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Veloxy’s Gleaming Reviews at Capterra

Veloxy AI Sales Assistant Software profile on Capterra

Late last year, Veloxy received the G2 Crowd’s High Performer winter 2020 badge. You can read all about this great achievement in our previous blog post. But that’s not all. We’ve also been getting a ton of excellent reviews and feedback on both Capterra and Appexchange. All this is made possible by you – the client, the prospect, the reviewer. So we’d like to take this chance and thank everyone for making Veloxy their default sales enablement software.

In this segment, we’ll take a closer look at Capterra and why it’s an honor to be ranked highly by them. We’ll look at who exactly Capterra is as well as what makes them so authoritative. Similarly, we’ll also check out our most highly rated features and take a peek at what some people had to say about our software. So buckle up guys, it’s about to get wild.

Who is Capterra?

Back in 1999, Michael Ortner was looking for new software and found the process quite time intensive and consuming. He thought there had to be a better, faster way. Financed by perseverance, optimism, and a hefty credit card debt, he founded Capterra to help people like him find the best apps for the intended purpose.

In 2008, Capterra became the first business software site to also offer user reviews for listed products. As expected, a few software vendors started complaining after getting some not so colorful reviews. But Capterra forged ahead at the risk of losing business because they knew it would all be worth it in the end. The company believes in doing what’s right, which translates to providing helpful information to consumers (ugly or otherwise).

Why is Capterra Free?

You heard that right, Capterra is absolutely free of charge. Vendors don’t have to pay a cent to get their software listed. As a small business, Capterra knows just how hard software companies have it. At the beginning, time, money and other resources are usually tight. That’s why they offer search tools and other resources for free from the very beginning. But then, how on earth does the company make money?

Well, Capterra stays in business using the tried and tested method of affiliating. Whenever a software vendor receives traffic directly from Capterra, they pay a certain fee or commission. However, this doesn’t mean that Capterra only lists paying vendors. They list as many software companies as they can find so as to allow access to a full universe of options. This way, customers can make thoroughly informed decisions and learn about new software they didn’t know existed.

Veloxy: What’s the Word on Capterra?

Consumers on Capterra really love Veloxy and everything we have to offer. Out of almost 200 reviews, we managed to get an exceptional rating of 4.9/5. Our software is currently the best for any company that uses Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail or Office365. Anyone who uses these platforms reported tremendous value from Veloxy Mobile, Inbox, and Analytics. Let’s get a bit more into the product details.

By making use of Artificial Intelligence, Veloxy gets your sales teams to engage with Salesforce, log important activities, and update their pipeline all while on the go. Sales management also gets better forecasts as well as visibility into which calls and emails drive sales. One you’ve connected your Outlook or Salesforce with Veloxy, you can easily track emails, leads, contacts, and other activities all in one place. And all this happens while an AI virtual assistant takes care of menial tasks behind the scenes.

In addition to sales management, some of the most utilized or highly rated features stem from our customer relationship management tools. These include a Calendar system, Lead scoring, Mobile access, Email marketing, Task management, Territory management and Social media integration. There are also plenty of sales enablement tools that customers simply can’t get enough of.

Capterra Comparisons for Veloxy

Although Veloxy was rated higher than most of the other similar software, Capterra tends to make comparisons to give their customers a more informed choice. With Capterra, it’s all about giving people an array of options to choose from. We’re not afraid of a little competition; we welcome it. Below is a list of similar software and apps that can either be compared with Veloxy or used to complement our CRM app.



-Zoho CRM

-Hubspot CRM


-Marketing 360


Veloxy Reviews at Capterra

Currently, Veloxy sits at a rating of 4.9 out of 5 for 185 reviews. Everything was just .1 short of a perfect score. From our user intuitive features to customer service, reviewers gave us a solid 4.9 all through. Let’s check out some random reviews and see what our customers had to say about Veloxy.

1. Sonny H

Enterprise Account Exec. Telecommunications. Overall rating 5/5

Sonny gave Veloxy a solid 5 out of 5 for the ease of use, features, customer service and value for money. According to the Executive, Veloxy has allowed him more free time to focus on important business aspects.

From door to door prospecting all the way to funnel management, Veloxy seamlessly integrates with salesforce to let users do what they want without having to navigate through endless clicks and tabs. Sonny was also incredibly grateful for the email tracking abilities of Veloxy. The app allowed him to see how many people read his emails and what kind of devices they were using. He summarized by saying that Veloxy is a must have plugin for any organization with a robust CRM and sales reps that want to maximize customer contacts.

2. John Y

Sales Security Investigations. Overall ratings – 5/5

Not only did John give us a 5 star rating, he also gave a full 10 for very likely to recommend to friends and colleagues. John says, “The Salesforce supplement simplifies all my activities. I can reach out to my customers via phone, text, or email and have my actions logged under the appropriate contact. Veloxy makes bulk emails a snap and helps track each and every aspect of the email. Try it today and you won’t be disappointed. ”

3. Luis Jovanny R

Account Executive 10,000+ employees. Overall rating 4/5

Luis just might have found a creative and unique way to use Veloxy. Here’s what he had to say, “Best feature? Definitely knowing where my salesforce accounts are when I’ in the field. In fact, I get lost on purpose when going door to door so Veloxy can alert me on other nearby businesses and prospects from your Salesforce.”


Once again, we’d like to thank all our customers for their kind words and gleaming reviews. Without you, Veloxy would not be where it is at the moment. As gratitude, we’ll keep on improving all the features and services offered by Veloxy.

If you want to shrink your sales cycles with bulk email, engagement analytics and Salesforce all in one place, then make sure you get Veloxy Engage. It’s the best email template builder in the world. Similarly, sales reps who are always out on the road will appreciate Veloxy Mobile which acts as an AI powered virtual assistance. It will allow your teams to be more productive on the road while all their activities are automatically logged. Veloxy, your friendly neighborhood sales assistant.

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