans thought things were improving, more challenges would surface because of a new company policy or a rise in infections.

We received over ten unique challenges faced by our panel of 500 field sales leaders.

To our surprise, the great reduction in prospect and customer response rates was the number one challenge faced by field sales since 2020.

What’s even more shocking is the fact that 255 (more than half) of the survey respondents chose this challenge. This made up for 15.99% of all challenges experienced by our panel, as respondents were able to choose multiple challenges.

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The lack of face-to-face customer engagement was bad enough for field pros, but not getting higher engagement rates using remote selling outreach was even more discouraging.

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Why field sales is optimistic about the future

Now that people are vaccinated and adapting to the times, overall optimism has slowly been increasing since the new year.

We recorded over 5 unique reasons for choosing optimism over pessimism when it comes to field sales’ future.

Almost 250 people chose the ability to improve customer experience in-person as the biggest reason for being optimistic about the future of field sales post-pandemic.

When you compare this to the aforementioned finding, you quickly realize what the comfort zone is for most field sales professionals. It’s not sitting behind a computer sending emails and making calls. It’s delivering value in person.

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All salespeople are people-persons, but field salespeople are the ideal people-person. An inside salesperson can only do so much to communicate their intentions to customers. Whereas a field salesperson does more than communicate intentions—they build relationships in-person, with a handshake, consultation, and a smile.

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Extending inside sales technology to the field

While field sales pros didn’t take well to remote selling, they were able to learn and benefit from using traditional inside sales technology.

Since Covid started in 2020, field sales have used up to 10 tools from the inside sales tech stack. These included quick dialers, email outreach, and guided selling to name a few.

Coincidentally, the number one inside sales solution that field sales pros are pounding the table for is Sales AI.

More than half of the respondents, 278 to be exact, want the benefits of sales artificial intelligence to be extended to their field sales tech stacks moving forward. These benefits include lead prioritization, guided selling, and more.

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The benefits of sales AI are immense for field sales pros. It can help automate non-selling activity, prioritize outreach based on buyer-first behaviors, and overall give field sales pros more confidence in their selling activity.

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The optimal field sales tech stack

In addition to being people-persons, field sales professionals are elite networkers. They network to connect with new prospects, and they network to learn from their outside sales peers.

During this process, field sales reps compare and contrast their tech stacks. What are the laggards missing from their tech stack, and what are the high-performers leveraging that others are not?

The number one in-demand field sales technology for 2022 and beyond is social media selling.

27.12% of our panel of 500 sales leaders chose this over the next popular option which fell all the way down to 18.38% (an almost ten percent difference among 7 answers).

Social media selling is way more than LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Social selling apps also help field salespeople gain a 360° view of their accounts, achieve unique sales intelligence, and further personalize their outreach and in-person engagement.

Would you like to know the other inside sales technology demanded by field pros?

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Email was the original social media. Today, email is completely saturated and guarded. You need to take full advantage of LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms before selling with those platforms becomes old-fashioned. Plus, the privacy around social profile access is not here yet—actually customers react favorably to field pros referencing their personal post activity.

There’s a new number one field sales KPI

What should I share with you? The new number one field sales KPI or where the traditional number one key performance indicator fell to in our study?

If you want to discover the new number one field sales KPI — be sure you request your free copy of the report today and register for our webinar.

Because I’m actually going to share where Quota fell to when we surveyed our panel of 500 field sales professionals.

Sales quota fell to # 5. Can you believe it?!

Only 42 out of 500 field sales professionals chose team / individual quota as their priority metric.

Okay. I’ll at least share the four other KPIs in no particular order, because I want you to read the report and attend our webinar to get the full value of our current and future state of field sales report.

Here are the top four field sales KPIs in no particular order:

  1. Customer retention / attrition
  2. Opportunity to win ratio
  3. Customer Lifetime Value
  4. Customer experience / CSAT

What field sales KPI do you think is number one? It was a close race between the top three (hint: they all have something in common).

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Sales quota has become an anvil hovering over a salesperson's head 24-7. By pivoting to customer-centric KPIs FIRST, salespeople feel more empowered at making a real difference, and coincidentally quotas are being satisfied and exceeded when customer-centric KPIs are first satisfied.

The Current and Future State of Field Sales

Field sales is not dead. It’s alive and evolving for the betterment of its personnel and customers!

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