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Top 10 Sales Books Everyone Needs to Own

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What does controversial, futuristic Artificial Intelligence and the most successful humans have in common? A dedicated and unyielding need for continuous learning and self-development of course! Reading (sales books) has been shown to directly cut down stress, prevent dementia and depression. It also enhances empathy, confidence, and decision making. A study done by the NEA found that people who read regularly are much more likely to be engaged culturally and civically.

Simply put, fewer practices will more consistently improve your life and sharpen your abilities like reading. The same rings even truer in the cut-throat world of sales. In one of our books below, an author explains how wealthy people read for education and success while others do it for entertainment. This means you’ve got to be reading the right books that actually develop your career.

If you’re in sales, marketing, business or just have some ambition somewhere in there, these are the top 10 modern sales books that will help reps and sales leaders in all stages of their career advance.

1: The Sales Bible – Jeffrey Gitomer

C’mon guys – it’s the Sales Bible. If you had a religion, and that religion had a holy book, best believe you’ve got several copies in your home. For us, the religion is sales, and Jeffrey Gitomer is our Sales Jesus.

In his ultimate sales resource written with thousands of sales professionals in mind, The Sales Bible answers the most common questions that sales reps run into today. If you’re eager to learn all about effective lead generation, pitching, pipeline management and much more, this is what you need to be reading.

Excerpt from the Bible, “Questions are to sales what breath is to life. Fail to ask and you will die. Ask them incorrectly and your death might not be immediate, but it’s inevitable.”

2: SPIN Selling – Neil Rackham

Arguably the best selling sales book of all time, SPIN Selling is an easy read that can help anyone sell literally anything. This ground-breaking resource is the first book to specifically scrutinize selling high value products and resources.

SPIN is an acronym for the revolutionary Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff strategy. This is a tactic that enables salespeople to drastically boost their sales pipeline from their heftier or larger accounts. And in just a few practical, simple and easy to apply techniques. Backed up by hard research data, SPIN Selling is an essential read for anyone involved directly in selling or managing a sales force.

3: The Greatest Salesman in the World – OG Mandino

Mandino’s book is aptly dubbed a compact package with the most potent, life changing sales principals. Essentially, the book is a guide to a philosophy of salesmanship and success. Told creatively through the life-story of a poor camel boy named Hafid who ultimately achieves a life of abundance.

What really draws people to the book are the secrets embedded in the ancient scrolls complete with everlasting lessons on selling. The most interesting thing is that the author has suggested  a reading structure for optimal reading experience. If followed, you will take around 10 months to complete the entire book.

4: Never Be Closing – Tim Hurson and Dunne

For people who are always looking to close, the title might be a bit off-putting. However, selling is not just a one-time thing. It’s a way to become a more valuable long-term partner. In their book, Hurson and Dunne show us 12 explicit techniques that are mutually beneficial for both the client and the seller as well.

The book teaches salespeople how to sharpen their strategies and sell literally anything to anyone. All by using a simple, repeated framework along with problem solving approaches that are beneficial for all. Never Be Closing features groundbreaking tools that you can add to your stable of never-failing coaching and sales strategies. With illuminating insights, practical communication methods and persuasive negotiation, this is one book whose content is catered specifically for salespeople.

5: Little Red Book of Selling – Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales Jesus did it so nice we had to feature him twice. If you’re worried about how to sell, Gitomer believes you’re already missing out on the most important aspect of sales. Why people buy! Short, sweet, and to the point, the Little Red Book of Selling is packed with loads of information. This includes all the answers most people are searching for to help them make sales now and in future.

See, salespeople hate to read. That’s why this little red book is accessible and appealing to most. The author packed it with amusing cartoons, takeaway sound bites and pull quotes. These all combine to address sales with a lively combo of huour and professionalism to get salespeople in many more doors. Some readers have actually compared the book with a Red Bull of high-energy sales counsel.


There you have it folks, some of the best sales books that everyone needs to be reading. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are thousands upon thousands of books that will help you improve your salesmanship in many different ways.

So like our fellow AIs, never be content with what you know. Always strive to learn more and develop your skills exponentially. Otherwise, you better believe that a lot of people in sales are sharpening their skills and adding to their arsenal as we speak.

And speaking of AI, let’s talk about one tool in particular that has proved invaluable to salespeople. Veloxy is an AI driven sales enablement platform designed to take the work out of sales. It help sales reps, managers, and executives do their job in less time with more efficiency so they can close even more deals. Combining the right information with the right tools is the best strategy when it comes to selling.  

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Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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