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Top 5 CRM Myths That Are Simply Not True

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Customer Relationship Management software is nothing new. What started as a simple Rolodex to organize data decades ago is now the single most important tool in the sales process. That’s why companies with a growth-oriented mindset always have a reliable CRM integrated into the entire business process.

For Veloxy, it took years of research looking for the ideal CRM to build our Add-on around. We’re glad we went with Salesforce which is currently the market leader. But during our research phase, we came across all sorts of myths and reasons why some businesses don’t like using CRM software. These misconceptions may have seemed harmless at first, but they’ve grown and proliferated immensely over the years.

Just like disease or infection, it turns out that myths are contagious and very hazardous; especially to a person’s intelligence. Sales CRM tools seem to have spawned a heck of a lot more myths than other processes for some reason. Maybe it’s because of entrenched working habits that make people more resistant to change. Alternatively, it could be the added visibility which is enough to put anyone on edge.

Whatever it may be, most of these CRM myths are little more than lazy excuses. Excuses that not only keep your sales team rooted in the stone age, but could also damage your business substantially. But hey, if you’d rather keep your business in the dark age with a ton of paperwork, spreadsheets and unreliable mental notes, then by all means – heed the baseless myths. But if you want to stay head and shoulders above the competition by selling smarter, you’re in the right place. Here are the most common CRM myths and misconceptions that need to die today.

Top 5 CRM Myths

1. CRM is only for the Big Boys (too expensive)

This is the number one myth and first reason business owners give for not having a CRM. Back in the 90’s, CRMs may have been a bit costly meaning that only large companies and enterprises could afford them. As a result, CRM software was considered a luxury back then.

However, this is certainly not the case today. You can easily find CRMs with just the right features and price range for your business. In fact, CRMs like Salesforce are designed with scalability of small businesses in mind.

What’s more, research actually shows that small and midsized businesses benefit more after implementing CRM software when it comes to growth. That’s because virtually all processes of small businesses can be easily regulated and enhanced with efficient CRM.

This myth also goes hand in hand with the misconception that CRM is expensive. Again, many options today are extremely affordable. 

Even the most basic CRM with standard functionality will bring a lot of value to your business. It’s all about finding the right CRM that addresses all your concerns and scales along with your business.

2. One CRM is just as good as the next

This is absolutely false.

Just like no two companies are the same, CRMs are also extremely different and diverse. CRM software is not as general as other programs and applications.

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to these types of software. That’s why going for the most popular option or choosing a CRM because your associates are using it is never a good idea.

But while no single CRM will truly be a one stop solution for every type of business, there’s a reason why some of them excel more than others.

For example, Salesforce makes a legitimate attempt to solve the most common and widespread problems for different types of companies. However, you have to understand all the main problems you need to solve for your business. Only then can you pick the right CRM.

3. CRMs are just for spying on employees

Well, there’s an iota of truth behind this myth because at their core, CRMs are built to track user activities, update records, and give details of the sales process in real time. That’s actually one of their major selling points for business owners!

But you trust your employees, right? So why bother spying on them all day?

What you’re missing here is that intelligent CRMs like Salesforce do so much more than just track sales activities and offer visibility. They can also use this information to analyze where mistakes were made and even show details of how to resolve these issues.

This way, everyone can actively learn from their failures and successes for the good of the company. That’s right, well meaning micromanagement can happen. It doesn’t have to be misconstrued as spying.

So while CRM software still offers all the visibility and accountability that managers need, it also provides your employees with additional insight and assistance making it an invaluable asset to all the cogs involved in running your company.

4. CRMs are too constraining

Even with all the technology advancements currently at hand, some cheap CRMs are only available at a closed network or singular desktop at the workplace. If these are the kinds of CRM you know, it’s no wonder that the constraining myth lives on strong.

Needless to say, many sales people spend a lot of time in the field. As such, a CRM that’s available only in one place means they spend more time going back and forth entering data at the office when they could be selling. Similarly, meeting details and pitches could get lost or forgotten in transit. In this case, your implementation of CRM software could prove an Achilles heel to the sales process.

However, intelligent CRMs like Salesforce incorporate as much compatibility with modern technology as possible. Thanks to mobile applications, cloud based services, virtual assistance, and Add-ons like Veloxy, sales teams can access and enter data no matter where they are. This ability to access CRM instantly renders matters of latency a thing of the past.

5. Anyone can steal data from your CRM

Well, if you bought a cheap CRM from a shady guy in a dark alleyway, chances are that the security is lacking and your data will definitely get stolen (along with your wallet). This could include leads to sales or sensitive customer information.

However, advanced CRM suppliers understand the importance of security and business data integrity.

For instance, Salesforce CRM is constantly engaged in evolving its security by performing data backups, providing highly stable connections, storing data in highly secure environments as well as using top line firewalls and intruder detection systems. With such a CRM, you can rest easy knowing that only you and your team has access to business data.

CRM Myths Debunked, Long Live the Truth

Now that we’ve put the common misconceptions around CRM software to rest, you can finally make an educated, well informed decision that will benefit your company. Of course, no CRM will turn your business to a global phenomenon overnight. But it will put you on the fast track to getting there.

If you’ve already set your sights on the market leading CRM software (Salesforce), make sure you also get Veloxy Mobile to help Sales Reps in the field save time, stay on task and get more out of Salesforce than they put in

And if you use Outlook or Gmail for your corporate email, Veloxy Inbox puts Salesforce data right in the email interface. The add-on enables CAN-SPAM compliance, bulk email, templates, email tracking, analytics and much more.

Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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