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Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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10 Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a winning strategy; more so today than it was 5 years ago. In fact, few strategies will give you a higher ROI than this one. But many business owners view organic traffic as the only way to drive sales. And that’s not surprising given that organic traffic as of 2018 accounted for nearly 22 percent of all transactions. So why spend your precious time formulating and sending out email campaigns? It’s because email marketing delivered almost 20 percent of all transactions over the same period.

How many people use Email?

According to Statista, 2017 saw 3.7 billion email users. And the number of users continues to increase every day. Experts predict that about 50 percent of the worlds’ population will be email users by 2022.

But what does all this mean? It means you should devise effective ways to make the most of your email marketing strategy. You also need to know which email marketing tips to improve sales you should start testing out first.

Are you ready to start executing your B2B email marketing strategy or abandoned cart email strategy?  Here’s 10 tips that’ll help revitalize your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns
  2. Use Less Images
  3. Personal Email Addresses
  4. Compelling Subject Lines
  5. Optimize Your CTA’s
  6. Personalized Emails Work Best
  7. Improve Email Deliverability
  8. Consider Emojis
  9. Use Email Templates
  10. Optimize Send Time and Day

1. Design Mobile-friendly Email Campaigns

Litmus says that slightly over 50 percent of people access their emails on mobile. But Movable Ink disagrees. According to them, 66 percent of people read emails on mobile devices such as smartphones, IPads, and tablets. So, let’s work with the average. About 58 percent of email recipients open them on a mobile device.

And here’s a startling statistic regarding email. Over 70 percent of email recipients will obliterate your email if it won’t display properly on their mobile.

So, make sure to optimize your email templates for mobile. Use a responsive email design that’ll let you test how your messages will look like across devices. What else would you do to optimize your emails for mobile?

2. Use Less Images

Images are ok – plus, they make people want to consume content regularly. However, you need fewer images in your emails. Why? Because some email clients, particularly Outlook, block images.

As a result, the recipient gets a message that reels from broken images. So, use less of them. Actually, you’re better off with just plain text in most cases. But no one says you can’t sprinkle your email content with a couple useful links.

3. Have Real People Sending Out Your Marketing Emails

How do you feel upon receiving an email from “<no-reply@{xxxxx}.com?” You’re 100% certain some bot sent it. And you hate it. What do you do? You ignore it, of course. Or even better, delete the annoying email and mark it for spam.

Your recipients are just like you. They need to feel that a real person sent the communication and not a mindless bot. It’s better to use an email address such as this one: “support@{your company’s name}.com.

4. Craft Compelling and "Open-worthy" Subject Lines

Tons of emails go unread every day for one obvious reason: the subject line isn’t compelling. People are insanely busy nowadays.  At least, they are most of the time.

For that reason, you should give your recipients a reason to open your email. Unfortunately, crafting compelling emails is terribly hard. Good news: you can learn copywriting skills and give your open rate a huge boost.

5. Tweak Your Call-to-Action until You Get it Right

What do you want the recipient to do? State it quickly and directly. The idea here is to create a clickable CTA and place it prominently in your marketing emails.

Maybe you need people to call or to complete a survey. Perhaps to refer a friend, or to request a quote. Or whatever.

Always announce what you need the recipient to do clearly and convincingly. CTAs such as “Sign Up Now,” “Call Us Now,” “Grab Your Discount Now” tend to be effective.

Here’s what to do: know what your prospects want/need. Then, promise them precisely that. And you’ll win.

6. Personalized Emails Work Best

People hate receiving endless emails from faceless individuals or businesses. They may have become willing subscribers, but never mind that. In most cases, people can’t remember if they ever signed up for a particular newsletter at all.

Here’s the thing. Always send personalized emails.

Don’t emails that mention your precious name always capture your attention? Few things in any language sound sweeter to a person’s ears than their name, said Dale Carnegie.

You really should stop saying “Dear customer,” or “Dear subscriber.” That doesn’t make people feel special. And they’re going to let you know they don’t like it by ignoring all your emails!

7. Make Sure Your Emails are Getting Delivered

Nobody likes it when messages they worked hard to write get ignored by the recipient. Nobody ever wants to have their emails end up in people’s spam folders. Or to be viewed as a shameless, tactless spammer. It’s no secret everyone detests spammers.

So, how do you sidestep this ugly scenario? It’s simple. Clean your email list every day. Purge your list of fake emails plus those that appear to have been changed.

But how do you do this? You should easily find an effective free or paid email scrubbing and verification service. Or, you may opt to buy appropriate software that helps you breeze through the task. Luckily, such services and tools don’t cost an arm and a leg.

8. Emojis are Increasingly Becoming Acceptable

Some people think emojis have no place in marketing communications. Yes, that used to be the case a couple years ago. But things have changed — a lot. Perhaps that’s because the market wants to speak millennials’ and Gen Zers’ language.

Did you know that people send out about 6 billion emojis each day? Check your emails from friends and even your office colleagues. Go through your text messages or even your Facebook account. Aren’t emojis everywhere you look? They are. And it’s about time you started incorporating them into your email campaigns.

That said, every business is different, and customer expectations vary. For example, emojis might seem somewhat inappropriate if a lawyer includes them in an email to a client.

9. Email Templates Help a Great Deal — Use Them

Make sure your emails look great across devices, operating systems, and screen sizes. Making your emails render right across devices and email clients isn’t as hard as you might think.

Using a responsive email template enables you to send out attractive and professional looking campaigns always. A suitable email template builder should help you effortlessly craft branded emails that glitter. Your recipients will have a hard time ignoring you!

10. Know the Best Time to Send Out Marketing Emails

What’s the best day to launch your weekly email campaign? According to one report published by Experian, Mondays saw the most transactions and the highest revenue. By contrast, VeloxyHubSpot and GetReponse found that Tuesday was the most perfect day for email campaigns. But WordStream analyzed data that picked Thursday as the best day to send out email marketing campaigns! It looks like there’s no straightforward answer to your question.

Every type of business under the Sun serves a specific category of customers. And as you know, different customers exhibit different behaviors at different times. So you’ll have to keep A/B testing your email campaigns. At some point, you’ll discover a time and a day when your efforts would deliver the best results.

Conclusion on Improving Email Campaigns

Email marketing matters today as it will next year and the year after that. That’s why you should develop and experiment with different tactics to see which works best. The 10 tips to improve your email marketing campaign discussed here aren’t the only ones. Keep researching, A/B testing, and learning. You’ll identify (hopefully) that “sweet spot” where all your marketing efforts begin to snowball into significant results.

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