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Top 5 Buyer Personas and How to Sell to Each One

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In our previous post, we talked about how to create buyer personas for your business. We also saw all the different benefits of having these personas. Not only do buyer personas help you get to know your audience, they also help improve your marketing strategies and create better content. See, the more you know about your customers, the easier it is to tailor their experience and retain engagement.

Sure, there are a myriad of decisions that business owners have to make. From choosing e-commerce platforms to selecting a brand angle, there’s no shortage of crucial decisions to be made. However, figuring out who you are selling is perhaps one of the most important step to make early on. Research shows that only 40% of all marketing executives currently use customer engagement data to inform their marketing strategies. If everyone knew just how important having your buyer personas identified is, that number would be at 100%.

That’s because the more you learn about your customers, the more you can use the data to craft highly accurate buyer personas. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s some statistics for you. Did you know that buyers are almost 50% more likely to consider companies that personalize their brand experience? Businesses that used buyer personas in email campaigns saw twice the click through rate than those who didn’t. According to a research conducted by Relevance, 15% of respondents found their buyer personas to be seriously effective. 

Here are the Top 5 Buyer Personas:

  1. Collaborative Colby
  2. Decisive Deon
  3. Skeptical Stan
  4. Relationship Rose
  5. Analytical Allan

What are Buyer Personas?

The definition is simple. Buyer personas are detailed descriptions of your target customers. They contain everything from demographic information to career and family size all the way to hobbies. A well written persona will seem like an actual real person if the marketing department did their research. In this segment, we’re going to look at 5 of the most common buyer personas that almost every business will have regardless of the product or service you’re offering. And just like our post of Top Sales Personas, I’ve added some catchy names to help you remember who’s who.

1. Collaborative Colby

As the name suggests, this persona is highly collaborative. They like to solve problems and discuss decisions with other people. In addition to being tactful, adaptable and deliberative, Colby tends to be very diplomatic. You’re likely to find him incredibly respectful of everyone in a world where people can be blunt and outright rude.

So, how do you sell to collaborative Colby? Simple, you’ll need to keep in mind just how important consensus building is to this persona. You’ll have to work with him to understand and include all the different buying influences. It doesn’t matter if the influence is time, the team, or management. Make sure you facilitate ample discussions to draw out Colby’s and everyone else’s thought, comments, needs and questions. But most importantly, never get frustrated if things take too long to resolve. That’s usually the case with team based decisions, so if you need to push back, do it with tact. If Colby is going to buy, he’ll do it when he’s ready and his entire team is onboard. “It’s decision time guys, where’s my committee? ”

2. Decisive Deon

You can already tell a lot about this persona. Like the modern CEO, Deon solves her problems in an active, assertive and decisive manner. This person tends to be quite proactive and driven by results – she wants to win at all costs. For people who have ever dealt with a Deon before, she might seem overbearing and sort of pushy with minimal tact. But one thing’s for sure, this persona is incredibly demanding and wants things to happen her way, in her timeframe.

If you’re selling to Deon or any other decisive persona, you’ll want to be quick and decisive as well. You’ll also have to demonstrate a willingness to take risks that will help her achieve her goals. The plus side is that you won’t have to worry about conflict with this persona. Not only does it not bother Deon, she likely thrives on it. And what about building consensus? Not her thing at all, “You’re here, I’m here, let’s get her done.”

3. Skeptical Stan

Stan is as skeptical a customer as they come. Not only is this persona highly introspective, he’s a reserved critical thinker. The first reaction you’re likely to get is a hard maybe followed by questions like who else you’ve worked with in Stan’s space. Now, while it will take long for the persona to develop trust, it’s well worth putting in the time and effort.

If you’re selling to skeptical Stan, don’t be surprised if he’s uncomfortable on the phone. A lot of introspects prefer email to communicate. Similarly, do not be unnerved by a lack of feedback; Stan is not demonstrative one way or the other. So don’t try to be too friendly or personal too fast. Unlike Cole or Deon, Stan might not even share much at meetings. But you still need to ensure his needs are met somehow because he could quietly block your sale and you’d never even know it. “I’m not sure; have you worked with others in our space before?”

4. Relationship Rose

Rose is a friendly, interactive, and enthusiastic team player. Engagement and social interaction are very important to her. Not only does relationship Rose like the big picture, she’s also not shy about taking up loads of air time in discussions.

If you’re selling to Rose, you’ll want to keep technical details to a bare minimum. Make sure you hear out her ideas and stoke her enthusiasm with yours. These types of buyer personas probably weave seamlessly between talking about business and personal matters. Encourage it. And when discussing ideas, don’t overdo being the voice of reason or reality. What you see as realism might be viewed as a downer by Relationship Rose. “Hi, why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself?”   

5. Analytical Allan

Al is the Yin to Relationship Rose’s Yang. For him, past success is an indicator of future success. Established methods, data, and the way it’s been done are important to these types of buyer personas. However, this doesn’t mean he won’t lead the pack to doing something new. It’ll just take a whole lot of research and processing for Allan to take that leap. He’s also quite cautious and follows all the rules and procedures.

So if you’re selling to Analytical Allan, make sure you come prepared with all the data and backup he’ll need to make a decision. The more details you can get him, the faster the process will move. Al might leave the data gate open longer than it needs to be so don’t be scared to push back. However, be very careful not to criticize as he might take it a bit more personally than most. Push Al too hard and you’ll definitely find your sale blocked. “I’ll need a closer look. Send more data!”

Final Word on Buyer Personas

That wraps up our segment on the most common buyer personas. With the above information, selling to each and every one of these personas is that much easier. Your only task now is finding out if your customer base comprises of these personas or if you’re dealing with something more niche. If you still don’t know who your main customers are, not to worry. Veloxy’s got your back with tools designed to help you know your customers better.

With Veloxy, companies can keep track of all their customers’ needs, expectations and behavior patterns as they proceed. Sales leaders can then use this data to generate forecasts and predictions that will not only improve the overall experience of multiple services and business operations, but also help in creating highly accurate buyer personas. With these personas, it’ll be easy to know what type of customer you’re dealing with so you can tailor their experience.

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